Sarah Palin: Pitbull or Dimwit?

(With special thanks to my homie Tengrain)

Okay, did you watch the video?

Right, I understand, sit there for a moment, and catch your breath. I’ll sum up.

During the debate, John Mc Cain took Barack Obama to task for discussing his plans in regard to Pakistan. He said  you “Never Announce” what you’re going to do ahead of time, and that by doing so, Obama revealed just how Naive, and Inexperienced he is. He was very Adamant about his Position on the matter,

You Never Do It!



Sarah Palin, in response to a Voter’s Question, lays out the Mc Cain/Palin plan for dealing with Pakistan, which is exactly the Same as Barack’s Plan.

Let’s put this into Context.

Obama makes his statement during a Debate. A Debate, by the way, between the Two Presidential Candidates.

Sarah Palin makes her statement at a Political Rally.

Obama is answering a question asked by a Moderator at a Debate.

Palin is answering a question shouted out by Floyd at a Pep Rally.

So, let me get this straight.

It’s “Wrong Headed” to make said statement in a Debate, during which the Candidates are Supposed to explain the specifics of their Platforms to the American People?

But it’s “Perfectly Fine” to Scream Out your positions as long as they’re sure to get a “Hoo-Rah” from an audience that Foams at the Mouth any time it hears even a Peep about War?

Remember, when Barack made his statement, Mc Cain pointed out that it was yet another reason why Obama should not be elected.

He said it was “Dangerous.”

However, his response after hearing that his Idiot Running Mate did the same thing?

Gotcha Journalism

You see, America, No One, and I mean No One on the Face of this Earth, has a Right to Question the Wingnuts.

This isn’t “Gotcha Journalism.”

This is-

Look, you said making such a statement is a Sure Fire Indicator that the Speaker is Unfit for Office, and I’m just asking an Obvious, Pertinent Question.

Did you mean what you said?

Again, no “Gotcha.”

Has Mc Cain already forgotten how delicately Couric handled his “Soul Mate” in their first interview? If she was a “Gotcha Journalist,” she could have easily Exacerbated the Situation, and made Palin look like even more of a Fucking Fool.

Nope, I’d hardly call Couric a “Gotcha Journalist.”

We, the American People, have a RIGHT to know if the Candidates mean what they say, and say what they mean.

Especially when a Situation comes up that brings the Integrity of Their Words into Question.

I understand that the “Hypocrisy” Issue has become a Game, but that, despite the Wingnut Cry Babying, doesn’t lessen the FACT that Hypocrisy is Important.

Mc Cain made a very Bold accusation against Obama, and left himself without any Leeway.

That’s his Own Dumbass Fault.

He can’t renege now simply because the Twit on His Ticket doesn’t know how or when to Shut Her Fucking Yap.

If nothing else, it reinforces the notion that Mc Cain, and Palin are not on the Same Page, and that her selection was nothing more than Pure, Unadulterated Cynicism.

Here are the Facts Johnny Boy-

You and your “Soul Mate” have garnered a Well Earned Reputation for playing Fast, and Loose with the Truth.

And if you want to Find Blame-

You need look no Further than Her Makeup Mirror.

I’m Sorry, Johnny, I really am, but when you had the chance, you should have told your Handlers-

You Can Keep the Mangy Mutt, I want Traitor Joe!

~ by fairlane on September 30, 2008.

10 Responses to “Sarah Palin: Pitbull or Dimwit?”

  1. If we know what they mean when they say something instead of blindly accepting everything at face value, then the terrorists have won. Do you want them to adapt new tactics and thereby escape in order to kill more babies, you America-hating bastard?

  2. Why do I get the sense from this interview that McCain and Palin had an argument backstage before the interview with Couric? I can just see McCain calling her a stupid c*nt for not watching the debates where he said “we don’t discuss our plans!” I swear, in that opening shot, she looks like a deer caught in the headlights, or a moose or a wolf in a rifle scope for that matter; like she smashed the big daddy McCain’s car and now has to explain what happened.

  3. Ya, I caught this drift, too, and frankly I am still shoveling out from the Big-Shit Snow-Doze. We are having a gathering, Thurs night to watch the LipStick Melt… a bar. Gonna make a game of it….. everytime Ms. Wasilla-modo says something stupid, we all do a shot of whiskey. Friday has hang-over written all over it on my calendar.

  4. I think my favorite part was the, “I’ll let Mooselini speak for herself, now that I have told her what to say.”

    The whole thing reeks. I’m constantly amazed that anyone has any faith in these two craven idiots.



  5. great blog, thanks for posting it…

    you hit the nail on the head… pure hypocrisy of the political type…

    lmao at Randal’s comment….

    stupid facts… always getting in the way of talking points…

    one love,
    –Reverend Manny

  6. She is a Pitwit. That’s trademarked, BTW.

  7. I’m rather enjoying McPaalin whirling around from misstep to mistake and stepping on his dick over and over. No wonder he looks pissed off. Cindy is probably getting the shit runs downhill treatment at home and on the planes. No wonder she’s back on the drugs. Having to listen to McPalin implode would make me want to self-medicate, too.

  8. We all know Palin is a mouth breathing, pole dancing twit, however, Democrats have “Misunderestimated” before, and it came back to bite them on the ass.

    I do think she’s every bit as incurious as Chimpy, maybe more so, but Chimpy held his own against Gore, and Kerry. Two men who were supposed to be his “Intellectual Superiors.”

    The Dems cannot get cocky, and Biden needs to draw on every bit of his experience Thursday.

    I can’t believe I just said that, I Fucking Hate Democrats, but this woman is an absolute, no frills LOON.

    She cannot be allowed anywhere near the White House.

  9. Oh, I can’t wait for the Biden-Palin debate on Thursday night. Your post should write itself on Friday.

  10. McCandy is a wildly ambitious, not terribly bright, woefully ignorant, douchebag.

    History is littered with such people: Hitler, Mao, Reagan, Thatcher and Putin.

    It’s stunning to me that the Old Coot and his campaign managed to find a female governor to ask to be his running mate who believes “God created the world 6,000 years ago,” who thinks, “dinosaurs and humans coexisted,” and who is a member in the lunatic church that tries to “pray away the gay” and had her preacher perform an exorcism to remove the witch.

    Palin makes Dan Quayle seem like Winston Churchill by comparison.

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