The Wingnuts Went to Minnesota, and All They Brought Me Was a Glass of Kool-Aid

Oh, the Wingnuts.

God Love’em, because I sure as Hell Don’t.

Why is it, that with each passing day this election is beginning to feel more, and more like 2004 or is it, 1984?

Obama’s appeal was/is, “Change.”


The Wingnuts are the “Instruments of Change.”

Think about that for a Moment.

I come into your home, and Fuck Shit Up. I mean, the Damage is so Thorough, so Complete, you’d need a Fucking Electron Microscope to see its Full Extent.

And, then?

A few weeks later I knock at your door offering myself up as the only person who can Repair the Damage.

But that’s not the worst part.

The Worst Part is-

You Believe Me, and Let Me In.

If Mc Thuselah, and Mc PALL-in are “Instruments of Change,” I’m next in line to Replace Miss Manners.

We know the Average Wingnut resides in Bizarro World.

This is Common Knowledge-

But how in the Fuck do they continue to convince so Many to Renew Their Passports?

You know, People in Comas don’t always Wake Up.


~ by fairlane on September 8, 2008.

15 Responses to “The Wingnuts Went to Minnesota, and All They Brought Me Was a Glass of Kool-Aid”

  1. Great take!! — and that only 1 piece of the pie. There are only 3 types of people who should vote the McBush Ticket…
    #1 – Those who make MORE than a quarter mil a year…
    #2 – Those who complete f-ing racists, and admit it…
    #3 – Those who are clinically insane (aka, the neo-con religious right, who vote on the pro-life issue and don’t even understand the f-ing question! — It’s NOT whether you are pro-life or pro-choice…It’s whether you think YOUR GOVERNMENT should give you that freedom (It’s funny how they claim to be for smaller government, but just can’t seem to stay out of people’s business).
    Yep, America is sure full of stupid people…and organized religion isn’t helping the matter…

  2. Miss manners you ain’t, you choice of the f-bomb speaks volumes of your wisdom and depth of understanding facts. when short
    of substance f bomb them. In case you have been awol obama, binden, clinton and McCain all have been in congress during this mess. talk is cheap but actions take guts

  3. Last I checked, the Wingnuts were in control of the White House, and Congress the overwhelming majority of the time.

    “Talk is cheap.”

    I agree. I’d say your comment is worth about 30 cents.

    Do you want that in nickels, dimes, pennies or some combination of the three?

  4. What a fucking mess. I wish I could be reassured by the fact that the Obama campaign has a strong grassroots set up, but I’m just not feeling secure about it. We’ve been beaten by these fuckers twice now, nothing feels secure.

  5. // talk is cheap but actions take guts //

    I think you overvalued the comments. I would go a dime. Fuck it, all! I think you are spot on…. I really love the McCain ads that say Obama will tax us…… well, shit&whiskers…. the War is costing Billions…. how the fuck does someone think that bill will be paid? The Bush admin runs up a debt that is almost lunar and the next Repub running for the office offers more SPENDING on the WAR….. and no plan to pay for it…. and they accuses a slight Dem majority of SPENDING….. good thing I gave up Kool-aid for Beer! Gosh, darn nab-it! Aw, fuck.

  6. so…. here’s an idea….. let’s put the village idiots in charge and see what happens!

    vote Republican…… because you really are that stupid……

  7. “You Believe Me, and Let Me In.”

    I don’t think I’ve heard it put better.

    And ghostdansing, I am making a bumper sticker of that. I wonder how much damage my car could take from angry wingnuts.

  8. I renewed my passport this summer. Because I sleep better knowing that I have it, that’s why.

  9. Miss Manners, may I have a Kool-Aid refill, please?

  10. The MSM is really pulling out all the stops to talk about the two “mavericks” who together account for somewhere between 7 and 13% of all white collar crime in the US.

    People who tuen off KAtie Couric, turn on their minds.

  11. You guys wanna keep it down, I’m trying to watch teevee.

  12. My mother is practically frothing at the mouth about how CNN and the other MSM (which I don’t watch) are focusing on McCain’s noble war history and Palin the WonderWoman ad nauseum. I really fear for this country if these two get elected. And they are pulling out all the stops to do the same thing the GOP did in the last two elections. I agree, it is like 1984, the way they switch things around.

  13. That was good.

  14. Was that cyanide flavored Koolaid?

  15. Ah…change. The word that fixes everything.

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