This Is a Story of Liars

“Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.


~ by fairlane on July 31, 2008.

17 Responses to “This Is a Story of Liars”

  1. War criminals all both before and after ILLEGALLY INVADING A SOVEREIGN STATE.

  2. Ship them off to The Hague, the motherfucking criminals.

  3. You better call Alex Jones with that noise.

  4. How about we set them loose in the Rocky Mountains or the Appalachians, turn their mugs into playing cards and then hunt the bastards down? Of course, Cheney would be the Ace. Chimp would be King. Condi the Queen. There’s 13 of them, when you include the Deciderer… I’m just sayin.

  5. Very astute…very thought provoking. The link to ‘Project for the New American Century’ was scary. Very scary. I had no fucking idea it existed…..Chilling.

    another link….

    …. I may soon have to advance to more effective painkillers … beer is only good for a small amount of time. Fuck…does this bum me out or what!!

  6. This post is somewhere north, south, east and west of Tikrit.

  7. I don’t understand. According to this theory, was the one in PA supposed to crash or not? If yes, then why move them? Fewer dead pilots? I think I’m missing something.

  8. Susan- Chimpy thinks “Sovereign” is something you buy for your mom when you’re on vacation.

    DCup- Has a nice ring to it.

    Cowboy- You better call an Optometrist.

    Because you’re seeing something that ain’t there.

    They used the attacks as justification, I didn’t say they were behind them.

    Sparty- We wouldn’t even need to do the hunting.

    We could just give Cheney the gun.

    OKJ- Yep, they’re quite a group of individuals, ain’t they.

    One of my Wingnut friends despises the Neo-Cons, but, of course, he somehow accuses them of being “Liberals.”

    Randal- Actually, this post, as are all my posts, is 20 degrees North by South at a slight diagonal type direction there on the map thingy.

    Scarlet- Ya know, some say that plane was shot down, and that they concocted the entire “Rush the Cockpit” story.

    The attack was all they needed, the body count was irrelevant, at that point.

  9. But why all the stopping and moving people from one plane to another and all that? I still don’t get it. Why have any people at all on those planes? Or why not radio control them with people on them? There’s something I’m not getting, Emp. Please explain it to me and wrriiiiiiite slooooooowly, so I can follow….

  10. My Dear Empress, check my comment to Cowboy. I’m not saying they were behind the attacks. I’m saying they used the attacks. The PNAC was lobbying for an all out war against Iraq dating back to the Clinton administration.

    They’re “Utopians,” who believe we can create an “American Shangri-La” through our military, and economic power.

    I will say, the Chimp Administration dragged their feet when it came to dealing with the threat of terror. They received warnings about possible attacks within the U.S., they knew there were men here (From Saudi Arabia) who were going to flight training schools, etc. I believe they even had one in custody who was only interested in flying the plane, but had no interest in learning how to land it.


  11. I love the photo of Negroponte. He looks like he’s saying to himself, “What the hell was I thinking?!”

    Of course, the crapweasel would never admit to that.

  12. Emp, I know YOU aren’t saying it, and I understand what YOU are saying. I just didn’t understand the other. No doubt they seized the moment and were glad to have it.

  13. What are you implying? JK.

  14. Liked your Neocon collage, but who are the two at the bottom of the right hand column? Can’t make them out….

  15. Very succinct.

  16. F-WORD!:

    Excellent tableux. Glad you’re including Negroponte. He, Abrams and Otto Reich are all that calm me down when I think of the war criminals in the administration. Jeez, how must it scald their nuts that they’re stuck with this Iraq, Afghanistan and perhaps Iran thing, when THEY LOST LATIN AMERICA! Every country from Mexico to Cape Horn is a fully-functional democracy!. If not for Iraq, WE’D be IRAQ!

    But where the hell is Colin Powell? He’s the worst of all. Or maybe I missed him because he blends into the backdrop so well.

    And I’m almost inclined but not quite to go easy on Rumsfeld. He wasn’t that bad with Jerry Ford and Bush Sr and those absurd press conferences showed me how fucked up over this he was. And he did apologize and admit being wrong in the end.

    I’d still try in the Hague, though.

  17. What we need is the catharsis that can only come with some post-W Nuremberg trials. Sadly, these bastards will get away with their crimes and some future republican administration will push the envelope even further. Until they finally break the U.S. That said, I’m not sure whether they came really close this time or actually did it. Time will tell.

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