No Thanks, I’ll Have Some Carrot Juice

This is for Okjimm. It’s not exactly my “first” post, but it’s pretty damn close, and it comes the closest to being an “Introduction.”

Despite the lameness, this post turned out to be one of my most memorable because after reading it, some Wingnut turned me into WordPress, which led to me being locked out of Jonestown for a day while they “Investigated.”

For the next month, I had an incoming link from WordPress Administration.

There is a common misconception in this country that if you are opposed to Republicans, you must be a Democrat, and vice versa. To say we are “polarized” is like saying 25 F water is cold.

Last summer, I got a job working for an Independent newspaper that one of my friends edited. The original premise of the paper was to offer “balanced” news and opinion, grand ideals. My friend is a very conservative young man, and obviously, I am not. (At least not socially). But we co-existed, and had some very interesting discussions about life, religion, politics etc. The first thing I noticed is, once we got past the rhetoric we are actually very similar in what we want from life. Our way of getting there is how we differ. Now, I realize this is no great discovery. People are just people, right? But for many people, politics is the defining characteristic of who they are. It’s in the way they present themselves, and it is a political lens through which they view the world, and other human beings.

After working there for several weeks, I finally drove up to the office to meet with my friend, and to meet some of the other staff. When I came in my friend immediately introduced me as “The Token Liberal”. He was kidding of course, at least he said he was, but the response from the others was unpleasant. They attempted to conceal their disappointment, but it was there on their faces, if only for a second, “A liberal? Gross. He’s not going to do any drugs or kill any babies while he’s here is he?” From that point on it was downhill.

Our grand idea of “balanced” news soon fell by the wayside, and the paper became overtly right wing. Ironically, I did become the “Token Liberal” although I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life. But that didn’t matter. I was a “Liberal” because I don’t like George Bush, who is a Republican. And this is where I started getting confused.

Without going into too much detail, I was raised Republican. I’ve met George’s father, Ronnie Raygun, and even Gerald Ford. My mother is/was extremely involved in Rep politics when I was younger, and I grew up believing the GOP stood for “God’s Own Party”. However, as I grew older, my “love” for the Party began to fade. It all started with Reagan. Reagan is most responsible for the Christian Right’s not so subtle hijacking of the GOP. Reagan pandered to them when he was Gov. of California, and his pandering increased once in the White House.

Theoretically, I have no problem with religion. I view religious people the same way I view someone with a cold. “I’m sorry to hear you don’t feel well. But don’t give that crap to me.” So, long story short, I’m no longer a Rep. However, that doesn’t mean I’m now a card carrying member of American Communists for Global Mediocrity. In fact, I don’t care for Dems at all. They regained power months ago, and aside from grandstanding and saber rattling, what have they accomplished? Pretty much what they usually accomplish, nothing.

The point is this, if I have a point at all, when were our choices reduced to Pepsi or Coke? What happened to Independent thought? What happened to standing for what you believe? and, Where did all these fucking caricatures come from?

As a student of Psychology and Sociology, I’m very interested in people, and why they do, think, and believe what they do. Bush fascinates me not because I really care about politics, but because he has many of the same characteristics as sociopaths. Of all the people I ever worked with when I was a counselor, it was the Anti-Socials who sparked my interest the most. Maybe because we have a lot in common (I’m sure my friend might agree), but more likely, it’s because they are impossible to understand. Like a puzzle with pieces that don’t fit together.



~ by fairlane on August 12, 2008.

8 Responses to “No Thanks, I’ll Have Some Carrot Juice”

  1. good stuff, buddy. I guess I had somewhat a paralell experience……only started as a democrat….and became more independant. I have never been able to pull a ‘party lever’ and never will. If I have a choice between a honest conservative and a fucking idiot who happens to be on the democratic ticket…. and it has happened around here way too much… I’ll go with an honest man I disagree with rather than some shit head who needs to take his shoes off to count to ten.

  2. Ok. I read it again. It’s not lame. In fact, the tone keeps the nice cynical touch, without the acid burn. There is an element of hope that comes through.

    I have been in dark places….and there is a nerve rush from having your mind there, in the clear glare of reality, in the numbing of a soul… and yet maintaing the idea of ‘ forward’ &onward…

    of going through the wall….that is a rush, too.

    ..&if you break a few parts crashing through walls?

    anyways…don’t be in too big a rush to be where you wanna be that you forget the flavor of ALL the neat places you have been. It is all you.


  3. Glad to see you back, fairlane. Hope you had a good relaxing time away.

  4. thats som,e funny shit
    i get the same thing
    from gop and dems
    they dont know what a libertarian is lol

  5. I’m at my wits end regarding this country’s economic and political state. It would be really easy to just check out and stop carrying.

    The only thing that keeps me paying attention is morbid curiosity about how bad it can actually get.

  6. Fairlane –

    Were we separated at birth?

    I’m gonna have to check my ass for scars or something (I stole that line from Pissed…)



  7. @dcup, heh. I won’t lie, there’s a small percentage of my brain that wants to see McCain get in out of that sick morbid curiosity. I’ve only read about empires collapsing, to see one barreling off the cliff in fifth gear would be kinda comical in that ‘hey look, the cops are shooting through our window and we haven’t done anything, ouch, shotgun shells in the stomach sure do hurt’ kind of way.

    Oh well. There’s NFL to watch.

  8. Good points, Fairlane. It shouldn’t be Coke vs. Pepsi. But unfortunately our party system has evolved to this point and I don’t know how to fix it. There should be a third way.

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