I’m off to do other things.

I’ll let some of you know what’s going on in the Not Too Distant Future.

As for the Rest of you-

Take Care.

Always remember to Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day, oh, and, of course-


Joy Division


~ by fairlane on August 4, 2008.

24 Responses to “Coda”

  1. Be well and take good care of her.

  2. Well shit&stuff….. there are plenty of places to drop in….so drop in….whenever. Ana hug for the kid wit da ‘knock-me-out’ eyes, too. OK?

  3. If you’re quitting, I’m quitting.

  4. Bull shit, Scarlet….ya both cannot leave at the same time…..I think it is a rule or sumptin….. give me a couple a months to check it out….ok? Or can I bribe you? Avacado flavored gin or sumptin?

  5. I’ll miss you, Fairlane, even if it’s just for a day. Oh wait, you weren’t talking about Codependents Anonymous were you? I hope if it’s the musical kind, it’s just the conclusion of a segment in the middle of the bigger piece.

  6. And Scarlet, are you going to break my heart again?

  7. Is it the anniversary? Congratulations and salutations for a wonderfully entertaining and thought provoking year.

  8. Enjoy your time away with your absolutely adorable daughter.

  9. When you get to California, look me up.



  10. she rocking that hat

  11. Best of luck to you in your journeys. And a safe return.

  12. As you travel, you need not look back. The past always follows you….

  13. What a great looking kid. I’ll bet the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree. Hey boss, enjoy the time off, but please say it’s not permanent. Please….

  14. You lazy bastard. Take care of yourself and the little one, old man.

  15. i hope you can take that adorable and beautiful kid to NYC — she would love me, um the city


    i will miss posting here…… you leave me to my own devices

    come back little sheba (soon)

  16. FAIRLANE: You’ve always been one of my inspirations and I hope that you decide you’re an “obsesivo de mierda” like me and come back soon no matter what other paths you take. Even if you’ve decided to abandon forever being a leader in adult scholarly no bullshit blogovia, I hope that the Jonestown Superteam will stay in tact in your absence and will keep on carrying the ensign.

  17. hey….I am serious…….now you get to be an ‘ok-fairlane’ just post snarky comments on other folksies blogs. Worked for me.

    ana now that you talked me into a blog (sorta-kinda) I would be beerly disappointed if you did not come by and smack-down my feeble attempts…..well, just kinda, sorta….. 😉

  18. A few friends, and I have something in the works…

    Until then, I’m keeping Jonestown’s borders open.

    So, I’ll be seeing you, or, I won’t.

    Muchas gracias amigos y amigas.

  19. No, say it ain’t so. This isn’t because I haven’t stopped by regularly lately is it?

  20. If that picture is of your little girl, god she’s cute. If it isn’t your little girl, she’s still so very cute.

    I’m not sure what your message means, but I hope it just means you are taking a timeout. No matter the amount of time, you know I’m going to miss you until you return. I wish you all things good, as always. Please take care in all that you do.

  21. Good luck in your endeavors – but please dabble in blogsylvania occaisionally!

  22. I’ll be waiting for the next incarnation. Take care.

  23. well, this is sad, but i totally understand.

    i, for one, have to say THANKS for all you’ve shared with us — really basic down and dirty stuff, but really important stuff at the same time, the cool and hilarious stuff, your art and the music that’s important to you, the stuff you love and the stuff you really, really hate.

    anyway, your efforts are very much appreciated, very much enjoyed and if you ever do come back in a different incarnation, i hope i find ya.

    good luck my friend.

  24. My B-day is August 5th. For whatever that is worth. I look forward to actually speaking with you. The time spent in this place has been a pleasure. I enjoyed every chance I have had to post. Unfortunately (fortunately), priorities are priorities.
    It is hard to have a life and blog.

    Once again I have been interrupted…bye bye.

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