I’ll have the fvcktard sampler, please.

Suzi Riot

Hi. I was gone for a bit. Now I’m back to introduce the Suzi Riot Jonestown Fucktard of the Week Award. I hope you’ve got a big appetite, because this week we’re offering a Fucktard Sampler to make up for my weeks and weeks of not doing any work around here at all. (Why hasn’t fairlane fired my AWOL ass? You’d have to ask him.)

On to the fucktards…

First, here’s a great big fucktardian hurrah for Congress. Thank you SO much for protecting us from freedom terrorism by giving the telecoms immunity from civil prosecution of violating our constitutional right to privacy. Congress knows that the greatest threat to freedom is freedom itself. The Constitution is the terrorists’ greatest weapon and I am so relieved that they aren’t going to let things like liberty threaten our lives.

No big surprise here that Louisiana thinks that public school science course curriculum doesn’t actually have to contain any, you know, SCIENCE. If they’re going to make it like church, why the fuck do they even bother with wasting their tax dollars on public education anyways? Those Louisiana tax dollars could be going toward prostitutes and diapers.

(This one is for Kelso, but not for the reason he nominated.) Fuck you, Lieberman. Does the GOP really need you to do their pandering and fear-mongering? Just shut the fuck up, already.

And as for this week’s Supreme Court decision, well I think this says it all:

Supreme Fvcktards

~ by Suzi Riot on June 29, 2008.

12 Responses to “I’ll have the fvcktard sampler, please.”

  1. You missed the Texas ‘tards.

    I think the logic is the same ‘tarded “excessive entanglement” logic which exempts churches from taxation — how giving churches a super-special tax exemption instead of treating them like everyone else doesn’t amount to “excessive entanglement,”, I’ve never been able to figure out. Likewise with this one. I don’t see how giving churches a special license to hold people against their will and terrorize them instead of treating churches just like everyone else, ans slamming their nutbag ass in the slammer when they do that shit doesn’t amount to excessive entanglement.

  2. i love that word
    fucktard LOL
    brilliant and appropriate

  3. Great list, but how can you tell the difference between the fucktards and congenital idiots?

  4. oh, they say that what charlie black did was so very wrong. but what lieberman is saying here is equally reprehensible. al qaida and terrorists “tested” clinton in ’93 with the truck bombing at the wtc. then they “tested” bush on 9/11. so basically he’s saying that there WILL BE A TERRORIST attack in 2009 because, well, that’s how they test us. and by saying so, he’s essentially admitting (or perhaps just hoping) that our ‘war on terror’ is a failure.

    he says our so-called friends the iraqis really want a STRONG AMERICA. well, if that really is the case, then they wouldn’t want us to be pouring massive amounts of blood and treasure into their country, thereby tearing the fabric of our own nation to pieces.

    if anybody should have three sixes on his head, it’s lieberman

  5. Dahling, I simply LOVE the idea of a science curriculum with no science. What better way to reach out to the fvcktard masses?

    I’m giddy. I so love Fvcktard of the Week!

  6. I agree our congress and LIEberman are fuckards of the highest order.

  7. ok, I can spell it’s FUCKTARDS!!!

  8. Like a gentle breeze, she comes blowing in …… welcome back, Suzi Riot!!!! Long time no rant. I’m glad you came back with a bag full of fucktard. The outrage has been missing something! You!

  9. How do these Fucktards make it into adulthood?

    Liberality- “Fuckards” is accurate, as well.

  10. The way thing are looking you could pretty much have a Fucktard of the day award.. or heaven forfend.. Fucktard of the hour. I’m happy you’re back with enough energy for the Fucktard of the week one. I like that word. I typed it 3 times and paid no attention to the red-lit spell-check.

  11. I like “fuckards”. It rolls off the tongue well. As far as the Supreme court decision. I agree it should always be the right of an individual municipality to regulate weapons as it sees fit within the constitution. The Court should not have weighed in on it. I have no problem with guns, but I have a problem with some chimp-appointed-god-complex-having-dust-farting fuckards telling my town that we can’t regulate weapons within city limits.

  12. scalia wins ALL the time — he is fvcktard of the millenium!

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