Saturday Night Live – Gov. Palin Cold Open

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Has anyone else noticed  Palin’s “Folksy” type Speechifying seems to change along with her Surroundings? (I’m fairly confident she’s already lost the “East Coast Elitist” vote).

Why, it almost makes it appear the “You betcha’s,” “Garsh Darn’s,” and “Gotcha’s” are nothing but an act.

Are Republicans really that Gullible?


~ by fairlane on October 19, 2008.

10 Responses to “Saturday Night Live – Gov. Palin Cold Open”

  1. i agree. she was, as predicted, totally lacking in humor, self-deprecation and irony.

    also, an alaska blogger wrote last week (or was it an alaskan writing in salon?? oh, i can’t remember … anyway) that alaskans themselves are rather perplexed over her “fake minnesota” accent. to be sure, she’s no frances mcdormand (the woman from Fargo)

    although, it is true that both bill and hillary typically take on southern accents when they are in front of southern audiences and then talk like new yorkers when they are in new york and so on and so on and so on …

    go fig-ya

  2. I think Palin was there because more than anything, she is enjoying the fucking hell out of the celebrity that has befallen her. It was one thing to be an Alaskan celebrity, but this is the big time, baby! She’s going to milk for every drop of attention and assumed adoration.

    Her accent is simply bizarre. She really does remind me of Peggy Hill when Peggy hill speaks Spanish.

  3. I love it!!

  4. Okay, that was funny but am I the only one who has difficulty telling the two of them apart?

  5. There is something hilarious about her obviously in her banal way but I don’t find her anywhere near as distasteful as I find McCain or Colin Powell. She’s only funny to me because of the vast cultural gulf and her poor diction and elocution. Her religious beliefs are a little extreme but she hasn’t been able to nor would she ever be able to put them into practice.

    Colin Powell and John McCain have probably killed more people than I know. Both seem pretty into that. Powell more so than McCain but with less apparent rancor. That makes Powell perhaps even more so than Rove a sociopath in my book.

    His career has been a bloodsoaked won, with a mediocre record as a flag officer and strategist, and a brittle personality which then softens dramatically when he’s around “superior officers.”

    While a certain “military jock” style is part of McCain’s persona, Powell projects something different. He projects an indifference and affectlessness towards human suffering plus and egotism almost as substantial as Henry The K’s.

    Powell is the brightest of the three, to be sure, and has his moments as a public speaker. At rock bottom, he seems to enjoy ordering mass murder from afar and is a pretty brazen liar.

    It’s kind of sad to see that Obama has named him directly as the first appointment to an Obama adminstration. Powell’s famous “doctrine” is merely kill as many men woman and children as you can, rape and maim those you can’t kill.

    That was how it went down here in CdP. That’s how it’s been in every theater of responisibility over which Powell had control.

    This is the worst mistake in judgement I’ve yet seem from Barack Obama. I hope he’ll rectify it in short order, although I have no hopes of that.

    I’ve always disagreed with Obama on questions of war and peace. I am much more dovish than he is. But given Powell this special treatment is over the top and speaks ill of Obama’s integrity and loyalty to principle and party.

    Powell is also a preening narcissist who cannot be out of the public eye for a second. He has a habit of tossing away friends and supporters for great and great power, money and adulation.

    I would have felt more comfortable had Obama named McCain or some Democrat to the first open security spot. All of this speaks ill of Obama.

  6. i think she wants to be on FOX

  7. I think DCup and RawDogBuffalo are totally on the mark – Palin is gonna milk this to a chapped and shriveled teet. I think she fancies herself as the next Anne Coulter, which, despite my absolute loathing of her, I consider insulting to Coulter.

  8. rawdawgbuffalo: I think that her next job will definitely be on Fox. Hopefully that will happen after a successful recall petition by Alaskans. She loves the attention and she won’t give it up without a fight.

  9. “I’m not going to take any of your questions.”

    ‘Bout says it all.

  10. I feel all mavericky.

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