Sarah Palin Has the “White Trash” Vote Sewn Up

Fox News is a Goddamn Joke.

This is “News?”

A woman Blogging in Canada?


I find the “News” Anchor’s ((Whatever Her Name Is) Inflection, and Choice of Words particularly Interesting.

Here’s my Favorite-

“I don’t want to believe those on the other side of this “TICKET” be they Canadian or American…”

What does a Canadian Blogger have to do with the Obama/Biden Ticket?

Jack Shit.

Following her “Logic” the FAR RIGHT Bloggers who call Obama a “Nigger, Muslim, Terrorist,” and “Al-Qaida Plant” are part of the Palin/Mc Cain Ticket.


I also Adore her Incessant usage of the phrase-

“Far Left.”

Oooooooo, does she mean-


The Wingnuts have taken Histrionics, and Paranoia to Levels once believed Unobtainable.

Their “Outrage” is So Disingenuous, So Mendacious, So Feigned, False, Dishonest, and Two-Faced it’s an Insult to Anyone with a Brain Larger than a Circus Peanut.

By the way, possession of these Nasty Pieces of Shit should Warrant the Death Penalty

If Mc Cain wins the Presidency, it will not be because he is the Better Candidate or because he’s an “Honorable Man.”

No, if Mc Cain wins, it will be because of Smear, Perniciousness, Malevolence-

Outright Hatred.

The Wingnut Strategy can no longer simply be described as “Hypocritical.”

Oh, No, they moved beyond being Hypocrites Years Ago.

The best descriptor I can come up with is-


And They are Frauds in every sense of the Word.

The Irony is, the “White Trash” are exactly who the Mc Cain/Palin campaign target.

Who do you think they’re talking to when they say “Rural America” is the “Real America?”

That “Small Towns” are where the “True Patriots” Live?

When they Imply Obama is a “Muslim,” whose Heart Strings get Plucked?

Why, the people who believe Islam is the Religion of the “Anti-Americans.”

And make No Mistake, they believe that about ALL Muslims.

I can Assure of this much; They’re not Speaking to Me.

I don’t live in a “Small Town.”

I’m an “Elitist.”

I graduated from College, and was “Influenced” by Former Members of the KGB.

My family has Money, and we drive “Foreign Cars.”

I have friends who are, GASP….Muslims.

I don’t think Jeff Foxworthy is Funny.

I refuse to Hang a Flag from my Door until it Disintegrates.

I don’t buy the Argument that “Hunting is a Sport.” (Especially when Helicopters are Involved).

I’m not afraid of Mexicans, Queers, or “Feminists.”

I know the Earth was not “Created” 6000 Years Ago.

I know Dinosaurs didn’t hang out in the Garden of Eden nibbling on the “Tree of Knowledge.”

I don’t worry about Witches, and/or Warlocks.

I know Head and Stomach aches are not caused by Tiny Trolls living inside my body.

I don’t wear a Flag Pin or Flag Boxers or Flag Bandannas.

And I don’t have a Magnetic Yellow Ribbon on my “Foreign” Car.

But be My Guest, Wingnuts.

Follow your Massa’ (Surrogate Daddy).

Shine his Shoes, do his Laundry, Mow his Grass, Wash his Car, which is worth More Than Your House.

Hide behind your Flags, and Slogans, and Bibles until the End of Fucking Time.

You don’t Fool me, and you’re sure as Shit not Fooling Your God.

One day the Piper will come Calling, and Your Broke Asses Won’t Have the Cash to Pay Up.

Maybe “White Trash” is not the best Choice of Words.

What the Writer should have said is-

The Ignorant

Who Else believes these Lying Bastards?

No One, other than Fools.

This is a Culture War, America.

As Hard as the Republicans Try to Convince you Otherwise, that’s what this is-

A War between those who Look to the Future, and those Who Live In Perpetual Fear of Change.

It’s Okay to Be Angry.

In the Immortal Words of Joe Strummer-

Anger Can Be Power.

~ by fairlane on October 23, 2008.

13 Responses to “Sarah Palin Has the “White Trash” Vote Sewn Up”

  1. I bet you’d be offended by any comment on the particular voting block that Obama has sewn up…

  2. I wonder if Fox News gets the irony of the statement “is it truly ANYTHING GOES in analysis of this race” while they are analyzing some Canadian lady’s thoughts.

    I have yet to meet a republican who gets the concept of irony, tho. (And having peeked at jonolan’s website he/she is included in that assessment.)

  3. Uh, Jon, your mere presence is Offensive to me. Anything you say is superfluous repetition.

    But Garsh, that avatar sure is Spooky.

    You’re not one of those “Emo” kids, are you?

    Jess- Irony, I’m afraid, is headed the way of the Dinosaur.

    Recognizing Irony requires Higher Intellectual Functioning, which, according to my calculations, is at an all time low.

  4. Oh man, that’s not a pic of those squishy, rubbery peanut candies is it? Those are the white trash of confectionery goods. Even candy corn is better.

    I’m happy to report that I’ve seen a few more McCain/Palin bumperstickers around town. I was worried that my suburb was becoming less crackery. Whew!

  5. A War between those who Look to the Future, and those Who Live In Perpetual Fear of Change.

    oh hell yes!

  6. But, but, but… what about the children? You left that out, Fairlane. I’m deducting two points from your score.



  7. fairlane… now that the RNC rats are jumping off the sinking ship, my worry now is what these bastards will try to take Obama down or out immediately after his election.

  8. Clever, but cruel. And inaccurate.

  9. Aaron- It’s easy to be clever. After all, I’m a genius. As for being “cruel,” cruelty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Republicans started this crap, and although I’m not a Democrat, after 30 years of the Moralistic Wankering, I’ve had my fill.

    The “Inaccurate” comment is a tad vague.

  10. Can you hear my applause fairlane? Bravo! Jonolan sounds like the name of one of Palin’s kids. Just saying.

  11. Yew mahght be a raid-neck if…. Well, you’re probably not a redneck.

  12. Irony?….

    Condeming hate filled speach out of one side of your mouth while spewing it out the other.

    This is too funny.

  13. Mssc- Irony is equivalent to standing in-between two opposing mirrors, and then looking at your reflection.

    This is a Satirical Blog.

    Nothing I write is Serious, but everything I say, is.

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