Speaking of Dave Chapelle

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~ by fairlane on August 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “Speaking of Dave Chapelle”

  1. I loved Count von Count!!!

    “Greetings. I am the Count. Do you know why they call me the Count? Because I love to count things!”

  2. … and not to forget his girlfriend, “Countess Dahling von Dahling” !

  3. Brilliant stuff. Fuckin “VEGETABLES”! Man, I went into Whole Foods once and they were charging like $2 for a radish! I started reading up about the company and it turned out that the CEO was a start raving lunatic. The students who worked at one of the Madison, Wisconsin, stores started talking about organizing and maybe joining the Teamsters or the UMU. 17 college kids and the “organic food we’re all MANAGERS CEO” called out the goon-squad to like break one kid’s arm and fuck up a few others. Whole Foods’ idea was that there was no need for collective bargaining because every employee was a manager on profit share and a terrible salary. In their best year, however, those profit shares did not get paid out on a pro-rata basis, not hardly! It’s some gangster sweat shop company which pretends to be enlightened. Me? I like Boar’s Head Provisions. A company run by real gangsters who have one of the most enlightened human resource policies in corporate America. Cured fuckin meats. Take ’em any day over “vegetables”.

    Chappelle’s “Sesame Street” routing is more genius. I’ll give him one for free to add to his routine. Something I used to ask my son when we’d watch it together. Elmo’s supposed to be a young child, right? What kind of parents leave a young child alone in a city apartment with access to a big refrigerator? And a stove??? I don’t know about the mayor of Sesame Street but in any city in the world, Elmo’s headed for foster care and Elmo’s parents are headed for prison!

  4. I m et Chapelle in Cicago in the nineties. His jokes at the time were well above the heads of the average American or at least Black America. He bombed with sveral crowds due to a cultural disconnect…his jokes were cerebral not physical and ‘over the top’.
    The house comics were actually mad at the crowd for not getting it.
    I was too

  5. Anita- Those were the days, were they not?

    Kelso- I hate Whole Foods. It’s a store for fucking millionaires.

    Last time I was there, a half gallon of Pomegranate juice was $14. Fourteen fucking dollars?!!!

    Speaking of things I hate. I’d like to strangle Elmo.

    His parents left because his Voice. God Almighty, that Voice!

    Dave- Good to see you.

    Chapelle, in my humble opinion, is the best comic around. I might even say he’s better than Prior.

    He’s a damn genius.

  6. he might be better than prior but he is not better than Pryor…for real. Check out Pryor’s lost episodes from his short run on NBC. Chappelle borrowed.

  7. I must have looked at that comment five times. I knew something looked strange. Thanks for sarcastically pointing it out.


    Of course Dave was/is influenced by Pryor. Just as Pryor was influenced by Cosby, Bruce, and even Woody Allen.

    All artists, regardless of the medium, borrow.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved Pryor, and still remember my father listening to his albums when I was a kid. Having said that, I think Dave is funnier. I think he’s more intelligent than Pryor was, and he has a better sense/understanding of irony.

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