Painting in Pink Proffers Praise por Pablo Picasso Prior to His Pernicious Prickiness

For my Little Sweet Pea-


P.S.- Does anyone know how to take a decent picture of a Painting?


~ by fairlane on June 26, 2008.

21 Responses to “Painting in Pink Proffers Praise por Pablo Picasso Prior to His Pernicious Prickiness”

  1. I’m just going to call it Pretty in Pink.

    And I’ll call her pretty in any color.

  2. Gorgeous child! Her inner light shines through!

    Gorgeous picture. Have no clue.

  3. i think you just have go get some soft even light on the picture….. avoid light reflecting on the shiny paint….. use a good digital camera and then rectify as necessary on the computer using something like paint shop pro or something like that.

  4. Brom picture

  5. I love that picture of your daughter! And the painting is beautiful, too.

  6. You produced a beautiful kid. Kudos.

  7. Ghost Dansing is correct about the even light. I usually take pictures with a digital camera in daylight but away from direct sun and use my drawing lamps for enhancement. I just have i-photo on the computer which provides the necessary editing features for my needs without turning the end result into something that doesn’t exist in reality.

    It’s a nice painting. Sweet Pea is even lovelier but such is the difference between art and real life, eh?

  8. It’s all good and the little girl is a cutie pie.

  9. Everyman
    will love his son
    proud & truly
    rightly so

    ah, but the smile
    of a daughter’s eyes
    the moon & tide &stars
    heart glow

  10. …and the painting is OK, too. 😉

  11. Perhaps picking a proper photographic production would prove perfect.

    How did such a curmudgeonly bastard help create such a cute kid? If I was Jesusy, I’d say that’s a miracle.

  12. God is doing better work these days than back in the day… As for your painting, you need multiple light sources focused on the canvas so as to cast no shadows. You should use a tripod for your camera too. Do not use a flash.

    If you have a light box, that would be ideal.



  13. love the glasses
    and painting pic looks great to me
    have a great weekend

  14. She’s a great looking kid, fairlane. Did you rent her for the picture? As for taking shots of paintings — point and shoot.

  15. fairlane — she’s a gorgeous kid…really.

  16. Precious child!

    Man I have the same problem with my work! I can NOT get a photo that shows the real colors in those mosaics. I did notice the use of a tripod helped immensely otherwise I just try to get pure daylight. Glad to see you painting (what appears to be) more often. Or maybe you are just sharing more.
    Anyway I give you an ‘A’ for both creations!

  17. Tengrain has it right–you need a tripod and no reflection, like glass over the painting or a flash. Lovely. Both child and painting. And then I do what I always do and say, “What Randal said.”

  18. Thanks for all the suggestions,and love holmes’, and holmettas.

    The painting is so-so, but the kid, damn, the kid’s not too bad.

  19. I love that she’s holding a bubble wand and there are those almnost bobble things in the painting. They couold only be more perfectly matched if she were blowing a bubble at the same time, but then that would be staged. I have a five year-old dumpling and I know with older children how very precious these sweet trusting ones are. The they get wiser… whih has it’s own virtues. My children’s snarkinesses make me proud (and a little scared).

  20. well, she is just sweeter than sweet can be.

    and yeah, the painting is nice too. 😉

    you might consider having the painting digitally scanned. there are places that will do that for you. plus, then you’ll be able make limited-edition prints of it. and sell them. or give them as gifts.

  21. Frieda- It’s purely coincidence. I originally painted something else, a Seuss inspired masterpiece, and she said, “Nah.”

    Anita!!- I knew you were still around with yet another blog. Is it safe to add this one?

    Sell them? Interesting.

    Let’s start the bidding at $375,000. Who’s first?

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