John Mc Cain Rejoins the Human Race, If Only for a Moment

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I saw this video for the first time yesterday, and afterward I thought to myself-

Yep, this is what you wanted Asshole. Too late to turn back now.

But after viewing it a second time, and reading an article about the first debate, I’m giving Mc Thuselah the benefit of the doubt.

It’s a little known fact, but your Humble Author wanted Mc Cain to defeat Chimpy in 2000, and if he had, I would have seriously considered voting for him.

I know, it’s Insane, right?

Not really.

At that time, Mc Cain actually was a “Maverick,” (For a politician) and for the most part, his stances were fairly Moderate, especially when compared to Chimpy.

And the Democratic Choice?

Al Gore is, and shall Fovever Be, an Arrogant Twat.

I also really Enjoyed hearing Mc Cain refer to the Robertson/Falwell crowd as-

Agents of Intolerance.

(Something the Candy Ass Democrats would never do).

So, it was either Mc Cain or Nader.


The article I read, and of course I can’t find it now, pointed out another possible explanation for Mc Cain’s  “Dis” of Obama.

He felt Ashamed, and Angry.

According to the writer, Mc Cain was very Upset that the campaign had taken such a Nasty Turn, and memories from 2000 were beginning to Dance in His Head.

For those of you unaware, in the 2000 Republican Presidential Primary, Chimpy’s Team, aka Karl Rove, started a “Whisper/Phantom Campaign” against Mc Cain in an attempt to derail his Momentum (Before the South Carolina Primaries, Mc Cain was kicking Chimpy’s Yokel Ass).

The Phantom Campaign attempted, and succeeded in doing Two Things-

1) It stirred up the Racist Base of the Republican Party by creating a “Rumor” that Mc Cain had an “Illegitimate Daughter with a Black Woman” (His adopted daughter Bridget).

2) It brought Mc Cain’s Psychological Stability into question, by hinting that maybe Johnny was a little “Nuts” after spending so much time in a POW camp. The accusations even went so far as to make the claim that maybe Mc Cain had been brainwashed, and sent home as a Real Life “Manchurian Candidate.”

*Although I believe questions about his Mental Health are legit, the Cowardly Way in which it was brought up (Typical Wingnut) was, Despicable. If the Chimpy Campaign had honest concerns about Mc Cain’s Psychological Well Being, they should have had the Balls to Bring It to His Face. Instead, they did it behind his back, as the Little Bitches we know them to be.

Before I proceed, let me just say, I’m not reneging on my original observation that Mc Cain’s behavior during the first debate was Boorish, and Shameful.

He doesn’t like Obama, and I’m confident his personal feelings played a Role in his Decision to avoid Eye Contact with the Man.

I also know that Mc Cain isn’t a Moron. He’s well aware his party is Chock Fulla Rednecks, and that they were Chomping at the Bit to see the White Man put the “Nigger in His Place.”

Hell, after what happened in 2000, how could he not?

However, after watching the above video for the Second Time, and listening to the Crowd’s Reaction, I have to Own Up, and say what John Mc Cain did was-


Yes, He waited too long, and the Phantom Campaign against Obama, just as it did in 2000, found it’s way into the Real World.

I’m not making excuses for the Man nor I am Endorsing Him.

But, be honest, that TOOK BALLS!

Those people are Goddamn Loons, and they Want Blood.

Mc Cain, and I say this in All Seriousness, potentially put himself in Danger by standing up to that Feral Crowd.

Anyone who’s ever worked as a Counselor/Therapist/Psychologist can tell you-

People who live in Constant Denial, are potentially Fucking Dangerous. Their Intellectual, and Moral Rigidity is a Defense Mechanism, and some, Literally, believe if the Dam ever breaks They, The Very Essence of Who They Are, will Perish.

Never Underestimate the Power of Denial.

His supporters didn’t want to Hear Mc Cain call Obama a “Good Man,” they wanted to hear-

Terrorist! Traitor! Muslim! Nigger!

They didn’t want a moment of Sanity or Conscience.

They wanted their Surrogate Daddy to Offer Up a Scapegoat.

And –

He Refused.

Whether you agree or not, I Give the Man Credit. It’s not as though he did it to Save His Campaign.

Far Too Late.

No, I think He Meant It, and I give him the Old Johnny Boy

Two Finger Salute

He’s still a Fool for allowing his Handlers to Select the Hee-Haw from Alaska.

Doggone, You Betcha, Don’tcha Know?


~ by fairlane on October 11, 2008.

21 Responses to “John Mc Cain Rejoins the Human Race, If Only for a Moment”

  1. They’ve segued from fear talk to theocracy chat. In a speech today, I think Palin said god about seven times.

    Wonder what the right wing talkers will say on Monday about McCain’s comments about Obama being a decent family man.

  2. Fairlane –

    In the 2000 elections, I could not bring myself around to Al Gore (especially during the primaries), and afterwards I voted for Nader in the general election — as you know. I could not see a hair width difference between Chimpy and Gore. Now, of course, with 20-20 hindsight, I still do not regret my decision.

    What I never said publically until now was that I, too, liked McCain back then, when he really did some straight talking. He was much more like my parents’ kind of GOPer than the Beast that they have all become.

    Yes, it took some balls for him to confront the Monster that he has created. I don’t know what responsiblity he feels for stoking racial tensions, but I suspect he realizes that the genie is out of the bottle and cannot be stuffed back in.



  3. ahh…. but here’s the thing… i’ll try and find it for you, but that woman, the last one to ask a question… she was interviewed after the event

    apparently,… she got that info from McCain’s own CloaknDagger rumor operation!! now he knows he can’t say the racist stuff in public, and that’s the way the woman took it… when i wake up tomorrow, i’ll try and find it and post it, or send you the link….

    gore and bush sounded so much alike in 2000 it was insane… outside of the redbutton issues, i can’t name all that many differences between them……

    good post…

    one love,
    –reverend manny and the twilight empire

  4. I take your point about McCain being a human being for once. I also believe based upon what I’ve seen of him that he’s got a good idea that he’s going to get snowballed in this thing and would like to go out with some dignity. Obama’s got 350 electors in the bag. He’s a tossup to get 375. And 400 isn’t out of the question.

    I took a slightly different view of 2000 than you did. While I voted against George H W Bush, I felt on balance that he had been a decent president. I saw that Chimpy had a bunch of old Jerry Ford hands around him and I certainly think that Jerry Ford was one of the really underrated presidents in American history. Moreover, before the 2000 South Carolina primary, I liked Chimpy’s campaigning style better than McCain’s and I certainly thought his rhetoric was more moderate.

    I thought the push-polling in SC2000 was tough but not dirty. Even if it was dirty, wasn’t a bona fide asshole like McCain supposed to thrive on that? Given how little respect I had for McCain, I kind of liked watching him suffer in the SC primary.

    During the general election, I think we all agree that Gore was a twit in many ways, the worst being running to Bush’s right! I was so disgusted by the selection of Lieberman as VP, that after the first debate in which Bush mopped the floor with Gore, it was between Nader and Bush for me.

    I ended up with Nader.

    I’ve looked up McCain’s senate voting record and it’s absolutely atrocious. I’ll give you but three I’ll thought of Repubican senators with more moderate voting records than McCain has: Cochrane, Lott and Shelby. By a HUGE margin. Jesse Helms had a more moderate voting record than McCain did. Also, Bush before his recent cognitive disfunction was always a qucker witted more even tempered fellow than McCain was.

    Notice how often McCain points to McCain-Feingold as an example of what a MAVERICK he is. The history of it is this: McCain is the most disliked senator of either party. He has found it impossible to find co-sponsors who will join him or let him join them.

    So, when Feingold needed a Republican co-sponsor for campaign finance reform, given the protocols of the Senate, Feingold being a first-termer at the time couldn’t get any Republican to co-sponsor other than McCain who was thrilled to finally get his name of something the MSM eats up.

    The law obviously failed its intended purpose and that’s the only Senate leadership experience he’s ever had. Ronald Reagam, McCain’s hero, when all was said and done, had a much more moderate, even liberal, platform than McCain does today. And it’s not a close question. Chimpy has turned out to be the worst president in USA history and McCain’s anger, resentments, bullying, enthussiastic adopter of all sort of weird positions on the issues like cutting VA benefits, suggest to me that the McCain of “Bill Ayers is a terrorist and Obama hates America” is the real man and that he’d be worse than Chimpy.

    7 seconds of decency does not make up for a long-career of lies, self-aggrandziments scorched-earth politics, sadism and cowardice.

    It has swung so big for Obama at this point, that the MSM has begun inquiring even into the “War Hero” story and have found it wanting in many areas — uh — truthwise. Check out Dickinson in Rolling Stone on the “POW” story.

    I liked Kucinich and Paul best of the original candidates but of the conventional Republicans it’s clear to me that Romney was the best choice and would never be in the position McCain’s in now, merely for choosing someone other than Sarah Palin for VP if nothing else. I still think Obama would have beaten Romney but it would have been a more dignified campaign, certainly a more enlightening one and would not have left Romney’s reputation banged-up in defeat. I’ve always thought that after the real psychos like Hunter and Tancredo, McCain was the worst of them.

    I’d rehabilitate Reagan’s rep, Bush Sr’s, Ford’s, Nixon’s before I’d rehabilitate McCain’s. His budget priorities and his stances are just too nuts.

  5. DCup- I’m sure they’ll be foaming at the mouth.

    In other words, business as usual.

    Ten- I agree. I liked him most because he didn’t kowtow to the religious loons.

    Rev- Yeah, I saw that video, after I wrote this.

    Ah, well, you try to give the Wingnuts the benefit of the doubt, and look what happens.

    I still think what he did took balls. The Loons have their Kill On.

    Kelso- His voting record changes from year to year based on the legislation. Some years he’s been one of the more “Liberal” Senators.

    I know he’s consistently voted “Pro-Life,” but the Republicans know banning abortion is a death sentence for their party.

    I can’t believe you thought Chimpy was “Moderate.” As soon as I heard “Born Again,” the hair on my neck stood on end.

    No disagreement that Mc Cain is a Wanker of Epic Proportions.

    To me, the tactics used by Rove in 2000 set the tone for every election since.

    Wingnuts can’t win on Issues.

  6. Karl Rove is the DEVIL. John McCain is NOT the devil, although I don’t want to go around saying President McCain, either. God knows I’d rather sing “O Canada” than say “President Palin…..”

  7. @ FAIRLANE: I don’t want to argue about Chimpy’s 2000 tactics. Or Atwater v Rove as worst. Or the minutiae of McCain’s record. You and I agree on practically everything. It would be like two bald men fighting over a comb. Let me leave it at this. I have no idea what your opinion about Ron Paul is, but he’s a Born-Again as well. I like the guy.

    @ SCARLET: It’s a matter of perception and colocation, I guess. To me the #1 DEVIL is Colin Powell because I live in Panama. To me, Karl Rove is not immoral, he’s amoral. He’s a bright guy who put together a good model of how to win an unwinnable race in 2000 (Chimpy=McKinley Rove=Mark Hanna Murdoch=Hearst). He was a terrific tactician as well and certainly a felon. I had this great fantasy, though, of Cindy Sheehan hiring Rove for a serious run to take out Pelosi, win the seat for another progressive, and maybe Waxman or Wasserman-Schultz could be Speaker. McCain is not the devil either. He’s mean and twisted and vulgar. And I have the luxury of Mr Martin Torrijos for now and probably Mrs Balbina Herrera in 2009, solid Center-left pols, so I don’t have as much of a dog in the fight as you do.

  8. […] at Jonestown, Fairlane gives his take on the branch that McCain walked out on and his attempt to climb off it before it […]

  9. Watching these videos, you start to get the feeling that even McCain might be starting to wonder, “What kind of monster have I created?” I wonder if McCain, when he is alone and being reflective, asks himself, “Are these people really supporting me because I have good policies, or because they’re racists, bigots, terrified because I have made them terrified because of what I’ve allowed to be said about Obama on my behalf, etc.” I wonder if deep down McCain isn’t just a bit saddened by what his supporters are doing and saying.

  10. I have strong doubts that McCain is ever reflective. I don’t think he’s necessarily a bigot but on a continuum, I’d say he’s about 73% bigot. Probably 96% homophobe. 91% sexist. I don’t really see him having access to the emotion “sad”. What he’s experiencing is an angry regret because he made a bad choice with Palin. He’s looking at a wipeout in this election. I can easily give Obama 360 electors. McCain only has one thing sustaining him and that’s the worship of the mainstream media. And there’s where the angry regret comes in because he’s starting to lose them. He’s finished in the Senate. Napolitano will eat his lunch next time. All he’s got is how he goes out and he’s not liking looking bad to the press which built up a false image.

  11. It’s a little known fact, but your Humble Author wanted Mc Cain to defeat Chimpy in 2000, and if he had, I would have seriously considered voting for him.

    Me too, and for similar reasons that you stated. And I’ve said to people that McCain 2008 is not McCain 2000. I hope that he’ll put an end to this divisive rhetoric (though I won’t hold my breath).

    With each presidential election since 1992, I feel like we’re getting closer and closer to a 2nd U.S. Civil War. A McCain win will settle things down as those pulling the strings will have achieved their objective. But a McCain defeat means 4 years of anti-Obama sedition and sets the stage for a Palin run in 2012. I think we’ll actually see violence if that happens.

  12. Emp- I definitely think Rove is without conscience.

    Kel- I like Paul, and then I don’t. His economic policies are somewhat disturbing.

    I do, however, like his message that both parties are “Equally Corrupt” very much.

    About Rove. In other words, you, like me, believe him to be a Sociopath.

    Sean- “Watching these videos, you start to get the feeling that even McCain might be starting to wonder, “What kind of monster have I created?”

    I think, I think that’s what I want to think.

    It’s very hard now days to not be somewhat misanthropic, and I want, maybe even need, to believe Humanity still exists.

    Kelso- In hindsight, I think you’re correct.

    He’s “upset,” because his decisions hurt him, not because they hurt Obama potentially putting his life in danger.

    DED- I hope they do run Palin.

    I mean, fuck it, let’s get it over with.

  13. FAIRANE/DED: That was the title of my post today. “…THE US CIVIL WAR ENDED ON 9/11 AND THE CONFEDERACY WON” I dealt more with homophobia than racism only for the ball-busting value because I know how seasick even well-meaning American liberals get about the idea of two men getting it on. But I dealt with racism as well again with the intention of busting balls because if there’s one racist thing that well-meaning liberals not only tolerate but even LIKE it the criminal “justice” system. FAIRLANE, buddy, you got me fired up long ago on this.

    I think there’s not going to be a civil war in the US as such. Obama is just going to coast to victory no matter how hard they try to cheat, McCain has no chance. What you will see may be worse than a civil war. It will be an economic holocaust with 50% poverty and violence over food and water everywhere. With McCain it will happen a lot sooner with a race or geographical war accompanying it. Obama’s just going to have to pick a Treasury Secy and Fed Chair with a lot of integrity and they are all just going to have to make their best guesses and hope. The situation’s now completely beyond control.

    Yes, I think Rove is sociopath. Paul’s ideas about the role of government are nuts but his sense of fiscal and monetary balance is the best of anyone’s.

    If there is a civil war, you can count on South America to have your side in this. You cannot imagine the hatred that people here have towards Wingnuts. It’s far beyond hatred now. It’s pure indifferance or delight in mockery of Wingnut style and symbol. I’ll make a bad musical pun to express it: “9/11 is a joke.” Literally! Every body sends around emails of the Palin rallies and the Minutemen (in Arizona, not D Boon). I think the “kill him” business at the rally was the last straw. If I were in the states I might be more cynical about the election but here there’s a lot of respect for Bill Clinton because of all he did to get American military out of most of the continent. And of course for Obama because of his calmness and intelligence and he has good connections with a lot of important pols here. Because there really isn’t a white versus black thing here people see Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as pretty similar in a good way.

    Man, I would not want to be an American fanny pack fat ass tourist anywhere in South America now. After the “kill him” thing, wow. A basic Latino sense of manners is all that’s standing between Wingnut fanny pack tourists and ridicule and robbery.

  14. Shit! Ten seconds of a humanistic reflex does not make up for a life-time of moral prostitution. The guy is a whore…. and he didn’t even need the money.

  15. I’ve read that McCain has tried to shut down some of Palin’s more inflammatory speeches but she’s very hot for the spot of primary Republican candidate in 2012. I will be singing ‘Oh, Canada’ by then if not pushing up trilliums but it won’t help the planet if this country goes over the deep end.. and she is the epitome of the deep end.

  16. Kelso- Gee, Kelso, ain’t you a bundle of joy?

    Ok- I’m not defending him. Like I said, what he did took balls. Even if it was contrived. The crowd only knows he shouted told them to stop. They wanted him to go farther, not stop.

    Susan- You really think they’ll run her?

    I think that would be a HUGE mistake.

    Talk about a slaughter.

  17. Would you put it past them?

  18. Americans yesterday and today were witness to an historical event that every high school kid in the world will have on is or her final exam in 30 years.

    THE DAYS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BECAME A NAZI STATE (NOT IN HYPERBOLE BUT IN THE DICTIONARY DEFINITION). Chimpy has set into motion a plan to nationalize the four largest American banks as a FIRST STEP. Combine that with the explicit and implicit social contract, the internal security apparatus, the imperialist wars, and in GITMO the first (that we know of) verifiable concentration camp under nearby but external US control, a media under state control, an organized religion apparatus used for the purposes of state control, full enabling laws, the absolute right to suspend elections indefinitely, restriction on internal and external travel, and an instrumental, material, and legally codified system of surveillance of all residents.

    Here’s how bad it is. Distributorcap made many of the same arguments I just did with reference to Sarah Palin and was censored. By the New York Post? No. By National Review Online? No. Distributorcap was censorsed for making this argument in a comment to DAILY HIJOPUTA DE MIERDA KOS.

    You like apples? How bout them apples?

  19. Re: Bush/Gore/Nader–
    It’s one thing to claim Nader was the most inspiring candidate in 2000. But does anyone really still believe in 2008 that Bush & Gore were interchangeable?

  20. Fairlane, I had the same reaction. The video showed at least an iota of decency in the man. Unfortunately it came waaay too late. The proverbial horse/horses were out of the barn and wrecking havoc.

    Plus, it’s amazing that we would stand in awe when the guy actually does the right thing. Shouldn’t he have been doing the right thing all along? Eh, well, never mind about that.

    The way I read that video is that it shows the extent to which McCain has totally lost control of his campaign. McCain’s not running the campaign, the campaign is running McCain … and it’s clear that McCain doesn’t like it … he’s sending out signals by the day. His mavricky self is bridling against it but he’s powerless to fight back against at this point.

    Which is not to say that I like McCain or am defending him in the least. It’s just what I, too, have been observing.

  21. Anita- First, glad to see you.

    Second, no doubt Mc Cain is out of control. Palin’s selection was the first sign that someone else is running the show.

    He’s never been close to the Religious Right.

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