Happy Halloween!

Don’t Talk to Strangers!

~ by fairlane on October 31, 2008.

12 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. But everyone I know is strange.

    Thanks for the link, Fairlane!

  2. Ya, Boo&Stuff! There is a new halloween party trick this year…….’Bobbing for Republicans’…..but most were rotten and sank to the bottom.

  3. aw, there you go again fairlane, gettin’ all mavericky, linkin’ links and lovin’ the Linky Love.

    Thanks, Man.

  4. Mmmmmmm, better’n candy.

    Thanks, Homie. I don’t care what the others say, you’re OK.



  5. You are just loaded with the linky love, bro! Thanks. But do I have to say trick or treat for this one?

  6. yeah. fairlane you’re AOK. Happy Halloween.


  7. Thanks for the link, fairlane. Hope you get lots of treats…and a trick or two.

  8. Happy Halloween dude!

  9. Maybe they should change Election Day to Hallowe’en so we could get all the scares over at once. Have a good one and don’t eat the chinese candy.

  10. Thanks Fairlane, only treat of the day, all the rest was tricks.

  11. But strangers are the ones that have the best candy. Where else can you find nougat, razor blades and arsenic in one little package?

  12. Great rack, Fairline!

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