And God Gave…

Unto Mc Noah

The Rainbow Sign

No More Water,

The Palin Next Time


~ by fairlane on September 9, 2008.

8 Responses to “And God Gave…”

  1. // And God Gave //

    Just goes to show ya, even God (iffen he exists) can have an off day. Or is it, even an off day can have a God? I am confused. I think I need an off day. Or maybe more coffee. I did have a God, once, but it didn’t work out. God cheats at Monopoly.

  2. In case, you were unaware, the original verse is-

    “And God gave unto Noah, the rainbow sign. No more water, the Fire next time.”

    Palin is one of those “The End is Nigh” loons.

  3. At least you didn’t finish up with “…rock and roll to you.”

  4. // In case, you were unaware //

    Nope. I never read that book. I was caught unawares. Damn, I was even caught Tupper Wares.

    Palin is a fucking idiot. I still cannot believe they put her on a ticket. Sorry I didn’t get the quote. God and I have not been on speaking terms since the Monopoly fiasco. But I did get to keep the ‘Get out of Hell-Free’ Card.

  5. I’ve never actually read “That book” either. Although, I did attend Catholic schools for nine years.

    I got it from James Baldwin’s “The Fire Next Time,” which is a must read.

    To be honest, I’m not positive that line is originally from the Bible.

  6. Palin looks exactly like a real life Peggy Hill.



  7. OK. Ya I did the Catholic school thing for eight. They scared the religion right outa me!

    I prefered Heinlein and Edgar Rice Burroughs for my science fiction. They were more realistic than the bible. I haven’t read that Baldwin. thanks for the heads-up.

  8. is painting lips on pigs with lipstick actually the symbolic expression of doubt and lack of confidence in a failed and decayed Republican Party?

    john the revelator
    John the Revelator
    put him in an elevator
    take him up to the highest high.
    Take him up to the top
    Where the mountains stop
    Let him tell his book of the lies.
    John the Revelator
    He’s a smooth operator
    Its time we cut him down the size.
    Take him by the hand
    Put him on the stand
    Let us hear his alibis
    By claiming a god
    as his holy right
    he’s stealing a god
    from the iraelites
    he stealing a god
    from the muslims too.
    There is only one god through and through
    seven lies
    multiplied by seven
    multiplied by seven again
    seven angels
    with seven trumpets
    send them home
    on the morning train
    well who’s that shouting
    John the Revelator…..

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