There’s Nothing in My Dreams Just Some Ugly Memories

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

East Hastings

My Trilogous Tribute to Appendicitis/Peritonitis in Oil


The Rupture



~ by fairlane on June 20, 2008.

22 Responses to “There’s Nothing in My Dreams Just Some Ugly Memories”

  1. love the art

  2. Junior had appendicitis and peritonitis–it looked nothing like this. Yours is lovelier by far.

  3. nice paintings…love the colors.

  4. hmmmmmmm…. it appears that you are attempting to get in touch with your inner-self. That is a perilous journey to a dangerous place filled with doubt,anger,remorse and extremely cheap Chinese carry-out. Be careful…some never come back from the trip. Send postcards if you don’t. And don’t eat the Lo Mein.

  5. are you the reincarnation of Jackson Pollack?

  6. I think you captured the color and turmoil of intense pain beautifully. I really like Rupture.

  7. Is Scarlet captive in your basement. Are you making her paint for her food. Have you read Colette? Give the poor woman a computer for Christ’s sake and let her go visiting.

    And when you ask a woman a question about Sartre, come back and finish the conversation. I know you don’t get out often, but god damn man, when you do get out and you ask provocative questions stick around long enough to let the hostess give you a glass of wine or something.

  8. Funny, looks like childbirth to me.

  9. Oh, you angsty types and your shrines to pain and misery. I like ’em. Except the video part, which is no longer available, so I don’t know what the hell that was.

  10. Jesus fairlane, at least talk to us. Here we are, your loyal subjects, and you don’t bother to look up and say…. “Haven’t you read Sartre?” When you ask such questions, you should look over your shoulder to see what havoc you have created in your wake… And I must say thank you for letting Scarlet out for a breath of air. In case you didn’t know, she loves me, too. SO THERE!

  11. Non verbal communication is always a good bet.

  12. My students have never heard of Iggy Pop OR the Sex Pistols. Two had heard of the Ramones. What is the world coming to?

  13. only in dreams

  14. pictures make me think of dream monsters too……

  15. Raw- Much appreciated holmes.

    Utah- Who says nasty ass diseases can’t be beautiful?

    maria- I’m not sure if I’m really a “painter,” but I love me some color.

    Thanks for visiting.

    Okjimm- I don’t know if I was ever here enough to come back.

    And I don’t like Chinese food too much. They don’t seem to understand what “Vegetarian” means.

    “You said this was vegetarian.”

    “Yes, yes, no meat.”

    “The sauce is meat based. It tastes like beef.”

    “Yes, beef sauce, but no meat.”

    DCap- Why, do you think I’m a crazy ass drunk?

    I’d love to have half of Pollack’s talent without the insanity, and alcoholism.

    Scarlet- Actually, I think the paintings were more inspired by the Dilaudid 8)

    I was certain you’d like “Awakening” the best.

    Utah- I thought my comment was self-explanatory.

    I’ll come by tomorrow. I’m tired.

    Scarlet is free to come, and go as she pleases.

    DCup- Childbirth, appendicitis, what’s the difference?

    Randal- If you like these, you’ll love my tribute to hemorrhoids.

    Utah- She doesn’t love you the way she loves me.

    She loves me a very long time.


    Scarlet- The world is coming to…

    I’ll get back to you.

    Ghost- Speaking of monsters.

  16. Actually, I think your art is like the bastard off-spring of Paul Gauguin and Jackson Pollack. And I mean that in a good way.



  17. I love color too. Color first. Armeggedon is electric!

  18. //..Randal- If you like these, you’ll love my tribute to hemorrhoids.//

    Gees, Now THERE is a Concept….. man! you could retire!!! Wowsers…ebay sales, t-shirts, posters, stationery….. Hey, I’ll agent-up on that one…twenty-five% and you can keep the rest…

  19. I thought I’d like Awakening, too, but then at the last minute, I decided I liked the overall design and composition of Rupture best. I was a bit turned off by the name, though. Rupture? Ick.

  20. it is important that humans were able to boost the yield on those early nuclear weapons…….

    Edward Teller


  21. Do you know a guy named Seymore Dick?

  22. A Vegetarian? Gees, I didn’t know you were religious! Is that Greek-Albanian Vegetarianism or Russian Semi-Orthodox? Or reformed Swiss on Rye?

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