Nico Serenades the Palin Faithful

Femme Fatale


~ by fairlane on September 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “Nico Serenades the Palin Faithful”

  1. Interesting Blog!!!!! Check out my blog, I posted a video that shows a trailer to the Sarah Palin’s movie. here’s the link

  2. Admit it, you just want her to take you moose hunting, dontcha.

  3. some folks will never learn

  4. absolutely fabulous never fail us. great find.

    strange days ….indeed.

    signed –

    another Hockey mom from Alaska

  5. It’s great to blog and comment again, I really missed it, but all this just wore me out.
    I do not know where McCains head is at right now, but I am sure if you take a look around to his back side you will find it.

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