Only one choice from column B and no substitutions

distributorcap NY

In 6 weeks the games of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad will begin in Beijing. The Chinese have tried to do everything short of digging up Richard Nixon to play ping-pong in their quest to make the world believe they are a member in good standing among the nations of the world. As part of this sprucing up image for their coming out party — they have built some of the most modern athletic facilities, they are stopping all industry around Beijing to help clean up the air and they are insuring that the food and water will all be potable and edible.

Beijing National Olympic Stadium, aka The Bird’s Nest

Problem is, this is still China (aka Red China, aka the People’s Republic of China) where political freedoms are about as common as Bush lovers in New York. Tianenmann Square maybe a distant memory for the Chinese people, but it is not a distant memory for many people all over the planet. And the recent torch relay reminded everyone of the controversies between China and Tibet.

Then again when hasn’t the Olympics been the focal point for political showdowns. Every since 1936, the Olympic games has become one giant political talking point for someone. Expect Beijing 2008 to be exactly the same.

I will do some more stories and posts about the Olympics in the coming weeks. But as a intro here is a very un-PC video showing how the Chinese people are getting ready to welcome their guests from America (and other English speaking nations). Yes it is not very PC — but sometimes a laugh is just a laugh.


~ by distributorcap on June 26, 2008.

10 Responses to “Only one choice from column B and no substitutions”

  1. I am reminded of the great sign from Jewgirl’s blog. That is great.

  2. They had a Huckabee special in there. One menu said “Deep fried and look like squirrel.”

  3. ‘Braised Dork With Bamboo Shoot, Turd Baby, Roasted Sucking Pigeon..” Are they talking about George Bush?

    btw: I shop at a ‘Very Suspicious Supermarket’ only they’re not honest enough to call it that.

  4. The Kat and I were talking about this just yesterday. I think that even if I were an athlete who’d trained for four years for this one contest, I really don’t think I could set foot in China, much less on Tienanmenn Square. I just couldn’t live with myself if I silently condoned all they’ve done to choke freedom out of their people and the people of Tibet.

  5. “Strange Taste Horse Beans” probably go pretty well with “Peculiar Stew Goat Balls.”

  6. “You’re gonna pong it to me?”

    Sometimes I love an Asian rear.

  7. fucking lovely!

  8. The String Thing.

  9. Hey, some of those signs are Japanese, not Chinese; they’ve got nothing to do with the Olympics.
    Fun video, nonetheless.

  10. fiam = 😎

    sorghum – i noticed the huckabe

    susan – i also shop at very suspicious supermarket, they must be a chain

    dg – i have such mixed feeling about the beijing games

    unconv – i KNEW you belonged on iron chef

    randal – i wont tell your wife

    lib – 😎

    scarlet – it sure is

    padre- – you are right, my apologies, but a laugh is still a laugh

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