Fvcktard of the Week (Addendum)

Same as it Ever Was…Same as it Ever Was…Same as it…

I’m nominating a few more people for “Fucktard of the Week.”

The Envelope Please…

And the Nominees are-

Senator John Warner (R) Virginia

Former Senator Bob “Limpy” Dole (R) Kansas

Retired Marine Lt. Col. Orson Swindle (“Swindle,” how Apropos)

Retired Air Force Col. Bud Day


Retired Navy Lt. Cmdr. Carl Smith

Here’s the Story-

On CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark was discussing John Mc Cain’s military service. During the discussion, Clark stated that Mc Cain has never had any “Executive Experience.”

In response, CBS “Moderator” Bob Schieffer did not say, “Oh, yeah? Well, neither has Osama, I mean, er… Obama.”

He said-

Neither has Obama, and he’s never been shot down in a fighter plane either.

To which Clark responded, “Well, I don’t think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president.”

Now, what’s the Hub-bub all about, and why do we have more nominees?

Well, the Five Fine Americans listed above, are Up in Arms over Clark’s comments.

Utterly shocked,” cried a bug eyed, blanket covered Warner.

Beyond comprehension,” said a befuddled Dole (No one was sure if he was talking about Clark’s remarks or basic math).

Complete silliness,” retorted a giggling Smith.

A very indecent thing,” replied Day, hands over his lap.

Swindle had the most Histrionic line, “Denigrating the character, and the experience, and the integrity, and the performance.”

So, I ask you, Moonbats, and Wingnuts alike, What is wrong with what Clark said?

Does getting shot down in a fighter plane qualify one to be President?

Do President’s fly Fighter Planes?

If so, when is Chimpy’s next Sortie? (In Iraq, not over Alabama looking for the closest Juke Joint).

And where do you draw the line?

Does it have to be a Fighter Plane?

What about the people who fly Cargo Planes? What if they’re shot down?

And do they actually have to be in Combat?

What if a Crop Duster Pilot crashes into a Barn because he’s been Huffing the Insecticide? Is he qualified to be President?

You see, this is how UTTERLY LAME political discourse is in this Country.

Forget real issues: the War, Economy, Environment, etc. What’s really important is, Wesley Clark stating the Obvious.


In fact, I cannot think of a Single Profession/Position where GETTING SHOT DOWN IN A FIGHTER PLANE is Required Experience.

“Yes, yes, I see you graduated from Harvard at the Top of Your Class, and that you have 10 Years Experience working for some of the most Prestigious Firms in the Country, but what I really want to know is, Have You Ever Lived in a Van Down by the River? I mean, have you ever been SHOT DOWN IN A FIGHTER PLANE?”

Completely, Utterly, Totally, Fantastically Fucking Absurd!

Question Obama’s Paper Thin Rhetoric, Fine.

Or, his Wishy Washiness. Great.

Or, his lack of a Definitive Plan. Excellent Point.

Or, a Myriad of other Legitimate Issues.

But this?


(I apologize to anyone reading this that was SHOT DOWN IN A FIGHTER PLANE or LIVED IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER or had an Uncle who Huffed Insecticide before Flying a Crop Duster. I also want to apologize to Suzi for stealing her Thunder for a moment, but I felt the Fate of the Nation was Hanging in the Balance).


*Oh, I forgot to add, in a display we’ve all grown Accustomed, Obama immediately distanced himself from Clark’s statement by apologizing to everyone in the World (Including the Neo-Nazis, and Ku Klux Klan).

A Moonbat caving into the Wingnuts.

Now, that’s the kind of “Change” You Can Bank On, Bitches.

Ain’t It?


~ by fairlane on June 30, 2008.

17 Responses to “Fvcktard of the Week (Addendum)”

  1. Fairlane I am fast joining you in your skepticism concerning our political parties. It’s fucking ridiculous and beyond insane. Obama does not have to pander to the right wingnuts in order to win the fucking election so what in the fuck is he doing?

    P.S. I signed the petition that is over at Crooks and Liars defending Wes Clark.

  2. I’m of the opinion that the OWNERS have had the ‘little talk’ with Mr. Obama. or..maybe I’m just being unnecessarily cynical.

  3. The only place I know where they worship someone who crashes a plan is somewhere in a cave in the wilds of Pakistan. And let’s not forget Mad Dog crashed many planes, but being the wastrel son (and grandson) of an Admiral kinda gets you another chance, it seems.

    But the Carebear running away from the statements of his associates? I’m shocked, shocked I say.

    And they wonder why I don’t drink the KoolAid and get in line?



  4. The mentality of politics today is pathetic. WTF? The media is desperately trying to create stories so that we will pay attention to them. They tell us we should be angry because someone spoke of McCain’s experience. They stirred this whole thing up all by themselves and it’s piss poor.

  5. I have never been in a fighter plane, much less got shot down

    (oops, yes,,,,I was shot down … she was awesomely beautiful,too)

    ….but I have crashed my bicycle into a parked car. I think that should qualify me to be President. Or does it have to be a fighter plane? Maybe a bicycle only qualifies me to be a Congressman…..I gotta go look it up.

  6. “You may ask yourself, why such a big suit? You may ask yourself, can this suit be taken in? You may ask yourself, does this store have any mirrors? You may ask yourself, did I get a bad deal?”

    Sorry, I always think of that when I see this video.

    I agree with you… nothing to add. It’a all bullshit. Instead of condemning Clark’s comment, Obama should have said, “Well? It doesn’t, does it?”

    Nader is absolutely right about him. He needs to grow his balls back.

  7. Utterly predictable, and totally pathetic. This march to the center, and caving to the right all the time just drives me nuts. I do suppose that they need to do as much damage as possible now, because when it comes to debate time, the differences will be stark, at least on camera if not on policies.

  8. I’d like to apologize to everyone in the world for chuckling at this post because I don’t want you all to get the wrong idea that I have a dislike of inept pilots.

    I’m going to move to the center. It’s where everyone loves everyone, just like an episode of Barney. Come on, everyone, two plus two is four!

  9. now, now, now. all this is, as shakespeare would say, much ado about nothing. lislten, you’ve all got to just STOP IT and remember, YES, WE CAN.

    just say it over, and over, and over again.

    YES, WE CAN.

    got it?


  10. God,what a bunch of effing shit.

  11. Not you, I mean. Them.

  12. Does getting shot down in a fighter plane qualify one to be President?

    No. And I’m glad that General Clark is sticking to his statement. This is much ado about nothing, but then again, what isn’t these days.

  13. Liberality– It’s impossible, if you’re awake, not to be skeptical at this point.

    And having you on my side is better than not 😉

    – I don’t think it’s unnecessary at all, but I wonder if this is, who Obama is, and not the result of him being coached.

    He’s a very ambitious man. I seem to recall that he wasn’t going to run until 2012.

    – Nothing like a presidential hopeful with the same name as the nastiest, most disgusting alcoholic beverage known to the human race.

    – I completely agree. The media is a fucking farce.

    This isn’t news.

    – I think a bicycle wreck qualifies a person for the state senate.

    – Obama’s supporters were calling Nader a “racist” last week.

    Nader said Obama appeals to “White Guilt,” which he does, but according to Obama’s supporters this qualifies him as a racist.

    I’ve personally seen in letters to the editor, discussion groups, comment sections, etc people, both Moonbat, and Wingnut, say, “I want Obama to win so we can at last be rid of this idea that America is racist.”

    If that isn’t appealing to “White Guilt,” what is?

    – Absolutely.

    America was always right leaning, but now, more than ever.

    Hillary, and Obama are not “Liberals,” they’re Wingnut Lite.

    – “I love you, you love me, we love Her, she loves him, we hatch a plan…”

    – Doesn’t Bob the Builder say, “Yes, we can?”

    Empress– I’m glad you clarified that for me.

    DED– My man!

    I was just reading about that, he didn’t say anything wrong or disrespectful, not in the least.

    Are the Wingnuts implying that getting shot down qualifies a person to be president?

    Why don’t any of those “Journalists” ask that question?

  14. So it’s fucktardian one-upsmanship, huh!? It doesn’t bother that you stole my shtick, it’s that you did a better job than me.

  15. Suzi- I don’t do it “better,” I just do it differently.

  16. different schmifferent.

    hmmm .. well, i just felt like saying that. that’s all.

    you’re both g.r.e.a.t. !!!

  17. I was just reading about that, he didn’t say anything wrong or disrespectful, not in the least.

    You’re right! Clark didn’t say anything disrespectful at all. He’s friends with McCain. “He’s been over to my house,” Clark said (though this might’ve been post “scandalous” comment.

    Are the Wingnuts implying that getting shot down qualifies a person to be president?

    For some reason, they’ve connected McCain’s getting shot down to his bravery as a POW. The former led to the latter so if you attack the former then you’re attacking the latter, at least in their minds. And Clark didn’t attack it but the wingnuts took it that way.

    Why don’t any of those “Journalists” ask that question?

    Because they either buy the wingnuts argument or they’re too afraid to go against them or, (and I really think this is the most likely one) they’re excited they have a titillating scandal to fill up air time.

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