Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I am free at Last!

the Horror…the Horror…the Horror…

I was just reading about Martin, hence the title, and I thought about the people I admire.

I’ve never been one for “heroes,” as the idea doesn’t make much sense to me. I never had posters of sports stars hanging on my walls, and I never thought, “Gee, when I grow up I want to be just like________.”

Well, I did want to be Spiderman. (I still want to be Spiderman).

But there are people I deeply admire and respect. Not all of them are famous, but some of them are.

When I finished my project today, (Right at 5:00 when it was due. And I mean right at 5:00 I was pressing the “Submit” button. 23,000 words in 10 days. Ugh. When I worked for that Wingnut Newspaper my Op-Ed pieces were, I think, 500 words. So, in ten days I wrote 46 Op-Ed pieces. Mother Fucker!)

Where was I? Right.

When I finished my project today, the first words that came to mind were, “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I’m Free At Last!” And then I threw up a little in my mouth.

So, I was reading about Martin and I thought, “People like Martin don’t exist anymore.”

It seems as though our society simply doesn’t create the Extraordinary Individuals it once did. We get “heroes” like John Kerry, and George W. Bush. (Shit, I just threw up a little in my mouth again).

Who do kids look up to in Today’s World? Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter? Two non-white, wishing they were white, sell-outs who play for the Great Satan? They’re role models?

Would you follow Derek Jeter to the Promised Land? Hell, I’d rather follow Larry Craig into a Men’s Bathroom at the Airport.

We’re too self-absorbed to be like Martin or Malcolm or Gandhi or Crazy Horse these days. Instead we want to “Be Like Mike.” An arrogant asshole who knowingly made Millions off a company that was using Children to make his Red Neck shoes.

It’s sad. I cannot name one American I consider to be an Extraordinary Person (Other than my daughter, but she’s only 3 1/2). Not one fucking person.

Sure, there are some decent people, some so-so people, some “they’re not too bad” people, but no one I’d follow toward impending Doom.

Some people find Dennis Kucinch inspiring, and I think he’s a nice enough fellow, but he comes across like a Pussy. And there’s no way in Hell he’s leading us to the Promised Land.

There’s a big difference between running your mouth in Congress, and putting yourself in a position to take a Cap in the Ass. Dennis ain’t taking no Caps, I assure you.

Now I’m not saying a Person has to get their Cap Peeled Back to be Extraordinary. But they do have to have that kind of Mettle, and Dennis doesn’t have it.

He’s too Fucking Nice, and sometimes he reminds me of a child with his “Let’s Hold Hands and Sing.” I know that plays big time in the Hearts of Some Liberals, but some Liberals don’t understand this isn’t a Knitting Bee.

The reason the people who run Our Country ignore our pleas is not because we haven’t asked nicely enough or because they’re still mulling it over in their tiny Spider Minds, it’s because They Do Not Give A Fuck.

And when I say They Do Not Give A Fuck, I don’t mean it in the Adolescent Sense, “Fine I don’t care anyway. I hate you!”


I mean,

They Do Not Give A Fuck about you and your Little Feelings or Your Children or Your Cancer or Your Lack of Health Care or Your Declining Wages and Pending Bankruptcy.

They Do Not Give A Fuck if your son was killed in Iraq or that you lost your job 3 years before Retirement so the company could stiff you on your Pension.

They Do Not Give A Fuck if your neighborhood is overrun by violence and drugs or that your Best Friend Committed Suicide.

They Do Not Give A Fuck!

They Do Not Give A Fuck!

Quit thinking they do. Quit thinking that the Good Guys always win because that’s the way “It’s Supposed to Be.”

If they made realistic movies, Rambo would get Bucked Down in the first Ten Minutes.

When Good triumphs over Evil (And these Mother Fuckers are Evil, please understand that) it’s because Good was Willing To Take A Cap In The Ass.

Rambo didn’t want a Cap in his Ass. He wanted to fight a war where he comes out on the other side completely unscathed.

Much like our Kegger and Cheat.

Would I take a Cap in the Ass? I think it’s possible, but we’re not talking about me. I’m a writer. I’m not a Leader. I was made to write. You wouldn’t want to follow me, I promise. As you can tell from My Blog, I’m not exactly a Linear Thinker.

If I was leading the March on Washington, we’d still be Marching, and we’d be in Northern California. And I wouldn’t be able to remember why you were following me or I’d be bored with you following me, and would ask you to kindly Piss Off!

Shit, I forgot the point of all this. Oh, I remember.

America you’re in Trouble. You’re producing Shit. Any Country where a person like Michelle “Moonbats Over Internment Camps” Malkin is considered “Brilliant,” is in serious Fucking Trouble.

When a Headline on AOL reads,

“Owen Wilson Found with bottle of pills and slashed wrists; Possible Suicide Attempt?”

(No, Mother Fuckers, he was trying to turn his forearms into Percocet Dispensers).

We’re in Trouble.

When a “man” like George W. Bush, a “man” with the Intellectual Curiosity of a Soup Ladle, is considered a “Strong and Moral Leader” you know you’re in trouble.

The only thing Bush should ever be “Considered” for is, Parole.

And only then for the sake of Our Amusement.

Look around. What in the Hell is going on in this Zoo? Who has the Keys?

Where are the Martins, the Malcolms, the Gandhis, the Crazy Horses? Where are our Heroes? Where are the Extraordinary Minds that will lead us out of this Darkness?

What happened, and Who’s responsible?


~ by fairlane on August 27, 2008.

36 Responses to “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I am free at Last!”

  1. But, while we were marching to California, you’d be cracking these jokes and making hysterically funny observations, right? I’d follow for that.

    You’ve got me laughing AND depressed. Which is making me a little dizzy.

  2. Great post. And I know why you march would be in Northern California. Right around Shasta County I bet.

  3. I dunno, Buddy, I seem to recall a speech Malcolm X made about Martin Luther King and Roy Wilkins and called them “compromising Negroes who’ll say anything the white man wants them to say…” That disqualfies neither man as a hero. Both were to be sure. If this were 24 hours ago, I’d write about Malcolm X’s discovery of the writings of Marx and Engels and Marcuse and his 180 degree shift to the point of view that MAYBE some European White Men had the right idea after all. And someone would insult my fancy book learnin’ (not you, buddy, but someone) and then I’d have to call him or her an ignorant, uneducated fool and how was it that I came from the lowest of the low and went to school and learned this shit and am being condemned for it? And then I’d get dropped from a few more blogrolls. I’m tired of explaining why I went to the cockfights at San Miguelito and why I might go to the championships in Santiago. And I’m tired of Michael Vick, because I’m more interested in how the Falcons intend to keep Warrick Dunn healthy for a full year now. And I’m tired of explaining why I respect Kucinich and Rove. And I’m tired of fucking lechugo for-profit “liberal” blogs that don’t fucking move as much money in a lifetime of blogging as I did on fucking Bolelli over Benneteau in R1 of the US Open but they frame the “liberal” debate and I’m crazy. And then FranIam posted two touching things about Hurricane Katrina which drove me around the bend with despair. And I started to hate myself for being unable to be understood. And for being fucking shtetl trash, but still getting whipped on by liberals for having an MBA when one of the goddamned things I did with my financial knowledge was to do pro-bono financial analysis for the New Press so they could continue to publish Zinn, Chomsky and the like. And then I remembered that I could do any number of good deed and I’d never be redeemed in blogland because of going to the gamecocks. And enjoying it. And then I remembered people care more about gamecocks than their own military. Which made me think about my father and his military service and what it did for him and how the new VA — under that rat bastard Nicholson who had been praised with faint damnation by my nominee for THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD, BARACK OBAMA — has made his life miserable. I then I worried that I never made my father proud of me. But then I remembered that I brought him to Aqueduct with me when a horse I owned won the Next Move Handicap and he got his picture taken in the winners’ circle with me. And I remembered how proud he was then. But that reminded me that in the “liberal” blogosphere all I’d ever be is a “Straight Rich White Man Of European Descent Who Owns Racehorses And Goes To Cockfights In Panama.” That reminded me that the people who trashed me for such things and for my MBA didn’t have a grandfather rotting in prison like I had, and a depressed father because of it, and that I could never win. Ever. In the blogosphere. And the flavor wasn’t so good anymore. And the odor was patchouli. And I vomited. And wished I had a couple of Owen Wilson’s perkys and some cocoa just to feel better. So, I settled for a Gatorade and a couple of valiums but that just made me tired. And I realized that I’d wasted all this time writing about shit that’s no longer relevant to my life because Martin Torrijos is my president and not George Bush. And there were Panamanian things that needed done by me. And that flavor was pretty good because no one — man, woman, straight, gay, right, left — gives a fuck here if you went to San Miguelito for the birds or not. Which reminded me that I hated American Conservatives for not giving a shit. And I hated American Liberals for giving a shit only about trivia like cockfights or whether Indian or Native American was the correct word, when 9/11 really meant that the Confederacy had re-fought and won the Civil War.

    But, thanks again, FAIRLANE, for those spectacular videos. I shall return at some point.

  4. Congrats on finishing the pro-ject!

    Nice piece, and unfortunately people are so busy making a buck, or striving for me, the concept of treating people with respect and sharing, without the crappy label calling seems to only be seen within our individual communities, and those people aren’t doing anything to be noticed. Doing, simply doing, actions, with no monetary return…..

    well, if I could write, I would.

    did I say nicely done?


  5. wow are we one fucked up nation === Jeter, Malkin, Rove, Lindsay — this is what we want to “look up to” also Scott Peterson, OJ, the runaway bride, Michael Vick — these are “heroes”

    there is so much wrong with a nation as a whole that can elect George Bush as president because he would be fun to have a beer with — he spends four years destroying everything, uses god to defend and justify — marches into a war with lies and uses rah rah USA USA to win support — and he wins again!

    Anyone who pushed a lever, hung a chad or touched a screen with george bush on it is the problem — i could go on forever but i need to eat dinner and not through up (tho i just turned off Tom Delay…..that was sickening)

  6. er, I meant to say, at the beginning of the second line:”striving for more.” grrrr, if i only had a brain, and bothered checking what I type! ; (

  7. Fairlane, you have made my day with this post. And you are free! If I weren’t so tired I’d say something clever. Or at least try to!

  8. Good post!

    The money sentence for me:
    “The only thing Bush should ever be “Considered” for is Parole. And only then for the sake of Our Amusement.”


  9. Excellent post. Sadly true. I find it hard to believe wholeheartedly in any of today’s leaders. Maybe the ones from yesteryear weren’t perfect but they were inspirational. There is no inspiration anymore.

  10. Nvisible- You think I’m funny now, but after walking for a couple of weeks, you’d be plotting my demise.

    Py- Shasta Co.? I do not know of any “Shasta Co.” You must be confused by that “Reefer Madness” I keep hearing about:)

    Kel- Malcolm did say that. He also called Martin a “Tom”, and I believe a “House Negro.”

    But in the end, and this is why Malcolm may be one of the people I admire the most, he admitted he was wrong. In fact, he admitted he was wrong about almost everything, and he did so knowing it would mean his death.

    If a man asks you to march into the mouth of Hell, in my opinion, he better be willing to walk right beside you.

    Malcolm, Gandhi, Martin, Crazy Horse would not only walk beside you, they’d hold your hand. To die for what you believe is truly honorable, no?

    Bush demands people die for his cause, and he wouldn’t even take a paper cut to fight for it. He’s a goddamned coward, and so is anyone who continues to support him.

    Coffee- You know, I was reading back over your comment, and I think “more” or “me” works.

    I think “striving for me,” sums it up fairly well.

    DCNY- I’m with you. “They” are the problem. Without “Them” Bush, Cheney, Rove et al are nothing. They are paper tigers, and not one of those pussies would ever fight for anything. They enlist others to do the fighting.

    Fran- I’m not free just yet, but I’m trying. But Krishnamurti would say, “Stop trying. Either be free or not. You can’t ‘try’ to be Free.”

    That fucker!

    Chuck- I’ve run out of adjectives to describe that man. He should be in prison. He created a wound that may never heal.

    Maui- You’re right, there is no inspiration, at least not from the “leaders” we have on either side.

    Liberals talk a good game, but when I worked as a Counselor I got to see “Liberals” at work, and words don’t put food on the table or get kids off the streets.

    I believe people need to learn to rely on themselves, but not in the American sense where we only “care” about ourselves, and even then it’s only superficially, I mean we need to stop looking “Out There” for our Savior. He/She is no where to be found. We have to save ourselves, and maybe in the process we can help save each other.

  11. So, I was reading about Martin and I thought, “People like Martin don’t exist anymore.”
    I think they do. They are just drowned out by the Jackson’s, the Farrikan’s (sp?) and the Sharpton’s. The three together in a bag would make a nice bag of shit.

    some Liberals don’t understand this isn’t a Knitting Bee.
    And even more give up when they find out it isn’t.

    Where are the Extraordinary Minds that will lead us out of this Darkness?
    Right here. Don’t you read what the hell you write?:) I’ll buy you a damn GPS. You just keep throwing handfuls of shit against the wall, and know I’m beside you every shit splattered inch of the way! Fuck the feel goods. We got work to do! I too, have a dream….

  12. Fuck heroes, we gotta do it ourselves without the bigger then life types who always get killed by assassins anyway.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  13. Congrats on the project. You just explained why I have a problem casting my cards in for Edwards as is so many other people. He seems too much of a nice guy and not enough of the bad, kick some butt kind of person. He let’s his wife run too much of the show as well. Great post and you got me to thinking!

  14. Awesome post! If I weren’t in a crowded computer lab, I seriously would have said “Huzzah!” out loud, or perhaps something else that one might hear at a Renaissance fair.


  15. I admire Helen Thomas and Madeline Albright.

  16. Dan- I don’t really mind Sharpton or even Farrakhan, Jackson not so much.

    Sharpton and Farrakhan have roles to play, and every now and then they something that makes sense.

    I’ve never heard Bush say anything that makes sense.

    I saw Sharpton debate that Christopher Hitchens (Arrogant Prick), and I found myself having a new respect for Sharpton. Hitchens insulted him throughout for being religious, and Al never got defensive or went off on some Holier than Thou diatribe.

    He was very genuine in his belief, and that’s more than I can say for most.

    “Throwing handfulls of shit against the wall?” Are you implying that I’m a monkey?

    Clap- I agree. People (Many people) believe more in “heroes” than they do themselves, but most of our “heroes” don’t deserve to be admired or even respected.

    Sports figures are not role models. They are grown ups playing a game, living in a fantasy world. Politicians are not role models either, for the same reason.

    LT- It makes it difficult does it not? I want to vote, I feel it’s my duty, but who in the Hell do I vote for?

    I don’t see myself in any of those “candidates.”

    Hell, I don’t see anyone in those candidates. At least no one I know.

    HJ- That’s how Revolutions begin. Someone stands and screams at the top of their lungs, “HUZZAH!”

    Generally, confetti is soon to follow, and everyone dons their Berets.

    Mary- Interesting choices.

    I always want Thomas to get up and smack Bush in the head. She’s old and has been around since they invented pencils. She earned the right to get in at least one good shot to the dome.

  17. I agree about Sharpton I saw him on some newstalk Hannity&Homo, i think. Anyway he was basically put on there like a sacrificial lamb to debate his attack on Imus ‘s right to free speech and he put them on the rottisserie, i could see the racist, confused victims in the audience squirming .
    Fairlane I aspire to write that amount of words in the amount of time you did. Congratulations for finishing, I await the day to tackle a project of that size.
    It wasn’t a Wendy’s commercial was it?

    dancy, still trying to invent English

  18. Krishnamurti that fucker! Just one of the myriad reasons I love that fucking Fairlane.

  19. What happened? Greed? Gimme, I want? ME ME ME. Unfortunately I think it has to get way worse before they come back.

  20. Michelle Malkin is an inbred piece of shit who makes a strong argument for retroactive deportation.

    Goddammit, just to see that cunt’s name in print sets me off. All the fucking breaks this country gave to her illegal-immigrant daddy/brother and she still writes that Nazi tripe.

  21. Powerful piece, Fairlane.

    Completing that project seems to have energized you in a way that unleashed he truth.

    We are in a sad state and there doesn’t seem to be much hope offered by potential presidential candidates.

    I think the leadership we seek is out there, too, but it’s buried under corporate media. It’s neutered by a political system that requires tons of money to participate in and it ‘s flattened by the weight of the left over culture wars that has removed all perspective of what really matters in voters’s minds.

  22. I’m resting for a while. But I can comment. Oh yeah, I had to do a post for Harvey; we’ve been close friends for 22 years — I think he mentions in his comment at my place that we saw THE MEKONS together at CBs.

    I liked this post a lot, Fairlane. Especially that you include Malcolm X. Most people are too chicken-shit to do that. I’m Jewish and I have tremendous respect for his intellect and guts.

    I MUST, however, take exception to your comments on Kucinich. “Caps being peeled”? Buddy, I can’t let that go by without a remark because nasty shit pervades the male line of my family. Like “revolution”, violence is not something we joke about. Too much of that shit already. There are things I can’t write about but, perhaps, for your clients in counselling it’s common and carries minimal life risk — not so much in Russian-Jewish-American world.

    I was raised as a peace-lover because of what had to happen to get me to the middle-class. Nobody’s happy about it. Too much guilt and recriminations and what-ifs. Guns and psychopathology may not scare you but they scare me. And my Dad wasn’t the my only older Russian-Jewish mentor who knew about all that who told me that mellowness was better than violence always. And that the best way to avoid trouble was not to do anything wrong. About a year and half ago, I got into a fight with someone outside a club. A YOUNGER Russian-Jewish guy I know who had nothing but trouble got furious with me. He said I was blessed with intelligence, what the fuck did I need to get involved with that shit for? He was right. Of the two hillbillies I know well: The one who went straight is happy. The one who didn’t is up for 20-to-life.

    I think Kucinich represents the apotheosis of that idea. There’s nothing weak about him at all.

    As much respect as I have for you, I think the way you view Kucinich separates you as an “American” from me as “the Other.” You see a physically small man who has utopian ideas and think “pussy”. I see a Serbian-American who had definitely seen his share of shit and saw the light and think “leader”.

    Maybe it’s a SHORT thing; you wouldn’t understand 🙂

  23. Dave- Like I said, I don’t really mind Sharpton too much. He gets off message, but he tries.

    No, it wasn’t a Wendy’s commercial. I won’t write about any food that I refuse to eat.

    Fran- I love Krishnamurti, but damn. He makes things so simple, which they really are, but it’s not that simple.

    Ya know?

    Mary- I sometimes wonder if things have to get worse as well. It seems that Bush is doing his best to make that happen.

    Jolly- I agree. I cannot stand Malkin, and think of all the Wingnuts she’s the one I dislike the most.

    I think it’s because she’s a minority, and whether she realizes it or not she gives the racist base among the GOP, which is significant, ammunition.

    D-Cup- The division among the American people is key. “Us vs. Them.” We’re all being screwed.

    Kelso- I love Malcolm X. I honestly think he is one of the most courageous and intelligent public figures this country has ever produced.

    I think you’re misunderstanding my point about Kucinich.

    Gandhi was a midget, and weighed about 90 pounds from all of the fasting he did. It has nothing to do with physical size.

    Look how easily they push Kucinich aside. Even other Democrats dismiss him. If that can happen within the relative safety of Congress, how the Hell is he going to lead this country through the monumental changes that are necessary?

    I just don’t see it happening. Gandhi stood up against an occupying Empire. Kucinich will barely stand up to Hillary Clinton.

    Kucinich seems to be a very nice man, and a good man, but to be a true leader, the kind of leader that we really need he has to be more than just kind.

    His policy suggestions are wonderful, but in this climate they are never going to happen. America needs serious change, and that is never going to come from a politician. I don’t care how good of a man/woman they might be.

    Anyone who takes on that role has to be willing to put themselves at risk,which means they have to be willing to die.

    I know you don’t live here, but look around Kelso. These people are willing to sacrifice young men and women for greed. You think if anyone ever stepped forward in attempt to bring about real change that they are not going to Pop them or at least try?

    Gandhi- Spoke about unifying India, no more “us vs. them”, POP.

    Martin- Started criticizing Viet Nam, and no more “Us vs. Them” POP

    Malcolm- Returned from Mecca saying no more “Us vs. Them” POP

    You think that’s a coincidence? Why do you think so many poor whites are racist?

    If poor whites and poor blacks and poor Mexicans etc etc ever said, “Hey, wait a minute,” then the entire power structure would crumble.

    Kucinich neither has the power (Personality wise) nor the appeal to ever be such a figure. And it wouldn’t matter if he was 6′ 4″ and weighed 230 pounds.

    It’s just not his nature.

    And I’m not really a “Hillbilly.” I live in an Upper Middle class neighborhood in Louisville, and went to Private Schools my entire life.

    It’s just people assume anyone who is from good old Kentuck is a Hillbilly.

    Why not have fun with the stereotype? YEEEEE HAAAAAWWWWW! Pass the Sterling!

    What I did for a living changed my perspective on a lot of things.

    To give you an idea of some of my family. When I moved to Florida to take a Counseling position, my Uncle asked, “Why would you do that?” after I told him how much (How little actually) they were going to pay me. He couldn’t fathom why anyone would do anything unless a lot of money was involved.

  24. Excellent piece. It says precisely what I have been thinking for some time now. Thanks for putting it down in print.


  25. The heroes? There may be a few still around, standing up for their beliefs and ideals in the daily living.

    We do not see them because their face does not look good on TV. The world only wants to see beautiful people, the wealthy, success is materialistic gains.

    I see my country changing. Young boys and girls want to be “emancipated” like their American counterparts. They no longer are interested in our own history or culture.

    Look at how they are bending over backwards to sign a N-deal with US. It doesn’t matter to them that it would be signing away our sovereignty, our freedom to choose our true friends. They only look for the investments that will flow in, and hope for US to be generous with the green cards for Indians.

    With everyday the world sinks just a bit more into the muck. I honestly do not have any hope of anything getting better, ever.

    Because of us, the ordinary people, who have lost our ability to think, to stand up for our beliefs, to be able to speak out even when afraid.

    The days of the Heroes are gone for good.

  26. I really don’t see where we disagree then, other than I see more good stuff in Kucinich than you do. I don’t even mind that you called him a pussy because to get bent out of shape about that is BlueGal stuff. I like someone who presents opinions forcefully even if I disagree (wait a second…didn’t Malcolm X make a similar speech?).

    You are 100% right that should poor whites, blacks, latins, russians, etc., put aside their differences and fight for change, change will happen. [Tenuous connection alert here] This is why it’s important NOT to get bent out of shape about Michael Vick or Barry Bonds — all that does is benefit the ruling class. The MSM wants white guys who are broke to think that the prevailing order is good because look what happens when you give a nigger a little money….

    I double-plus agree with what your saying to the point that it’s also time for white liberals to realize how many friends they have ON THE RIGHT. For example, I hold no brief for Eric Rudolph, but I found the Weaver Family episode one of the sorrier events of the 1990s. That white liberals could not sympathize disgusted me.

    Speaking of hillbillie (and I only know blue-bloods in your neck of the woods — Barbara Hunter, Seth Hancock, L & T Gentry, Woody Broun (rip)) why are the horrors-of-the-hollars to your north not anything white liberals care about?

    I know you put Kucinich up there to yank my chain, and I get the joke. That’s my kind of humor, too, but the guy in this pack of candidates most deserving of invective is Obama, bar none.

    See you at the Keeneland or Churchill fall meet in 2012. And I’d definitely like to check out whatever the underground Louisville music scene is then, too.

    You know of course, the right youtube to accompany this post would have been The Stranglers’ “No More Heroes.”

  27. FAIRLANE: any chance I could persuade you and/or DistributorCap to guest blog for Kelso’s Nuts while I’m on hiatus? You don’t have to do it every day, but since we are two weird-birds-of-a-feather (with Politics music and insantiy to be sure) and D-CAP is my paisano who totally gets NYC to a fare-the-well.


  28. BAC- I think the key is getting what we think out into the world.

    Little Indian- “The days of the Heroes are gone for good.”

    You may be right. Everyone seems to be waiting for something.

    What that “something” is I have no idea.

    Kelso- Many of those people on the Right are Democrats. If you look at voting registration, the majority of people in the “Red States” continue to be Democrats.

    The two parties traded players. The Dems used to race bait, and now it’s the Reps, but they both pander to the same people.

    And a lot of so-called “Progressives” are racist as well.

    “I’m not racist, my best friend in high school was black. I don’t see color.”

    Unfortunately, most of the world does, and by pretending the world is “colorblind,” and that race doesn’t exist they play right into the hands of the Racists who can say,

    “See, racism doesn’t exist, even the Liberals agree.”

    I’ll have to think about the blog offer. I appreciate the consideration, but I’m having trouble keeping up with this one.

    I’m getting a little burned out.

  29. Very good point about liberal racism (or homophobia or whatever). There is a very simple test when someone says “some of my best friends…” You just ask the person if they do the normal things friends do together like call each other up to shoot the shit, have a beer or dinner or bowl or go fishing or something…” The answer invariably flummoxes them.

  30. // I cannot name one American I consider to be an Extraordinary Person//

    hmmmmm…. but then, from your previous re-post…

    //I was reading “Marvin K. Mooney” by Dr. Seuss to my daughter last night, //

    That is the point when we can all begin to become extraordinary Americans.

    Make sure you try a little Steven Kellogg with her too. And some Chris Van Allsburg.

    It is never too soon to train extraordinary Americans.

  31. I’d suggest some George Orwell too.. Animal Farm always remains in fashion.

  32. we do exist
    so drink cheers to us

  33. Well Fairlane I just wanted to say that Dennis Kucinich was the only guy with balls enough to pursue impeachment, against all odds. Nice guys don’t do that.

    Yea I know, he looks kind of weird, and the UFO thing but still…

    And yea I know, the music at the convention sucks, it’s like an old Steve Martin routine about the white guy trying to be hep, but stil….

    BTW, thanks for getting back with me about plugging Between The Lines in New York to raise funds for the veterans.

  34. Wonderful post, but Kucinich did almost take a bullet while the mayor of Cleveland. He went against some corporate thugs who were pressing him to privatize the city’s electric or power services. The only reason he wasn’t assassinated is because an ulcer exploded less than an hour he was to give a public speech. In the next election, he lost because his opponent had a ton of campaign funding – probably from the mob. He made a comeback though, and as you know, submitted Articles of Impeachment for the Bush Pirates this summer.

    He wasn’t the first to do this. Rep. Cynthia McKinney did it in 2006, after her comeback from being demonized by the press for daring to question what really happened on 9/11, who knew it and when did they know it. She was Presidential nominee for the Green Party this summer, but I have not heard anyone in the broadcast news or even the liberal Huffington Post mention her name ONCE.

    Fairlane, there are many heroes in this country. We live under the thumb of a Police-like State who has it’s claws in media. They are slickly packaged as pussies, wimps, and fruitcakes, or even snuffed out in dubious suicide cases if they get too close to the truth in a threatening manner. If Ghandi were alive today, for example, he’d be presented as a mental patient and ignored, or conveniently hospitalized, pushed into a ‘free speech zone’, maybe declared a criminal or terrorist, or perhaps threatened with his life and that of his family or die from strange circumstances. Even Mandela, a man who fought for peace and paid the price of years of prison yet later made a helluva comeback, was still on the terrorist watch list until the past year.

    I ain’t telling you how to pick your heroes, but to be on guard of buying into the PR hype that folks who’ve worked courageously aren’t worth kudos.

  35. Kit about covered it. There are people doing ‘heroic’ work or whatever label you want to slap on it, but the media won’t talk about them. ‘If you want inspiration, go to the movies or turn on the tube.’

  36. FAIRLANE: DR STEPHENS is one of my heroes. He often refers to writing in his own name for president. If he ever takes a notion to run for anything, I would gladly play the role of Vernon Jordan to Torrance’s Bill Clinton.

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