My Presidential Debate Observations

I’ve watched the debate twice now, and I can’t move beyond one particular issue. No matter how hard I try.

Here it is-

I find it Very Upsetting that Mc Cain OBVIOUSLY went out of his way to never look at Obama.

Obama would turn to Mc Cain, address him, and Mc Cain would continue to look straight ahead. And when it was Mc Cain’s turn to address Obama, same thing: Eyes, face, body Straight Ahead.

No doubt it was a Conscious Decision.

Whether Mc Cain intended it this way or not, he was essentially sending Obama a message-

You are so Beneath Me, I can’t even Look You in the Face.

But more than that.

You don’t have a right to Look Me in the Face.

This latter Implication is the one I find most Potentially Disturbing.

At one time in our Nation’s history, as many of you are aware, it was a Major No-No for a Black Person to look a White in the Eyes.

Looking a person in the face, and they returning the favor is an Acknowledgment that the two Parties are Equals/Human Beings. Blacks were not Human Beings. They were Property, and they had No Right to look into a White Person’s Face.

In some parts of the country, doing so could get a Person or Persons Killed.

I’m not saying Mc Cain is Racist, I don’t think he is, which is why I was initially so Surprised. Nor do I think he intended his actions to be interpreted that way.

I think John Mc Cain is a Prick, and he was doing nothing more than being himself last night.

Having said that, let’s be Truthful.

The Republicans cannot win without support from Racists, and they know they are Especially fired up for this Election because the Democrats are not just talking about helping minorities this time.

This time they’re actually running a “Nigger.”

We’ve all seen the Polls that say Obama may lose simply because he’s Black. We’ve all read the comments in the Blogosphere, seen the Chain Emails that make Outrageous Allegations against Obama.

Hell, there are even “Liberals” who jumped on the Cracker Wagon right alongside the Wingnuts.

In fact, there’s a certain “Liberal” blogger in our little circle that’s such a Nasty Bitch of a Hillary Supporter  she’s resorted to occasionally Parroting some of the same Coded Racist Lingo in the aforementioned Emails-

If Obama wins, he’ll give the money from the Faith Based Initiative to Extremist Black Churches.

Some of you know of whom I speak, and if you’ve never seen one of these Emails, look them up, and cross check.

A Pretty Face doesn’t conceal the fact that the person in question, is a Vicious Asshole.

Back to the Debate-

Regardless of his “Reasoning,” I find Mc Cain’s behavior Insulting, and Unbecoming of a Presidential Candidate.

I don’t care if he Likes Obama or not. Hell, I’m not sure I like Obama.

But I’m not running for President.

The next President is, to say the least, going to find himself in a Very Tough Situation. He’ll have to deal with people he doesn’t like, even people he despises. He’s going to be forced to eat a handful of shit now, and again because- Chimpy really Fucked the Place Up.

And to see Mc Cain standing at that Podium acting like a Goddamned Five Year Old, was Disgraceful.

How do you think Vladamir Putin would respond to such a Slight?

I hardly think he would be anywhere near as Gracious as Obama.

This is a perfect example of Mc Cain’s Mental Makeup.

He’s Immature, and Vindictive.

He thinks Obama “Stole His Thunder,” and he Resents the Hell Out of Him.

After all, he was Shot Down, and spent Five plus Years in a POW Camp.

He shouldn’t even have to go through the Electoral Process. We should just Appoint him, and get on with it.

I know the Wingnuts will defend him.

I’ve already read one “Conservative” who said-

It’s no Big Deal.

Nothing is a “Big Deal” to these Assholes. Unless of course, it somehow interferes with the “Free Market” or challenges their Religion.

But if it’s “No Big Deal,” why did Mc Cain do it?

Obviously he was attempting to convey some kind of Message to Obama, the American People or Both.

Does he have Low Self-Esteem?

Was he afraid to look at Obama because Obama makes him feel Inadequate?

If so, that should Disqualify him as well.

We just went through Eight Years with a Self-Loathing President.

No, Mc Cain is not a Stupid Man.

And He Knew Exactly what he Was Doing.

What makes his actions all the more Disgusting is how he was treated by the GOP (His own Party) during the 2000 Presidential Primaries.

The same people for whom he now carries the Torch are the same people who sent out Emails claiming Mc Cain fathered an “Illegitimate Black Baby.”

They’re the same people who Slandered the “War Hero,” and “Former POW” by calling him a “Coward,” and a “Traitor,” and who implied his time as a POW drove him insane.

They even went so far as to compare him to the “Manchurian Candidate.”

And now?

Now, he has Absolutely Zero issue with using those same kind of Tactics.

He should be Ashamed, but I know he won’t be.

Remorse or a display of Conscience is considered a sign of Weakness in Wingnuttia.

You know, the more I watch the Wingnuts in Action-

Eh, Fuck’em.


~ by fairlane on September 27, 2008.

14 Responses to “My Presidential Debate Observations”

  1. It was bizarre. Obama was very cordial, addressing McCain as “John” (which no doubt frosted his flakes). Obama also did an excellent job in retort to McCain’s several “he just doesn’t understand” comments. And on that same note – very conspicuous, constant use of the third person instead of the second By McCain. Jim Lehrer was fishing hard but McCain didn’t bite.

  2. The man is contemptible. The fact that the election hinges on the intelligence of a large part of the population I find frightening.

  3. That really bothered me as well. McCain’s smarmy and mocking attitude was insulting. I wanted Obama to walk over to him, slap him upside the head and say, “Look at me when I’m talking to you, you old ass honky bitch!”
    McCain is a liar, a hypocrite, and a crusty old douche.

  4. The entire political formula is f’d up and not what you would HOPE it is. In my area the strongest support seems to go to McCain and it is “frightening” to hear these peoples point of view. Not a lot of deep thought behind it. I’m sad to say that what it boils down to is racism though it’s not worded that way. On a more hopeful note one McCain supporter said they would leave the country should Obama win. There’s an idea.

  5. The eye contact thing was bizarre and you explain it well. I figured that his handlers had told McCain to not make eye contact so that he could control himself better.

    Yesterday his minions were using the silly line “he looked at Obama once and could see right through him….blah de blah, blah.” That’s all they could come up with? Pathetic.

    He’s a crude, incurious, power-hungry, angry, mean man. I don’t want him anywhere near the presidency.

  6. Could see right through him? McCain has x-ray vision? That lucky bastard!

    The fact that you watched it twice proves either your iron will or your eternal lunacy. Unless you made a game out of it, which you sort of did.

  7. funny how much body language and visual changes the debate — i listened more than watched and it was a different experience.

    this will haunt mccain – watch him overcompensate next time — and it will be even more bizarre

    (i owe you some posts – i know)

  8. //not saying Mc Cain is Racist//

    I will. I do not think HE could be a POW for five years in Nam without being a racist. McCain has never called an Asian a gook?

    Ya, right, ana I’m Sweet Jimm from Sunnybrook Farm!
    I would love to have someone ask him how he feels to be running against a black man for Prez….. just to hear his sphincter loose and hear the racisms gush forth. could be fun, just saying.

  9. I’m more stunned you watched it twice. I couldn’t watch it once.



  10. I agree, I think he very deliberately did this and it does imply racism. Even if it didn’t, it was disrespectful. I used to know a couple who were breaking up and if they ended up at the same social event one of them refused to acknowledge the existence of the other, even if she said hello or something. Basically this is what John McCain was doing. His actions had such a depth of immaturity and contempt that I can’t believe anyone would want to vote for this man. But of course I say that every time. I still can’t believe they re-elected Bush in 2004. Once, you can be fooled. But twice? Sigh…

  11. I thought he was just too old and stiff to turn his head.

  12. // But I’m not running for President. //

    SEE! Another thing that is WRONG in AMERICA!

  13. You know…I wasn’t even paying attention to the eye contact part of the debate, but now that I think about it, I can totally see that dynamic taking place and being done deliberately. Personally, I was too busy rolling my eyes when McCain continued to call himself a maverick, even after Obama pointed out that he voted with President Bush’s initiatives 90% of the time.

    I just don’t think Obama was forceful enough with McCain. It would have been great to see him step out from behind the podium and say “Look at me when I talk to you, you cracker-ass, cracker, muthafucka!”

  14. Ten- I watched it twice because I’m trying, Lord knows I’m trying, to give myself an excuse to vote for Obama (Even if it makes no difference in this “Red State.” Mc Cain-57% Obama-43%)

    Sparty- I kept thinking the same exact thing-

    “Confront the mother fucker. Make him explain himself. Get him ANGRY.”

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