Bush Administration Manipulated Intelligence?

The Senate Intelligence Committee (An Oxymoron if there ever was One), released a long anticipated report stating the Bush Administration “Distorted Prewar Intel” in an effort to drum up support for the War in Iraq.

In a Gallup Poll, conducted shortly after the report was released, 93.79% of participants said, “No Shit?,” while the remaining 6.21% responded, “I Love Popeye.”

I wonder how much this “Study” cost the Tax Payers, and if Comedy Legend” Gallagher is the one who conducted it.

The Senate Intel Committee also released the findings of several other Highly Anticipated Studies, here are their findings:

1- Fire Burns.

2- Diamonds are kind of hard.

3- Genies and Care Bears, despite the persistent rumors, do not exist.

4- Chuck Norris dyes his hair, and shaves his back.

5- Dom Deluise was a Fat Ass.

6- Men enjoy Sex.

7- Hillary Clinton is a Fucking Shill.

8- People who lose their hair are going Bald.

9- Getting Shot Hurts.

10- The Earth is a Sphere.

11- Water is Pretty Important.

12- Although 140,567 studies have clearly demonstrated the Bush Administration manipulated Intelligence leading up to the Iraq war, nothing will be done about it, and Chimpy will continue to Scratch his Ass, and Fling Poo.

13- Democrats are Spineless Fucking Morons.

14- The U.S. Economy isn’t doing “So well.”

15-Barack Obama, despite the persistent rumors, is neither a Genie nor a Care Bear.

Did I mention I’ll be voting for Nader?

If not,



~ by fairlane on June 6, 2008.

18 Responses to “Bush Administration Manipulated Intelligence?”

  1. I love popeye.

  2. What? There wasn’t a space for No shit, and I love popeye?

    good thing they didn’t call me… I’d have been wracked with indecision.

  3. So, will you be voting for Nader?

  4. Is that Dom’s autograph on the photo? If so, then Item 5 really is true! And here I thought it was the cameras.

  5. Break me up! Yea, I read about the Senate report in the NYTimes….another great headline, same paper, “Adviser Says McCain Backs Bush Wiretaps”. I read the News today, oh boy!

  6. Hey, SWB said that you are having ‘Faustian bargains’?! When’s the buy one get one free deal coming around?

  7. Remember back in ’03 when Bush said it was “deeply irresponsible to rewrite the history of how that war began”?

  8. DBD- You too?

    Cowboy- If they listed both responses together, imagine the chaos that would follow.

    They’re still releasing studies about Chimpy’s less than honest assessment of Pre-war Iraq.

    Apparently, Americans are pretty fucking dense.

    Empress- I’m considering it. How’d you know? 😉

    Sparty- I heard Dom actually added ten pounds to the camera.

    When are you going to write another mall post?

    Okjimm- We’re broke, no more buy one Mexican get two Haitians free for at least six months.

    DG- Honestly, I don’t believe Chimpy can write. The Fuckwit can’t even speak.

  9. Hello, Fairlane.
    I, for one, believe it is inappropriate to say that Bush manipulated intelligence.
    It just doesn’t make sense.
    To manipulate a thing, it is necessary to get a handle on it.
    Hand –> Handle
    Mano –> Manipulate

    I believe it would be more apt to say that Bush manipulated stupidity.

  10. PT, I’m with you.

    and I’m voting for Paul Wellstone.

  11. But he sheds tears…..isn’t that truthful?

    But ya know, many still love this guy. And will also vote for mac-cain too.

    Go figure! ; (

  12. I sure hope you guys didn’t love the Popeye movie. Though that squid was cool in a cheesy, Irwin Allen kind of way.

  13. -Wait-a=minute! I love the goddam Popeye Movie. Shelly Duvall is the greatest goddam Olive Oyl I ever saw>>> gees

  14. And, the earth is an ellipsoid. That just goes to show, you can’t trust studies.

    (Seriously fairlane, I voted for Nader in 2000 and know Obama is corporate Care Bear, but McCain’s gonna win if you vote for Nader. I guess America’s gonna have to hit it’s bottom before it will be willing to give up its presidential addiction to Republicans and Democrats.)

  15. PT- Chimpy’s just a tool, literally.

    He doesn’t come up with these ideas. His handlers do.

    But he’s their face man, and he’s more fun to make fun of because he’s such a Frat Boy Schmuck.

    Susan- Wellstone’s a fine choice. Anyone but Pepsi or Coke.

    Coffee- Stupidity has a hard time recognizing itself.

    Randal- The Popeye movie was classic.

    Freida- I’ve been voting for 20 years, and I can count the times I’ve voted for a major party candidate on one hand. I’ve never voted for one in the Presidential Election, and I have no desire to start now.

    Ellipsoid is a term used by Math Nerds 😉

    This is an “Everyman’s” blog, and we use Sphere in these here parts (It used to be “Everywoman’s” blog as well, but according to some Shillary supporters, I’m a “Sexist,” and God knows anyone who supports Shillary has a serious grip on…something).

  16. Okjimm- I didn’t respond to you because you were responding to Randal, and I figured it wasn’t necessary for me to respond to your response to a response.

  17. fairlane…it is quite fair that you do not response to my response to Randal’s response. If there is one thing I have learned on my short sojurns around the blogs….one must learn to respond responsibly. or else chaos may occur. as a response to responding irresponsibly. or some such shit.

  18. How many years has it been since the Downing Street memo? Jesus H. Fuck, Congress is slow.

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