How Is It the Wingnuts Get to Frame the Debate (And Why Are Liberals Such Wussies?)

I’ve reached a point in my life where I’ve almost given up on asking,

“What Has to Happen Before People Finally Wake Up?”

It’s part of the reason I’m semi-retired from blogging, and why my last couple of posts were merely a shadow of my Former Self.

I’m tired, frustrated, and I’m Bored.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve engaged in a Debate about Sarah Palin, and her Unwed, Pregnant Daughter.

The gist of the Debate was/is- How Far is Too Far, and is Winning Worth Sacrificing Your Principles?

To be honest, I was, and remain Perplexed by such a Debate.

After all, we’re not talking about a Baseball Game, and whether or not it’s okay to use Steroids in order to Hit a couple of Extra Homeruns or Cheating at a Game of Cards to win a $50 Pot.

We’re talking about the Future of this Country, and maybe it’s the Wingnut in me, but my Philosophy is-

Cover Your Cap, Bitches or it might Get Peeled Back.

Within the debate, there were several people who agreed with me, and they agreed that Palin isn’t just an Example of Hypocrisy, but an Example of the Abject Failure, and Inherent Danger of the Wingnut Ideology and therefore, she, and her family are Fair Game.

Unfortunately, the Majority of people involved felt We should “Take the High Road.”

“The High Road?”

I can’t help but feel that most people who make such statements do so not out of Honest Belief, but because it makes them Feel Superior.

“Winning isn’t enough for me to Sacrifice My Principles.”

“Principles” are more important than the Future of Our Country?

Doesn’t that sound like something an Unprincipled Person would say?

On some level, I understand.

For example, I’m a Vegetarian. I don’t Eat Meat, Period. I gave up meat not because I’m some kind of Health Nut, but because I believe our way of Slaughtering Animals is not only Brutal, but Symptomatic of just how Sick this Society really is.

However, if I ever got stranded on a Desert Island, and the Only Thing to Eat was Lizard, you can bet your ass I’d be Eating the Shit out of Some Lizard.



Principles are nothing more than Beliefs; Feelings, and Thoughts.

And the Majority of them are Subject to Change.

Life, on the Other hand?

You’re either Alive or Your Not.

Personally, I prefer being Alive.

Life is the overriding Principle, or at least, It Should Be.

Now, of course, the Histrionic among us will say-

“I guess you’d eat a baby if it meant your selfish ass would survive.”

Don’t you hate those kind of people?

To answer, I’ll say this,

“If it was your baby, there’s a Distinct Possibility I’d at least consider it.”

Seriously, I don’t even kill Spiders (To Bella’s Chagrin).

This is what happens when you deal with the “Either/Or People.”

You know them, you’ve met them, debated with them, they live on Both Sides of the Aisle.

And in their World, everything is Black and White; Cut and Dry.

If you refuse to Swallow it All Down, they Assume you’re a “Baby Killer,” a “Commie,” or a “Fascist” because, obviously, if you weren’t, you’d be begging for Seconds.

The Purely Orthodox.

They are our True Enemies.

Think about this-

If a person says-

“I’ll fight because I know (Insert Name) is Hellbent on Destroying Us, but…I’ll only go so far because I have Principles.

In essence, are they not really saying-

“I’m not willing to cross the line, but I am willing to Capitulate to someone who will?”

In other words, by refusing to Sacrifice their Principles are they not Sacrificing their Principles?

If you won’t fight your enemy to the death, regardless, you are allowing your Enemy to Win, and as a Consequence, the Principles you Held so Dearly Die Along with You.

“He held onto his Dignity until the Very End?”

Great, but what about those he Left Behind?

What about his Children, Friends, Family?

“Yeah, he sure did, and because his only concern was holding onto his Dignity, his Family ended up Dead in a Ditch.”

I know I’m being Extreme, but I honestly believe we are at Crossroads in this Country’s History.

Eventually, we will not be able to Turn Back.

We simply cannot Follow the Wingnut Way any longer, and, unfortunately, the only “Opposition” we have at this point are the Democrats (Christ, just typing that makes me long for a Vicodin, and a shot of some Cheap Kentucky Whiskey).

Tonight, in his Speech, Mc Cain reached out to the Wingnuttiest of the Wingnuts in only Three Words.

“The Supreme Court.”

Now, I’m not talking about the Idiotic debate over Abortion.

No, the issue of “Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice” is a misnomer, and it doesn’t even come close to touching what’s really going on, or, at least, the Potentiality.

For those of you who remember, I’ve written about this issue before, and you can view my old posts here, and here, if you’d like.

Tonight, I’ll just Summarize.

Sarah Palin is a “Pro-Lifer” in every Sense of the Word. Forget her Pregnant Daughter, and Forget the Hypocrisy.

As Bruce said over at Tengrain’s

“Evidence isn’t a big factor for this crowd. Beliefs are what matter.”

She believes in Abstinence Only Education, No Abortions, She is Anti-Birth Control, Anti-Gay Marriage, and Anti-Stem Cell Research.

Now, take all of these Issues, and Add Them Together.

1) Embryos are declared Human Beings.

2) Abortions would immediately become Illegal, and anyone receiving one or performing one could potentially be charged with Murder.

3) Birth Control, and the Morning After Pill become Illegal (Many Wingnuts consider both to be “Abortifacients”).

4) As part of the “Pro-Life” agenda, Sex Education is replaced with “Abstinence Only” Programs (Chimpy has already implemented some of this through “The No Child Left Behind Act”).

5) Gay Marriage is Outlawed. Sodomy laws are put back on the Books, which, in essence makes Homosexual Sex (Between Males at least), Illegal.

6) The Government is now in the Business of Regulating Sex.

I understand this is “Out There,” and I’m not trying to be Paranoid. I don’t think this will happen, but, then again, in 2000, I said-

“No way that Fucking Idiot gets Elected. He doesn’t even speak English.”

And then, in 2004-

“No way that Fucking Idiot gets Re-Elected. He’s running this country into the Ground.”

And then, about six months ago-

“No way the Fucking Wingnuts win this Year. There’s simply no Fucking Way. The Democrats could actually Run a Donkey, and Still Win” (Mc Cain will most likely be leading in the Polls after Tonight).

Here’s the Reality.

If the Wingnuts were able to have an Embryo declared a “Human Being,” everything I laid out has to Follow. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make any sense Legally.

If an Embryo is a “Human Being,” anything that interferes with its ability to survive must be Outlawed.

Throw in the Wingnut stance on Gay Marriage, and Sex Education, and you have the Wingding Trifecta.

Would Americans stand for it?

Well, I don’t know, hence my original Question-

What Has to Happen Before People Finally Wake Up?

This is War, not some Fucking Hippie Love Fest.

There’s a Reason the “Movement” Failed so Horribly-

Most Hippies became Yuppies, and those that didn’t were Utterly Dismissed.

Tonight, I’m Channeling my Inner Malcolm-

By any means Necessary.

~ by fairlane on September 5, 2008.

20 Responses to “How Is It the Wingnuts Get to Frame the Debate (And Why Are Liberals Such Wussies?)”

  1. My only quibble with this post is, if you’re going to be doing shots in the wake of our impending doom, you owe it to yourself to get the good stuff. No cheap hooch. Can’t take it with you.

  2. SHit! I already had my coffee and donuts for friday. What Randal said. No cheap beer, no cheap booze. I already had a taste of cheap politicians, fucking idiots, and morality maggots.
    Good booze. It goes better with good writing.

    You deserve some GREAT booze.

  3. i have been trying to figure that out for the longest

  4. Democrats are feeding at the same teat as Repugnicans. That’s the short answer. So they can’t wholeheartedly oppose wingnuttery, which is firmly backed by corporate power.
    If they want to win, though, they need to say “Republican” over and over again. Not just “McCain.” They have to run against Republican rule in general, and they need to list a different outrage or scandal every day. It’s not hard. There are hundreds of them.

  5. I love it when the reality (teens fucking) clash with the ideal. No Child Left Behind.
    Bill Maher spoke eloqently on the subject . To paraphrase: “The no child left behind act with its abstinence only sex education has created a legion of apple cheeked porn stars who would rather suck dick or get fucked in the ass than sacrifice their virginity.
    Heavy shit huh. I think we have choice between the ghetto and the trailer when it comes to our presidential sensibiities.
    Personally I have always preferred the hood.

  6. I can attest to the fact that you don’t kill spiders. Remember when you liberated that spider from my basement? WELL, he just came RIGHT back, and I had to shoot him with an elephant gun from the top of the stairs. Thanks so much.

    Yes, peops keep taking the high road and keep getting fvcked.

  7. Thoughtful post, Fairlane. I’ll point out though that GWB did not win the 2004 election. It was stolen.

    If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears or sees this when it happens and ignores the fallen tree, does this mean it didn’t happen and doesn’t exist?

    This is the problem with us thinking that Americans don’t care and don’t protest. Thousands have this week alone in Minnesota (just google RNC and protesters), and then you’ll realize they get minimal TV media coverage to give the illusion that everything is peach-keen with the public. They have risked tear gas, billy clubs, and arrest. With the wire-tapping FISA law in place, it might not be too long before bloggers risk arrest. Will you be blogging then? Will I? Will many of us?

    Or will we be too scared?

  8. Wow! What a post Fairlane. Don’t go into full retirment man, we need you out here.

  9. interesting argument Farilane……. but as far as you know, the high-road it is…… beating on “the mom with 5 kids” doesn’t play well in Peoria, that’s one of the qualities for which she was picked……..

    i do agree with you, i think……. i don’t in any way equate the Democratic and Republican Partys. the Democrats remain a “normal” center-left-center-right Liberal Democratic political party.

    the Republicans on the other hand have become a totally rightist (read: Corporate Plutocrats combined with Authoritarian Theocrats that seek to concentrate power in the Executive Branch, focus governmental power on eroding individual liberty while restraining any governmental role in regulation and oversight of “free global market corporate enterprise”) phenomenon in American politics that must be stopped at all cost in order to literally save America.


  10. Kit’s right. I know there really are a lot of dumb Americans but I think the overall plan that’s been in place for a while now is to encourage hysteria in the media then sneak in the back way to alter election results in a few key states. Voter caging is going on in Ohio again right now.

  11. Great post Fairlane. Dead fucking on. I remember John Kerry “taking the high road” with those swift boat assholes. My thought was that he should have hired a high priced law firm and sue those mfers for everything they had and then some. Because a lot of people didn’t see him as taking the high road, rather they assumed that it must be somewhat true otherwise he’d sue (or otherwise make their lives miserable). I want to see the democrats fight. And I mean no gloves, street fighting. The republicans are classic bullies who will continue to lie, cheat and steal until someone finally confronts them. And then they will crumble, like most bullies.

  12. The “High Road” is a Euphemism for “I’m afraid, oh, and I’m also a tad lazy.”

    It’s also pretty fucking stupid.

    You don’t tell your enemies beforehand, “I’ll only go so far. If you push beyond that, I’m out. I quit.”

    So, what do the Wingnuts do?

    Fuck pushing it to the limit, they Begin at the “Limit.”

  13. Great post.

    “This is War, not some Fucking Hippie Love Fest” is going to be my mantra/bumper sticker for the next eight weeks.

  14. I see it like this – we can keep losing with dignity or we can win.

  15. fairlane: I have to admit that I was stunned by the choice of Biden as VP (and not in a good way). But when he mentioned how his mother told him that if a bully intimidated him he should make sure to bloody his nose, I thought if he does that, I will support him. Fighting back–twice as hard–is the only thing that works with bullies.

  16. You know that is the argument that the Bush administration used to invade the Middle East–that we had to go to war with “them” because they hated our “freedoms” and yet we have lost many of our freedoms in the process. The ends justified the means is the basic premise and I do not agree.

    However there are points where we can agree–“For example, I’m a Vegetarian. I don’t Eat Meat, Period. I gave up meat not because I’m some kind of Health Nut, but because I believe our way of Slaughtering Animals is not only Brutal, but Symptomatic of just how Sick this Society really is”–yes, I also don’t eat meat because I refuse to eat “concentration camp” animals.

  17. O’Tim- If you don’t mind, I’d like one of those.

    DCup- Get on board for the “Big Win.”

    Pissed- That reminds me of something a friend of mine once told me.

    He was a martial arts instructor in the Army, and he said, “Bullies never expect people to fight back. That’s their power, and that’s why bullies always search for the Weak Link. The best way to deal with bullies is, before they can do/say shit, crack them as hard as you can in the nose or kick them with all your might in the balls. Even if you don’t physically disable them, you will create the same doubt in them that they look for in others.”

    Lib- I understand your argument, and in most situations, I’d agree.

    However, this isn’t your run of the mill situation. It is very possible to fight “No Holds Barred” without letting go of your principles. In fact, sometimes fighting with all your might is the only way to preserve them.

    Saddam was not a threat. That was Propaganda.

    These people, without a Modicum of Doubt, Are.

    “Each time I hit a key
    on my electric typewriter,
    speaking of peaceful trees

    another village explodes.”

    Margaret Atwood

  18. “What Has to Happen Before People Finally Wake Up?”

    I share your sentiment. I’ve been waiting for the last few years for a rebellion to start somewhere in meatspace. But it can’t seem to escape the blogosphere. I’m finally seeing signs of it at the convention. If Dems loved guns as much as Republicans, would we have seen armed insurrection? I don’t know what you think of Keith Olberman, but his “special comments” have been the rare moments of heartfelt outrage I’ve seen on a national network (until Comcast pulled the plug on MSNBC).

    At what point do we walk away from the comforts of going with the flow and tell our loved ones that the system has failed and we have to take back our country at any cost?

  19. FAIRLANE: I wrote a similar piece today. And you know I’ve always been with you on the War v Hippie Love Fest thing. The Democrats and the MSM may love things just the way they are, but somehow I feel safer surrounded by the steelwool of Presidente Martin Torrijos, Presidenta to be Balbina Herrera, Presidente Hugo Chavez, President Vladimir Putin and PM Dmitriy Medvedev.

    Democrats won’t even raise a voice in protest. Meanwhile, those folks have stuck it up Bush’s ass at every opportunity.

    Never thought I’d be in a position in which I’d be scared of the US Armed Forces and grateful for Russian forces 200 miles to the South, but so it goes…

  20. fairlane..sorry for getting to this so late, but the dead have no principles.

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