The Media Loves Palin

The Media Loves Palin Johnny Wingnut

Does mainstream media suck…or what? I think we all know the answer to that one. Only a neo-liberal or a fool would say, “or what.”

In the last couple of days I’ve had the “privilege” of reading a couple of really poor examples of journalism from the AP I’d like to share with you.

The first one entitled, Palin got zoning aid, gifts, lamented the “sad” fact that Sarah Palin received a facial, some salmon, and flowers from merchants. The article was written in a way which implied Palin recieved these “lavish” gifts in return for political favors. The writer did everything he could to leave the reader with that impression. Everything, that is, except deliver an outright accusation buttressed with actual proof. Talk about desperation, this is some of the sloppiest “news” reporting I’ve seen in a long, long time. It reads more like a tabloid than actual news. Then again, perhaps the libs figure that conservatives will think Palin is not fit for office because of her acuity for personal hygien and her love of fresh flowers and sea food. Read the article. I promise, you will laugh.

The second article, entitled, Palin facing voters who doubt her readiness, is just as bad for its bias and pushes the liberal printed media to dizzying new heights of stupidity. The article has Palin entering the next debate with Slo-Joe Biden while many voters doubt her readiness  for the nation’s highest office.  It then goes on to cite a poll showing that soon after she was named as McCain’s running mate, 41 percent of likely voters thought she had the experience to face the nation’s highest office . However, that has now dropped to 25 percent. It never cites the voters’ political orientation, which is quite an ommission, since the only voters who are really doubting Palin’s readiness are the liberal ones and they won’t be voting the GOP ticket anyway. This is just more misleading reporting designed to influence those who are already battle hardened to the media’s wily ways. The irony is that evidently, mainstream media is ignorant of this fact, and so, continues to spew this blather thinking it will affect our vote. Imbecillic? I say, “YES!”

The article also points out some of Palin’s alleged missteps during interviews while conveniently ignoring both Biden’s and Obama’s gaffes.

Finally, the article points out that conservatives have been critical over the choice of moderator for the upcoming debate between Biden and Palin. The writer of the article points out three things regarding the moderator: She’s black; she’s writing a book on how the black political landscape has changed since the civil rights era;(Of course, Obama is going to be the topic of an entire forthcoming chapter in that book.) and she’s a journalist. The poor AP writer is confused (not surprisingly) thinking that conservatives have a problem with color and, proportionally, with civil rights. Actually, that isn’t our beef at all; it’s the fact that the moderator is a journalist. But not to worry my conservative friends, I’m sure her politcal leanings won’t taint her ability to be “fair and balanced.”


~ by johnnywingnut on October 7, 2008.

9 Responses to “The Media Loves Palin”

  1. // reading a couple of really poor examples of journalism from the AP..//

    That, in an of itself, is not surprising. However it appears that you seem to say that Sarah IS qualified to be VP because there was two badly written AP articles. I miss the causal link. There are many articulate articles that delineate fully how she is NOT qualified to be a candidate.

    Freedom of the Press….. you can find anything you like….. and make up your own mind. The myth of the liberal media is just that… a myth. Most media outlets are just bullshit vehicles to sell advertising, employing two-bit hacks intent only on not pissing off advertising dollars. It’s not liberal….it’s not conservative……. it is commercial. Check Gannet newspapers on any article critical of Walmart. just saying.

  2. JW: Do you live in a democratic republic? Yes or no? If so, anyone will be able to show anecdotal evidence of media bias on both sides. It is the clashing of ideas that strengthens a self-governing nation. The problem here is that your up against a stronger Democratic nominee in Obama than you were with Gore or Kerry and have a weaker candidate in McCain than you had in George W Bush. You were never going to win on the issues except possibly if McCain had chosen Romney and let Romney run the show. Conditions still would have favored Obama.

    So, I think the Republican Party made a smart move in choosing Palin weighing up the pros and cons. You’ve gotten used to having everything your way since 9/11 and the prospect of a loss is a big bummer for you guys. So, I’ll give McCain credit for a worthy gamble in making this a culture war and choosing a culture-warrior as a VP nom.

    Bold move which looked to be paying dividends when the same Palin was the “liberal” media’s “It Girl” for half of September.

    But you can’t send out a VP nominee that weak on everything else but the culture war and expect her to be treated like Margaret Thatcher. That’s a fantasy. Palin’s a space-cadet and a mean one at that. Of course, she’d eventually play bad with the press. What did you expect? Sorry, I know what you thought you could expect. That she’d intone Republican mantras like “victory” and “9/11” and it would be over. Now, that it’s not over at all, she’s a big problme but console yourself that McCain wasn’t going to win under any circumstances.

    Don’t complain. Even in the likelihood that Obama wins, you’ve still got all of the laws and trappings of the American warrior, religious and domestic control state you like.

    So, one ditz didn’t go over real well? Who cares? You’ve still got war, the death penalty, KKK-AND-YER-OUT, children in prison with adults, GITMO, a Department Of Homeland Security, Defense, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and the NSC.

    You are still a Christian nation. You still have a White Majority. You have a broad anti-gay consensus. You have the most severe systems of punishment in any self-governing national and everybody believe that talking snake theory of evolution.

    So what if Obama wins the election. Your side has long since won the “people.”

  3. So much Bullshit, so little time! ; (

  4. “Fair and balanced” is code for “Fuck you, dummy.”

  5. If you can look at Palin’s performances, which is what they are, and honestly believe that this person should be next in line for President, well, you are a true wingnut, Johnny.

  6. Homie, homie, homie. You know I love you, and you know I agree that the media is a sham.

    But the “Liberal Media” meme is PLAYED OUT.

    When I listen to Reps, and Dems bitch about the “Biased Media,” it reminds me of Red Sox, and Yankee fans.

    Red Sox, and Yankee fans are forever whining, and bitching about, “You’re the Evil Empire,” “No, you’re the Evil Empire,” “You get all the media coverage,” “Bullshit, you get all the media coverage,” blah, blah, blah, woof, woof, wah, my pussy hurts.

    Yet, all throughout baseball season, when I sit down to watch a game, guess who’s playing?

    That’s Right!

    The Fucking Yankees, and Red Sox.

    I’m an Indians fan. I hate the Yankees and Red Sox.

    Just like the Yankees, and Red Sox, the Democrats, and Republicans are both the GODDAMN EVIL EMPIRE!!

    Media Bias?

    No shit.

    Where’s Nader? Or the Green Party Candidates? Where’s Ron Paul?

    I’m watching the debate, and all I see is an Old Ass Man that needs to be in a Nursing Home, and a professional Grifter.

    One last thing.

    Speaking of “bias.”

    Is it reasonable to say an article about media bias that presents a biased view point about said bias, is actually an example of bias about bias that was not biased in the way the author wanted it to be biased?

    You get the point.

  7. cause she a natural born killer, i mean comedian lol

  8. AP ? Shame ! Those are the idjits that think you should pay them to promote their offerings.
    Ain’t that McShame-Failin ticket a pip ? I just about fell over the first time I saw Barbie the fearless moose-hunter style commentary.
    Just dropped by to check and see if you were still raisin’ hell ( check ) and to lay a couple of links on you for your snort and edification.

  9. JW: I took you seriously. Fairlane did too. So did Dash, although I disagree a bit because I think Palin was the right move for McCain and it just didn’t work out. McCain and Palin do connect very well with about 30% of the electorate, represent the honest beliefs of a bunch more, and their favorability ratings are both over 50%.

    What say u?

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