Huckabee & Hillary: Obama Assasins?

O.K. we can all admit our surprise. Obama has a commanding lead and there is only one thing that can stop him…right?

If you ask anyone in the black community if they think he will be killed or someone will try to kill him, depending on the generation, the overwhelming answer is( drumroll please) yes.

Most of us have toiled away and survived in this foreign home with a degree a cynicism reserved for the average blogger and seasoned revolutionary. Black folks are accustomed to last minute rule changes and skullduggery of every kind. We are accustomed to planned disasters that shatter hopes and kill dreams. We have watched our leadership devastated, killed, murdered and terrorized until there were no more leaders.

No more leaders that appealed to white and black people.

The two H’s Hillary and Huckabee just reminded the ‘old guard’ (civil rights veterans) about the age old tactics of our political elite. The mere mention of Bobby Kennedy ignited the slumbering collective conscience of a community that has been devastated by felled leadership.

A community that has been let down over and over again.

Optimism? Hard to come by.

The major point a lot of us are missing is: They killed white revolutionaries too. Anyone who dared rattle the cages of our monarchy was and basically is at risk even if they enjoyed the elite status that most of us are taught to dream about.

In the midst of all this negativity there is also a refreshing occurence, a transformation. I was recently chatting with a local editor of a newspaper. While lowballing me on freelance opportunities, he admitted the Huckabee crack sounded like : “A veiled invitation for a psycho to act out”.

Phew I am not crazy after all.

We expect that type of stuff from the stumbling Huckabee but Hillary? We need to remember that she is part of the squad, she used to be on the starting team. She does not want to be a benchwarmer, not after all the progress she has made on her own.

There is no excuse for her statements. You can’t spin that. Why even mention the word assasination? A calculated invitation for a psycho to handle their business perhaps?

Most of us know every word every picture is scrutinized before public consumption; there is no ‘shooting from the hip’ there is no ‘keeping it real’. Elections are a scientific balancing act measured and ran by marketing geniuses.

‘Assasination’ was calculated.

Hillary is determined to go down in flames. A lot of new Yorkers who supported her have switched allegiance behind that crack. She appears desperate and willing to do anything to win or discredit her opponent even at the expense of her party and it’s constituents. She has spent the last several months apologizing for this or that.

You cannot win on a platform of apology…can you?

I am convinced if the Republican Party offered her a place on the ticket she would take it.

She is beyond partisan politics we all know that.

The superdelegates are running out of reasons to justify voting for her. It is simply to late for a victory, she needs to salvage what is left of her integrity and bow out. I would say gracefully but it is too late for that, she simply needs to slink away and lick her deep wounds. Black folks will not forget nor forgive her… we are baffled. She will have to let Bill court the black vote for now on.


~ by barrymax on May 28, 2008.

13 Responses to “Huckabee & Hillary: Obama Assasins?”

  1. Her comments confuses the hell out of me. I can understand the casual manner in which she spoke it was very flippant, and how disrespectful if that to the family of RFK, to flippantly refer to his death? Obama gracefully played it off in this light, and I think he, once again, took the high road, but that is easy with all the seeming faux pas Hillary seems to be shooting herself in the foot with. As is the case with many games of strategy and stamina, an approach of playing a tight game and letting one’s opponent defeat himself seems to be working here.

    Much more disconcerting is a scenario to which you have referred, one in which she planned to say that. Are we to fear Obama’a election now, lest the same thing happen to him as happened to Benazir’s Bhutto? Isn’t the chance of John McCain’s dying of old age more likely, and imagine if she had suggested that.

    Another possibility is that that what she said was not so much flippant or planned, but more an ingrained racism. I think this most likely, and that makes her human as Obama’s calling a reporter “sweetie” was. It does not make it acceptable, but is doing our society good to have these discussions. Crap, did I just make it sound like I think her statement has positive repercussions? I don’t. I don;t think she should drop out and give up her fight, but I am adamantly opposed to her being handed the Florida and Michigan delegates. I think Obama has the super delegate support to win anyway, but for an election to come off without there being some corruption would be a relatively new thing of late.

  2. Barry another JONESTOWN post – right out of the ball park – what a team here. LOVE.THIS. BLOG. i don’t get here near enough but everytime withough fail – the posts rock the well done.

    Keep on speaking it people !

  3. At first I didn’t see the big deal about the RFK comments. They showed she was careless & insensitive, but I saw the point she said she was trying to make. Then again, who knows how a prospective assassin might interpret the message.

    Whether it was a Freudian slip or an invitation, the media does need to let it go. Not for Hillary’s sake, but for Obama’s. Why show the replay to psychos who missed it the first time?

  4. I concur with M. Fred. The statement itself was rather innocous…meaning more that there is precendence for a nomination bid to go into June. I think the inference is that
    Bobby would probably have secured the nomination had he lived. It is very key that we not micro manage inadvertent verbiage.

    I really believe that America will elect Obama. All it will take is a debate. McCain will fall asleep, Obama will orate through the snores……

    Hillary will have earned a position of strength through her campaign efforts…and three disenfranchised groups of Americans will again be considered

    & caring, decent, kind Americans.

  5. Michelle Obama has said many times that she fears for her husband’s life.

    I can see why.

  6. This New Yorker wrote Hill off with her vote for the Iraq Resolution in 2002. It seemed clear to me that she made a political decision with 2008 in mind. Nothing has convinced me otherwise. She’s a monster.

  7. Freida- I know it challenges one’s sensibilities to think that Hillary would purposefully and tastelessly rattle her opponent with a strategy in mind. She has demonstrated her desperation plain and simple. She is reaching. I do not want to bash her but it is what it is. Obama’s safety is an issue that is at the back of a lot of minds. I know a few old timers who said they weren’t voting for him. “He’s a good boy but those people gone kill em'” The irony.

    Proud P- Thank you.

    MFV- I agree the media should play it down at this poiny but guess what? The seed has been planted and it is a presidential race. I could understand if she was at the rotary club and had already announced her dropping out but this type of fourth quarter hail mary serves no one. BTW what was her point?

    OKJ- I disagree it IS important we micro manage her verbiage . We don’t want her slipping another war in on us do we?
    Or how about tax amnesty for oil companies? The same appplies to Obama. but regarding Hillary I am still wondereing what Bobby Kennedy has to do with this race. The comparison was completely off base …it was calculated. Bill Clintons lead in 92 was 7-1. he had it pretty much wrapped up. It was calculated and killed any possibility of her running on his ticket. But of course she would consider choosing him as a vice prsident ” he would do a great job”

  8. “BTW what was her point?”

    Read the full transcript for the context.

    I didn’t say she necessarily had a valid point (she didn’t), just that I saw the point she said she was trying to make: It’s not historically unprecedented for a candidate to stay in the primaries into June. You’re right, it’s a fourth quarter Hail Mary & she’s desperate. And like a desperate politician she reached for an example voters would be familiar with. People remember assassinations, and history books spend more time on Bobby Kennedy than on the not-so-memorable Walter Mondale-Gary Hart bout of 1984.

    She used the only two examples that remotely made sense. Also, in most other instances, candidates who contested the primaries this late were blamed for screwing up the convention and for ultimately costing the party the Presidency. So it makes sense that she wouldn’t mention them.

    If Obama supporters truly believed mentioning RFK and Obama together was dangerous, they wouldn’t keep mentioning RFK and Obama together.

  9. PS- I botched the link to the full transcript. Here’s the real one:

  10. Good blog Jonestown. I came here via your Tom Waits post!

    As a European observer of the political scene in the US, I have to say that Obama comes over as the best candidate by far. Hillary has lied, cheated and cajoled through the whole campaign almost like some precocious child vying for attention. She should have known better than to make the remarks she did about Bobby Kennedy.

    I posted an account of Kennedy’s assassination seen through the eyes of a British broadcaster here

  11. For someone who’s portrayed as being “Highly Intelligent,” and “Seasoned,” Hillary sure makes a lot of stupid fucking mistakes.

  12. The ghosts of ’68 are a-haunting.

  13. fairlane- i agree that is part of my point . A seasoned and intelligent person would not make that comment without thinking it through. It was like cheap shot while the ref is breaking the boxers up. Meanwhile obama has suffered more from other peoples statements our ideology being attributed to him than he has by his own stupid comments. He is proving to be a quick study.

    cdash- we are in a most interesting crossroads. the future is as unpredictable than it it ever has been. I did not see any of this coming. In fact I never even imagined this scenario in my lifetime.

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