Balding O’Reilly Attack Dog, Porter Barry, Left Wimpering

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

-Upton Sinclair

By now you’re probably familiar with Bill O’Reilly’s attack-dog style of pseudo-journalism, whereby some no-name lackey (say, Jesse Watters or the balding Porter Barry) ambushes an unsuspecting civilian, gets right up in the person’s face, and asks the same question repeatedly. The O’Reilly Factor then edits the entire clip down, so only the parts that serve the show’s objectives make it onto the air. O’Reilly then portrays himself and his producers as “looking out for you”even though they’ve compromised your ability to interpret what actually happened by cherry-picking which parts of the interaction they’ll allow you to see.

Pseudo-journalists like Porter Barry see themselves as attack dogs, and O’Reilly makes it a point to stroke their egos incessantly, and to brainwash them into believing what they’re doing is true journalism. But these shady pit bulls are really more like pomeranians. And it’s surprising to see how little they enjoy having their own goofball tactics turned against them.

Factor producer Porter Barry was called on this weekend in Minneapolis for a sting on Bill Moyers, at, of all places, the National Conference for Media Reform. Not only was Moyers ready for the attackwith sharp answers that won’t lend themselves easily to Sound Bite Journalismbut a slew of actual journalists stalked Porter Barry all the way out of the hotel.

Very small portions of this clip may be shown on the O’Reilly Factor on Monday, to misrepresent what was said. Here is the full, unedited footage of the exchange, which they’ve posted all over the Internet.

Hopefully, enough people will watch this video so that being a “Factor producer” will no longer be a desirable job. Already, Jesse Watters has nearly been arrested for trespassing in Tampa. Now Porter Barry has made a national ass of himself in this widely watched, botched political hit job. One can sense toward the end of his discussion with Moyers that Porter Barry appears to be rethinking his decisions; wondering how much longer he can respect himself. Face it Porter: you were set up. Bill O’Reilly sends you to lose the debates he knows he himself cannot win. If I were you, Porter, I’d take advantage of Moyers’ offer. Jump off the sinking the ship!


~ by Matthew Frederick on June 9, 2008.

10 Responses to “Balding O’Reilly Attack Dog, Porter Barry, Left Wimpering”

  1. That’s painful. Bill Moyers is the only guy asking the tough questions these days.

  2. This is very upsetting… I resent YOUR statement in comparing Porter with a Pomeranian. Pomeranians are lovable, warm, intelligent dogs. Please find a more appropriate animal to compare this poor excuse of a “journalist”, maybe a dung beetle.. He is small, no hair and gathers shit..

  3. The only Pomeranian I’ve known was named Pee-Wee; he lived across the street from me when I was little, and he never stopped barking his annoying, high-pitched, self-important barks. Like Porter, Pee-Wee thought he was bigger and more intimidating than he actually was. I remember one time he tried to bite the mailman and the mailman kicked him and suddenly Pee-Wee understood how tiny he was. The owner bitched at the mailman on Pee-Wee’s behalf, just as O’Reilly will no doubt take an ill-fated 11th hour swipe at Moyers tonight.

    That particular Pomeranian exactly reflects what I see when I watch Porter in action.

    Of course, Pee-Wee did have a warm side, on rainy days when his owners allowed him to be an indoor dog. So I see your point about it not being a perfect metaphor. Then again, maybe Porter just needs to get out less often (like never) and he’ll find his warm side too.

  4. I think the Pomeranian analogy is perfect.

    I, too, had a neighbor with some breed of Yip Yip “dog,” and many a night I dreamed of drop kicking that fucking thing to the moon.

    Listening to O’Reilly et al speak is equivalent to having a Poodle shit on your carpet or hump your leg.

    I say Poodles, Pomerians, and the O’Reilly’s, Malkin’s, of the world are good for one thing, and one thing only,

    Penalty Kick Practice.

  5. Moyer is old school real journalism, like Ali vs. a woman

  6. I saw this last night. Moyers basically put on a clinic on how to deal with wingnuts. But to do this, you have to be very secure in your self, and practically imperturbable. Moyers is both.

  7. Cheers to Bill Moyers!

  8. Good one! I’ve been following the NCMR from Larisa Alexandrovna’s (of RawStory) place: but this here pomeranian take is faboo!

    Penalty kicks! Hah!

  9. Moyers is the last of a dying breed. Our “reporters” have become stenographers for monkey-flung propahganda, and I doubt they’ll be any different when Obama is elected. They’ll just become RNC stenographers.

  10. Loved the vid! Thanks for sharing.

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