Truth in the Media

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~ by fairlane on July 23, 2008.

21 Responses to “Truth in the Media”

  1. Gees, it seems that there is no truth in media. That surprises me. I thought Medea was a good play. That Euripides is one good righter.

  2. i thought truth and media were antanyoms

  3. Love it. (I want to marry it!)

  4. Satire and his Brother, Parody, are on life support. The whole Snark family is praying for their recovery, and estimate that it could be as soon as January 20th, 2009.

  5. Come on okjimm, everyone knows that Ae, E, Aie, Er-she-luss was the best player Athens had. Homerun power, baby!

  6. Priceless!

  7. Nicely done!

  8. speaking of greek tragedy, i think there are elements of in the whole george w. bush saga. son goes out to purge the world of a (perceived) evil in the name of his father and ends up destroying the world, and himself, in the process. i think randal and utah savage should work together to do a screen treatment on this!

    medea, by the way, is my favorite tragic figure of the greek plays.

  9. OH SHIT! ANITA! What a great Idea!!!!

    Oedipus Wrecks: How the Motherland got Fucked!

  10. OH SHIT! ANITA! What a great Idea!!!!

    Oedipus Wrecks: How the Motherland got Fucked!

    Jeezus, okjimm, that is the best title for a play I ever have heard. Screw Randal and Utah, you write the damn play.

  11. That was awesome. Great find.

  12. i must say this was most entertaining!

  13. This is most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen. Who did this? I’m going to cross-post it at HELL. I assume nobody minds.

  14. Best. Satire. Ever. Fucking brilliant.

  15. OKJ- Do you think we can get Chuck Norris to play the Beaver?

    Raw- That was true, until today, when I found the only honest media outlet left in the world.

    Empress- I knew it.


    Un-Con- I have to be honest. A Mc Thuselah presidency would be, by far, more humorous.

    Imagine the gaffes, shenanigans, and all around zaniness wrapped in tomfoolery.

    Randal- You know pitching is what wins championships, which is why the Indians traded Sabbathia for a pack of peppermint gum, and an issue of Highlights.

    DCup- Ain’t it?

    DED- Don’t you mean, “Heckuva job, Brownie?”

    Anita- Speaking of, Brilliance.

    Excellent idea.

    OKJ- I was with you until that last part.

    You know Babs doesn’t “Fuck,” she has Intercourse, which usually consists of two small children smothered in onions, with a side order of baby seal.

    Diva- I’m with you.

    Screw that Randal, and Utah.

    Sparty- They have an entire network for your viewing pleasure.

    Ghost- Ain’t it?

    K-Man- No, nobody minds.

    It’s part of the “ONN,” or, Onion News Network.

    Cross-post away.

    Suzi- They would be even more Brilliant if they hired me.

    I applied for a freelance position with the Onion a few months back.

    Apparently, they’re afraid of having too much Hilarity in one place.

  16. Truth in the media.

    Like Katie “$15 million a year” Couric and CBS News doctoring John McBush’s reply about the so-called “surge” and the Sunni awakening.

    I guess CBS became FOX Noise when Les Moonves fired Dan Rather for telling the truth about the Motherfucker from Midland going AWOL from the TX Nat’l Guard.

    It’s amazing to me that CBS doesn’t fire Le Couric. The ratings for the CBS Evening News are terrible and her audience is shrinking each month. All I know is Couric must be giving head to the right executives.

  17. I watched a movie called “The Darjeeling Limited” the other night, which I recommend, by the way, and there was a preview for an entire movie by the ONN. I’ll definitely be renting that now.

    This video was ultimate truthiness.

  18. Thanks for bringing up Sabathia, college town. And watch it, Utah wields a mean axe.

  19. I love The Onion News, I’ve watched every one of their videos’ and I have never laughed so hard

  20. It’s wonderful. Oedipus Wrecks, indeed!

  21. Man, I was disappointed that the follow-up video How to Pretty Up Your Tomboy” was cut short. I could really use some pointers… for, uh, a friend.

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