No Country for “O” Men

As you know, I’m not a big fan of Obama.

I’ve tried. I really have, and for a Time I even thought-

“Maybe he’s not so Bad. Maybe, I should give him a Second Chance.”

But with each Passing Day, I find myself returning to my initial Impression-

“He’s not the One.”

However, my reasoning may not be what you think.

Sure, I’m Pissed he supported the new surveillance bill, and I’m worried about his sudden Wishy-Washiness in regard to the war in Iraq.

But, ultimately, at least in my mind, these are not “Character Issues,” as much as they are “Political Issues.”

I can deal with Politicians hem-hawing on Policy because the last thing we need is another Rigid Adolescent in the White House threatening to go into Convulsions every time someone has the Audacity to say,

“No, No, Little Chimpy.”

To some degree, political stances should be Malleable. After all, life isn’t Black, and White, and politics is a part of Life.

What bothers me is, Obama, the Human Being, appears to be Malleable, and I find this unsettling, especially when I hear him speak about being an “Instrument of Change.”

I wonder if his message is actually a play on words, and what he really means is, “I’ll change into anything you want.”

I recognize Obama is in a Precarious situation.

He’s the first Minority to ever have a Legitimate chance at becoming President.


Whether he likes it or not, he’s carrying the Ghosts of Mississippi on his narrow shoulders.

He not only serves as a lightning rod for the Wingnuts lamenting the imminent Extinction of the “White Man,” but he also offers “Hope” to those who believe he represents the Death Knell for racism in America.

Of course, It’s completely unfair, but he knew the stakes.

When I listen to him, watch him, I get the feeling

He’s just not up to the task.

Maybe I’m expecting too much. Maybe my fantasy of the first black president is too heavily influenced by Dave Chappelle-

“Because I’m the President, Bitches!”

I wonder/worry, if Obama’s strong enough.

In the past, when I’ve thought about America’s first minority President, I’ve assumed one of two things-


1) They’d have to be incredibly Strong. I mean, SuperFucking Man strong (Being bullet proof wouldn’t Hurt).


2) They’d be a Wingnut.

Middle America loves a Good “Conservative” Minority railing against Affirmative Action, Mexicans, Islam, Public Education, etc.

You know, someone like a Michelle “Moonbats Over Internment Camps” Malkin who thinks Racial Profiling, Torture, and Death Threats are Signs of “Moral Superiority.”

Obama appears to be neither (Although, recently he’s let loose his “Inner Wingnut”).

Instead, Obama is attempting to do the Impossible;

He’s trying to be all things, to All People.

I understand Politics is a Game, and if you want to win, you Must appeal to as many people as possible, but you have to draw the line somewhere, and, at least in my opinion, Obama’s line is all over the Fucking Place.

You want a War Hawk?- Check

You want Peace?-Check

You want a God Fearin’ Man?-Check

You want Religious Tolerance?-Check

You want someone who’s transcended Race?-We’re all just Human Beings

You want someone who’s aware of Racism?-Racism stains our Society to this day

Tax Cuts?- Got’em

More Government Programs?-Gotcha’

You say your favorite color is Blue?-What a coincidence, Mine Too!

Red, you say?-Hell, I love me some Red

Obama is walking a Razor’s Edge, more so than any other Presidential Candidate in History.

And there’s no doubt his Race is a Huge factor-

Obama cannot, and I mean, he Absolutely Cannot, come across as “Too Black.” Not if he wants to Win.

And what does that mean? Well, more than anything, it means he has to be Compliant.

Because if Obama starts acting all Huey P. Newton in this Mother Fucker? Well, we can’t have no “Radical Negro” sitting in Our White House (Imagine if Obama called His Wife a Cunt).

He knows this, You know this, We All Know This.

Obama has to come across in a Completely Nonthreatening Way, while simultaneously Reassuring Middle America-

“I Have no Reservations about Getting My Kill On when it comes to Those Darkies in the Middle East.”

The Bible Belt likes that because they want a President who Understands, Explicitly, that, although we may let the Niggers, Jews, Wetbacks, Towel Heads, and other such Undesirables live here-

‘Merica is the White Man’s Country.

Remember when Rev. Wright said, “Goddamn America?”

What was the Response from the Wingnut Media?

“Whuh, he, he’s uh dern Racist.”

If a Black Man says, “Goddamn America!,” he’s really saying, “Goddamn White People!”

Now, I know Wright supposedly has ties to “Black Extremists,” and what not, but that information came out After his face was all over the news, and long after Wingnuttia declared him a “White Hatin’ Negro.”

The Truth Is, it wouldn’t matter if Rev. Wright spent his entire life volunteering with the Girl, and Boy Scouts of America.

And because Obama attended his Church that makes him a potential “Racist,” as well.

In fact, he’s not only a Racist, he’s a Secret Agent working with Al-Qaida, and if Elected, he’ll appoint Osama bin Laden as his Secretary of Blowin’ Up ‘Merica.

“An’ then we’s all Fucked!”

Some Wingnuts have even gone to the Extreme of labeling Obama the “Anti-Christ.”

No Shit.

There are Chain E-mails circulating, as we speak, that claim not only is Obama a “Muslim,” but that he’s the “Anti-Christ.

The emails cite the Book of Revelations, which supposedly predicts how Obama’s Ascension into Power will lead to Armageddon.

Is it Possible these people could be anymore Insane?

Don’t Answer My Last Question

But I also have to Admit, as much as I hate too, Obama is Helping the Lunatics.

In many people’s eyes, Obama comes across as Weak, and more interested in Winning, regardless of the Cost, than he does in “Change.”

I understand he had to Distance Himself from Wright, at least, I understand the Logic behind the Decision.

But did he really have to Leave His House of Worship? A place he’s attended for 20 years?

Did Chimpy condemn, and then Kick Pat Robertson to the Curb after he said 9/11 was Caused by the Fags, Fornicators, and Libruls?

I’m fairly certain Chimpy’s “Faith Based Initiative Program” gave Old Patrick a few of our Tax Dollars.

Isn’t what Robertson said essentially the same?

Wasn’t he saying, “The Chickens Came Home to Roost,” and “Goddamn America?”

Sure he was.

In fact, Robertson has specifically asked God to Damn America on several occasions. (Remember Robertson’s reaction when the citizens of Dover, PA threw out their School Board?)

Obama is being Forced to Operate under a Double Standard.

I know, I know, that’s what Racism is, but, if he’s Really Going to “Transform” this country, He. MUST. REFUSE.

Because the Wingnuts will Eat that Shit Up.

They are Masters at turning Reality on its head, and by now, we, including Obama, should know this.


Haven’t you been Paying Attention?

Remember this Travesty?

Do you recall Chimpy Parading in his Flight Suit with His Surrogate Cock for All the World to See?

Americans knew that Fucking Coward had his Daddy pull every string in Texas to Keep him out of Viet Nam.

Yet, here he was, “The War President” pounding his fist Declaring, “Vicktree.”

America Ate It Up. Down to the Last Fucking Crumb.

Chimpy, the man who Chose Getting Drunk over “Serving His Country,” was, a. Hero.

Do you understand?

The Wingnut party doesn’t give a shit about “What’s Right,” or “Fairness,” or “Truth.”

They want Saber Rattling, and Faux Machismo.

They want their “Preznit” to sound like a “B” Action Movie Star. (Reagan Anyone?)

We all know Chimpy couldn’t Whip a Brownie, but that doesn’t matter. He talks the Talk.

Why, he could Whip Al-Qaida all by Hisself, and if he weren’t the Preznit, he’d be over in Eye-Rack Fightin’ alongside the Troops.


Shit, Obama can’t even stand up to the “Librul” Media.

“He dun stopped goin’ ta’ his church cuz we’s dun tolt’em ta.”

Don’t misunderstand. I know you have to be Conciliatory, and willing to Compromise. Like I said, the Last Thing We Need Is Another Chimpy Mc Kegger stomping around the White House when he doesn’t get his Way.


I’ll remind you of the Elections in 2000, and 2004.

Both Gore, and Kerry took the “High Road,” and in the end, they had Their Asses Handed to Them.

Gore came across like Robot from Lost in Space, and Kerry?

Kerry let the Wingnuts Disparage His Service in Viet Nam without so much as a Peep.

Michelle Malkin even went So Far as to suggest some of his Injuries Were Self-Inflicted (Talk about someone with “Self-Inflicted Injuries”).


Obama doesn’t need to wait until he’s Elected, he can start being the “Instrument of Change,” Right Now.

For example-

If Obama has to answer for things Other People do/say, shouldn’t Mc Cain also have to answer for what He, himself, says/does?

Yes, of course he should, and I’ve prepared a few Questions for Obama to ask Mc Cain-

1) Did you call your Wife a Cunt?

Some may think it’s Perfectly Fine to call Yer Old Lady a Cunt now and again, to Put Her in Her Place, but isn’t this a MAJOR “Character” Issue?

2) Should Americans be concerned wtih your Obvious Anger Control Problem?

Wingnuts may dismiss Mc Cain’s problem, and claim that it’s “Exaggerated,” but don’t we have the Right to Know?

I’m not worried Mc Cain will Knee Jerk, and Declare War Against Delaware. I’m concerned what his Anger Problem says about him as a Human Being.

Anger problems are, generally, an indication of something more serious Lurking Beneath the Surface.

Which leads to my next Question-

3) Do you think your time as a Prisoner of War affected you Psychologically?

I know, I’m a “Terrorist Sympathizer,” and I Hate America, but come on People.

I spent one night in Jail 15 years ago, and I still remember that Shit.

Imagine spending Five and a Half Years in the Hands of People with whom you are at War.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

I respect Mc Cain’s service, and I’m not attempting to cast Aspersions, but I worked as a Counselor, I’ve seen what Traumatic Events do to People, and They don’t just “Get Over It.”

Stress is a potential Trigger for people with PTSD, and I’m fairly certain being President is kind of Stressful.

Hell, Chimpy said, again, and again, “It’s Hard Work.” (You know it must be Hard if Chimpy said. Hell, he’s a Rancher).

I know these Questions might result in Faux Outrage from the Right, but don’t Forget, during the 2000 Republican Presidential Primary, Chimpy’s team of Grifters started a “Phantom Campaign” against Mc Cain where, among other things, they suggested he was the “Manchurian Candidate.”

This Country is Far More Important than John Mc Cain’s Feelings.

(I apologize if I’m Rambling, but the more I think about this Issue, the More Complex it becomes).

Sometimes I think Liberals conflate “Kindness” with “Passivity,” and as a result they allow themselves, and ultimately, the American People to be Bullied.

Kindness has boundaries, Passivity Does Not.

Passive/Compliant People are Co-Dependent, and Creepy, and it’s time for the Democrats to Grow A Spine!

What better Person to Admit he has a Problem than our very own “Instrument of Change?”

“Hello, my name is Barack Obama, and I’m a Co-Dependent Freak.”

“Hi, Barack.”

America is Fucking Worn Out, and we cannot take 4 or 8 more years of the Sham Republican Party.

We Can’t.

If Obama truly wants “Change We Can Believe In,” then he has to be Willing to Fight for it, as do We All.

Martin Luther King Jr. may have been Pacifist (Not to be confused with “Passive”), but he was well Aware that he was Engaged in a War, and that Wars are Brutal.

He didn’t ask Racist America, “Pretty Please with Sugar on Top,” nor was he concerned with Winning, at least not on a Personal Level.

Obama seems to want “Change,” only if it means he comes out the other side Unscathed, but that’s Fantasy Land.

“Change,” Real Change is going to leave a few Marks, maybe even a Scar or Two-

Unfortunately, I get the Impression Obama’s not Too Invested in that Idea, and Until he Shows me Otherwise, I Cannot Invest in Him.

There will be more to come, as this internal conversation continues to Expand in my ADD Addled Brain.

Until then, God Bless the Corporation, Say Your Prayers, and…


~ by fairlane on July 20, 2008.

22 Responses to “No Country for “O” Men”

  1. I agree with everything you said, but I’m still voting for Obama. I like to delude myself that he is trying to win an election and he’ll get more liberal, but he just keeps getting more and more wingnutty in his campaign and it is troubling. I’m not a big fan of his warmongering with Karzai today.

    He is an accurate reflection of the American people, though. Don’t we all want change, but to come out unscathed?

  2. unfortunately….we are out of options. It is Obama or McCain. And the more I examine McCain, the more I agree of your assessment of him. He is NOT Bush-lite…..he is a major fuck-up—explosion– waiting to happen. Fucking dangerous.

    I agree with Freida. And you. Or choices suck….but Obama is the only choice that will not deliver the Shit-House to McCain. Aw, buddy, I’m tired. I am tired of no choice. I am tired of lying, cheating,egotistc scumbag politicians.

    I’m gonna vote. Not that tired. But……I just can’t discuss politics anymore. I did it. Years. I know that you are a younger dude. Stay with it, argue, rant, rave, disclaim. People like you are the only hope I got. I’m tired. Stay with it, please.

  3. i like Obama….. I think you are being too hard on him….. i would recommend you not vote for McCain….. he is not “Bush Light” you know!


  4. Good post.

    Sometimes I think Liberals conflate “Kindness” with “Passivity,” and as a result they allow themselves, and ultimately, the American People to be Bullied.

    Which is what did in Kerry in ’04.

    Yes, sometimes I think the only liberal (assuming I have correctly identified his political view) in the mainstream that has a backbone is Keith Olberman. Some of his “special comments” have been spectacular, yet, as far as I can tell, none of them seem to have stirred liberals into action.

  5. This was a very fine post, Fairlane. Extremely comprehensive and you’ve dovered most of what I’ve thought about McCain and Obama, except for a brief period there between March of 2008 and June of 2008 when Obama was really very strong and direct in his views and progressively so.

    I can’t vote so my opinion isn’t even worth that crumb but as I grow less and less American I find my views more in tune with my environment and no matter how wishy-washy he can be, he seems to offer a bit of calm and stillness after what’s felt like an eternity of anxiety.

    McCain is also an absolute no-way for me under any circumstances.

    Your point about Obama being a professional politician is well-taken. I don’t mind that about him at all, either. I feel bad for those who were taken in thinking he was Martin Luther King, Jr, and now see that’s he’s Ronald Reagan plus or minus. Not that being Reagan is a bad thing. Reagan was way better than George W Bush in every respect.

    My ultimate take on Obama is that maybe he’s a touch better than Reagan. Maybe he’s like the little girl with the curls: when he’s good he’s very, very good and when he’s bad, his horrid.

    John McCain has but one gear: HORRID.

    I’m willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. Everybody outside the USA is. There’s still one little problem with Obama I have to come to terms with: COLIN POWELL. There’s loose talk about Colin Powell joining Obama’s foreign policy team and if such is the case, well I’ll be interested to see how it plays here in Panama.

    You have to understand something about Panama and Powell. For us, Colin Powell is Satan. He’s like what bin Laden is to America but much, much worse. People don’t speak his name out loud. It would be too weird. Kind of like saying “cancer.” You see, Colin Powell is sigularly responsible for killing more than 10,000 civilians in the capital here, making 100,000 homeless, bombing a densely populated urban area, letting his (support the) troops run loose in the city with instructions to deface Catholic Churches and terrorize the people. All of this was in service of bringing one man up on a series of tax and fraud charges in federal court in Miami.

    We all got a very distorted picture of Manuel Noriega in the USA. He wasn’t like Hitler. He wasn’t like Saddam Hussein even. He was a pain in the ass, but less of a US puppet than Guillermo Endara, the guy the US overthrew Noriega to install. Knowing what I do now about Noriega, I’d say that I’d prefer him to McCain or Bush.

    So, what’s so fuckin special about Colin Powell? He’s a war criminal and should be doing triple life in Belgium. I’ve come to understand that he’s much beloved in America, however, and especially by African-Americans, who take great pride in him, despite his being Afro-Caribbean, not African-American. Not My Lai, not Reagan’s dirty wars, not Operation Just Cause in La Ciudad de Panama, not the bullshit at the UN will cost him his “seat” at that table.

    I don’t understand this at all. I’m trying to think of the most vile Jew I can and whether his misdeeds are equal to Powell’s. The only one I can come up with is Dutch Schultz, who really was a socio-path. He killed what, 50 people? He never killed anybody’s kids or anybody who wasn’t in the rackets. But I got no problem saying Schultz was without any redeeming qualities and has “no seat at my table.” So, I’m a little lost on this Colin Powell thing.

    I don’t recall seeing laudatory biographies about Dutch Schultz during Jewish History Month. And if the Lord High Jew told me I had to honor and respect Dutch Schultz, I’d say get fucked. But if it were a contest of the LEAST WORST between Dutch Schultz and Colin Powell, it’s no contest. Schultz is Gandhi by comparison and BRAVER, besides. Powell was military brass most of his life. Schultz’s life was in danger every single day.

    We’ll see if Obama adds Colin Powell to the team. If so, I doubt he’d be coming here anytime soon. I would hope that given more USD on deposit in Panama than in the United States and a center-left governing party which despises the US Republican party, someone on Obama’s Latin team would tell him that Powell could be a big problem.

    If Powell comes here like MacArthur or something, I’m going out in the street and throwing rocks along with 800,000 others. Obama strikes me as a bright guy. I don’t think he needs the trouble that Torrijos or Herrera could cause him for very little gain in associating himself with Powell. Nevertheless, the idea of Powell trying to come here and getting parcel-posted home in 50 separate packages is kind of amusing in a bitter way.

    I think that the combination of Powell on Obama’s foreign policy team and Obama himself coming here and lecturing us on our banking and privacy laws and promoting his version of Fundamentalist Christianity would be way more than I could stomach.

    I doubt it will come to that. Obama’s just too sophisticated and too worldly to do that because if he does it here, he’s got to adopt that Bush-like stance everywhere and that not the kind of President I think he wants to be.

    I won’t worry about Powell until I have to. For now, I’m good with Obama.

  6. On second thought, Kissinger was real bad and probably something of a toss-up with Powell, who was kind of Kissnger’s protege.

    And Kissinger not only has no seat at my table, I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire.

    But I will consider Colin Powell as in the running for SuziRiot’s FUCKTARD OF THE GWB YEARS. I can’t say with certainty that Powell was somehow morally “better” than Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld. There’s a good case to be made that he’s the worst of the lot.

  7. Good post. You raise interesting questions and points about both. I was thinking we need more of this in our political system instead of this “Red Rover, Red Rover” crap among the extremists. I thought that point about the effects of McCain’s experience in war was especially interesting. Should presidents have to undergo some kind of psych exam?

  8. None of them ever really do what they say they’re going to do so with Obama attempting to be all things to all people, we might get half of what he says he’ll do. Let’s hope it’s the good half.

  9. I’ve forgotten how much I liked JONESTOWN. ScarletBlue, I can’t vote and I work these things out in my head over and over again. We all do, I suppose. My guess is that of the bloggers I like, most originially supported Kucinich or Paul and fell to Edwards or Clinton. I know one excellent blogger who’s leaning to Barr but for various reasons can’t quite let the freak flag fly. I was as much an Obama skeptic as Fairlane for a long time, but Obama more or less answered my doubts starting with his speech on race. I don’t like the regression past the “Chauncey Gardner” of Dec 2007-Feb 2008 to the right-wing ideologue of Aug 2004-Mar 2007. Like Fairlane, I get that these things are about WINNING. The bigger, the better, so I don’t begrudge the man throwing a few lines into the water and seeing how many White Christian Red States will bite. The problem with doing all of the dialectical materialism amongst ourselves and within ourseleves, however, is that the other side is in lockstep. Given how dialectics work, we’ve ceded them half the playing field. Although, I think that as Obama has probably locked up a small win and is shooting for more, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask him to show us something more — again.

    D-CUP, I agree with you as well. George W Bush has us all fucked up because he and only he of all US presidents, all Western heads-of-state, christ, all heads-of-state since the Magna Carta, has GOTTEN EVERYTHING HE’S WANTED. Nobody has ever gotten that. It’s wrong to expect it. I hated Ronald Reagan as much as anybody. Voted against him twice, but the fucker surprised by no end of times with the good he did. Bill Clinton was a much a mixed-bag as Obama. And looking back, I could put him in the Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Lincoln, TR, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Ike, Johnson category.

    I remember what it was like living in America. If neither Rwanda nor Bosnia-Herzogovina/Kosovo got anyone too jazzed up, I doubt anyone gives a rat’s ass that Powell tried to burn my city to a crisp. So, while for me Powell is nauseating and would make me question Obama’s sanity if not judgement, I think you’ll get Obama in full. The sophisticated strong progressive and the weasel. If he can do anything about the US economy, he’ll be one of the greats too.

  10. Another excellent post, Fairlane. As I’ve said here in the past, your stream of consciousness style is superb. I’d like to see what what kind of poetry you might dish out. That, I guess, would be a kind of restrained stream of consciousness, because good poetry requires a far greater level of discipline than does prose (not to say, in the least, that your prose lacks discipline!).

    Anyway, so many good points here. I don’t know where to start with regard to commenting. Other than to say that I’ve always questioned Obama on those same points. And his “righward” shift (actually, there’s been no shift, and he was never a liberal to begin with and actually has maintained some pretty non-progressive attitudes, the death penalty being one) should really come as no surprise to anyone who has done any research on his record as a state senator.

    I think, however, as Frieda Bee and OKJIMM said, we really do have to vote for him. By winning, I believe he will complete the demise of the right-wing cabal (because, really, you can’t put him in THAT category, he’s way too smart for that and, on another note, he might even be tougher than he is appearing at the moment), and create a new ascendency for the Democratic party. Or at least I hope so.

    And, by the way, regarding the throwing of Reverend Wright “under the bus” … I think this circumstance was very different from Chimpy’s embrace of Pat Robertson. Chimpy’s constituency EXPECTED him to put up with Robertson. McCain, thinking that since Chimpy did it, he could too, by being best buds with Ron Parsley and the like. Things have changed and people are hip to these guys (thank god) and no matter the fact that a good deal of what Reverend Wright actually had some basis in truth or at least some basis in the lives of real people, it was PERCEIVED as intolerant, and most of America, I believe, has gotten on the bus that says intolerance will not be tolerated.

    Or at least I hope so.

  11. This really is a great post fairlane. Essentially, I feel the same way about the whole thing as okjimm – politics as usual has become exhausting but we will vote for Obama in spite (at least on my part) of wishing Kucinich had had a real opportunity to share his vision and opinions with the populace at large. Naturally, that wasn’t going to happen any more than I expect to wake up tomorrow morning speaking Swedish.

    The one thing I am glad of is that I’ve got some like minded friends to hang with and i don’t even mind being virtual for aren’t we all?

  12. I have my doubts about Obama, too, because he doesn’t have enough experience. A friend of mine was telling me that if the Democrats could find a way to fuck up the election, they would. It seems he was right. After living in the South for 7 years, I know the old rednecks down there wouldn’t vote for a black man OR a white woman. In recent year, no one has won the presidency without winning the South. Soooooo, hello President McCain.

  13. Dave C for presidnet
    and they need to tap and video each other

  14. The fact that so much power and importance has been conferred on the office of President is a big problem. No matter who the President is, he or she should not have so much power and importance. The media turns the election into a celebrity game show, which drains it of any meaning it might have had.
    So I choose not to comment very much on it. I think Obama is different than most candidates we’ve seen in my lifetime because he’s thoughtful. (Clinton may have been thoughtful in private, but he was a cheap glad-hander in public.) Because of the absurd power of the Presidency, I consider it imperative that the Repugs be defeated, just to stem the fascist tide a bit. But the Democrats are imperialists too. We know that. And of course that includes Obama. Of course it does.
    What I fear is that a lot of the progressive resurgence may wilt with an Obama victory, because people will think the crisis is over. Then wingnuts rush in to fill the void. But I’ll take an Obama victory anyway.

  15. Freida- The difference between Obama, and the average American is, the Average American isn’t on television telling people they’re going to bring about “Societal Change.”

    O.K.J.- I’m not as young as you think.

    I, too, am getting tired.

    Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan (Twice), Bush, Clinton, Chimpy, and now, whatever.

    I think out of all of them, Ford was the best, only because he didn’t fuck shit up, and I thought pardoning Nixon was the right thing to do because we needed to move forward.

    Ghost- What have I ever said that would give you the impression that I’d vote for Mc Thuselah?

    I’m insulted.

    I’m voting for Nader. I live in a “Red State,” and it doesn’t matter who I vote for because THEY AIN’T WINNING!

    I think Mc Cain is around 57% here.

    So, yet another protest vote.

    DED- I’m not sure how I feel about Oberman.

    I think I should be on television, if for no other reason, I’m a better writer, and my rants are funnier.

    But you are dead on with Kerry. He had even less personality than Gore, which I didn’t think was possible.

    K-Man- Long time no See. Welcome back.

    Powell pisses me off because he didn’t stand up to Chimpy, when, from what I’ve heard, he wasn’t too keen with their “Strategery.”

    He knew he was going to quit anyway, so, why not speak out when it matters?

    I don’t think Obama will fuck with Panama. Ever since Chimpy’s papa got Noriega, we don’t hear much about Panama.

    He has to fix the disaster left by the “War President.”

    Empress- I have no idea if they’re tested or not.

    I know I was given psychological tests to work as a counselor (Yep, fooled those Fuckers), so, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t test the President to be.

    While they’re at it, they should I.Q. test them. I get the impression that Mc Cain is every bit as vapid as Chimpy Von Chimpenstein.

    Mc Cain’s anger outbursts are infamous. He is not only verbally aggressive, but he’s physically aggressive as well. One story claims he physically went after another Rep. senator, and had to be restrained.

    He, also, apparently likes to grab people by their ties, and pull them toward him when he’s talking (Boundaries are often lacking with people who have gone through abusive situations. He was tortured by the Viet Cong).

    DCup- I’m wondering how he’s going to do it. The Wingnuts have demonstrated over, and over that they will stall out any legislation they don’t like, and I’ve yet to hear any of them talking about “Healing” and/or “Uniting” the nation.

    They’re still talking about getting our “War On.”

    K-Man- I think kowtowing to the Wingnuts is both dangerous, and futile.

    They are not voting for him. He’s “Pro-Choice.”

    They will not vote for him because of that one issue, and then you throw in his “Liberal” label, and the fact that he’s black, and you can forget it.

    He’s risking losing support from people who, theoretically, are already on his side.

    And I think it’s arrogant. Dems, and Reps assume people will vote along party lines no matter how inept the candidate might be.

    That may be true for the Wingnuts, but Democrats, or “Progressives,” or whatever have clearly demonstrated that they will vote for someone else.

    Anita- I occasionally write poetry, but I’m not a big fan. The stream of consciousness thing is hurting me in the “Real World.”

    I’m wanting to write everything like a fucking blog post.

    If I break down Obama into the simplest terms possible, it’s that he’s too good to be true.

    Maybe that’s cynical, but I just don’t see transformative change coming from Washington. There’s too much money, and power involved, and those people are not simply going to give it up because he delivers a pretty speech.

    Susan- I agree, it’s nice to have friends.

    I was worried about a potential backlash, and then I remembered I chased off most of the “Mainstream Liberals” months ago.

    ARL- I worry about that as well. I know many Wingnuts, and although the overwhelming majority despise Chimpy, and regret voting for him, they’re still supporting Mc Cain.

    Wingnuts rarely stray outside the party line.

    Raw- Am I missing something?

    Dash- Your last paragraph is part of my next post. I, too, find it worrisome.

    America has a fascination with the Messiah.

  16. FAIRLANE: I can’t argue with you, because I agree. I’ve done a bit of research on Obama vis-a-vis Panama both in newspapers and in speaking with PRD members and donors. The only thing he’s said publicly is to lament Panama’s private banking system and offer the opinion that it’s “worth investigating the connections between those who have Panamanian accounts and known terrorists.” Interesting point of view considering that he and the 2nd in command in the PRD (the party not the govt) is former president “Toro” Perez-Balladares use the same attorney: Greg Craig. So, I assume Obama is intelligent enough to be able to divorce fantasy from reality. It gets more complicated. Hillary Clinton and “Toro” went out together for a year when they were in college and there has always been a close relationship — obviously — between the Clintons and the PRD. The Panamanian people have a 98% approval of the Clintons and a 90% approval of Obama. Powell is a PROBLEM. So, as you know is kowtowing to Wingnuts and I recognize that move is certain one Obama does well.

    The thing of it is that given the state of the US economy President Torrijos or his likely successor Balbina Herrera, the PRD Chairwoman and current Minister of Health and Housing, can fuck the USA up a lot more than the USA can fuck Panama up. All Torrijos or Herrera would have to do to burn the USA to a crisp would be switch from a USD currency board to a Euro or Swiss Franc board. And an Obama appointment of Powell to a significant foreign policy or defense post would mean that the USA could kiss a trade deal with Panama goodbye anyway. Anything aggressive and they drop the Euro or Ch. Franc bomb. What’s Field Marshall Powell going to do, invade? It would be the same as McCain trying to quarter troop in Colombia. If a response was necessary to an Obama/Powell move, Panama could count on support from both left-wing Chavez and right-wing Uribe and Powell’s then jammed up having to use 50,000 or so troops to fight a limitless number.

    My point is I’m sick of having to puzzle through scenarios like that. That’s how it’s been from the first day of Bush.

    I never saw Obama as a transformative figure. Merely, a slick Democrat who can triangulate and then I saw a more progressive side. Now, I see the right-angle of his triangulation. Bush never fooled me by this freeing Iraq jazz and Obama never fooled me with “hope.” As far as his being the first African-American president goes, that’s nice, but it’s irrelevant to the rest of the world, which only needs someone smart and mellow.

    Powell didn’t stand up to Chimpy because he LIKED what Chimpy was about, because he enjoys being a subordinate in a chain-of-command. My Lai, Reagan’s dirty wars, Panama, Iraq, Iraq2. I’d call that a pretty strong case for a triple-life sentence in the Hague as a REPEAT WAR CRIMINAL. How much more evidence do they need?

    I feel as bad for African-Americans with so few heroes that they have to hang on to this cretin as I do for White liberal Obama supporters who figured out at long last that they were getting a conservative Democrat.

  17. That wasn’t AFL; that was ARL. I know we look alike, though. A macaroni penguin and a raven….

  18. I skimmed most of your post because after the first 1/4th, I got your point. It went on and on but basically You are representin most of the American Public. Do you think Hillary would have been any different? SHIT she didn’t even WAIT to get on the ballot before she was flip flopping all over.

    This election is fucked…our country is fucked. Build a cellar, stock it with canned goods and masterbate until the second coming.

    God Bless America…WHATEVER

  19. // I think out of all of them, Ford was the best..//

    I agree. He was an honest, credible man thrown into a maelstrom. Maybe he was over his head, like Carter, but the fucker was trying as well as he could. I respect honest….and Jerry was honest. I believe that. I think you are honest too. Honestly.

  20. OKJIMM: Jerry Ford probably the most-underrated president and regarded by academics as the most “progressive” of all 43 going by budget priorities, federal judges appointed and peace-making. The other forgotten great one was Martin Van Buren.

  21. […] my last Post, we were discussing […]

  22. […] my last Post, we were discussing […]

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