Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton: Is This a Sign of Progress? And in Related News, a Five Year Old Boy in Mississippi, Yawns

All this talk about “Progress” because Hillary, and Obama were/are in the Presidential Race, is really Starting to Piss Me Off.

What “Progress?”

We’ll have real “Progress” when a Presidential Hopeful has this answer-

“Dead Kennedys”

To this question-

“Whatta you listening to on your IPod?”

Until that day, it’s more of the SAME.

Oh, any, and all Hillary supporters Vowing to Vote for Mc Thuselah-

If you really want to make a statement, how ’bout voting for an INDEPENDENT?

Supporting Four More Years of Chimpy only Proves the Shillary Critics were Right about Her (Wingnut in Wolf’s Clothing), and You (IDIOTS)!

Oh (Addendum), don’t you Obama supporters go, and get All Cheeky-

The Democratic Party is about to do something no other Political Party has ever done in the History of the Human Race-

Lose to an opponent, in 3 Consecutive Elections, with the Standing I.Q. of a Fucking Llama.

Son of a Fucking Bitch!


~ by fairlane on August 30, 2008.

10 Responses to “Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton: Is This a Sign of Progress? And in Related News, a Five Year Old Boy in Mississippi, Yawns”

  1. Bah. When a candidate says Reign In Blood, THEN I’ll know we’ve arrived at a truly progressive age.

    I was going to make a lame Emerson, Lake and Palin joke but thought better of it.

  2. I love Jello Biafra but does it count that I have ‘Bonzo Goes To Bittburg’ on my ipod?

  3. But I want to get cheeky! Okay, not really. Well, yes. Um. The Dead Who?

    Go progress!

    (I’m so so so sick of politics – can we just throw away our votes now?)

  4. it think we’re joined in an ideological cuddle Fairlane….

  5. Randy- You CHEEKY BASTARD.

    The Cheney’s played “Reign in Blood,” at their wedding.

    Truth in Advertising

  6. Hilary supporters voting for McCain??? Are they RETARDED? I’ll take that as a YES.

    Jesus F. Christ!

  7. really Scarlet Blue…. i agree…. how someone who was seriously support Hillary could cross to McCain is incomprehensible. they’d have to be totally oblivious to the dichotomous ideologies involved here.

  8. Hey, I got ghostie to write something! 😉

  9. just the turn of a friendly card for you my friend…..

  10. ROFL! Yeah, the two parties of the apocalypse and their syphilitic co-joined twin clebdidates SUCK!

    Try this video, it spells out why our country has gone to hell in a hand basket, and what YOU can do to fix it:

    The scientifically impossible I do right away

    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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