Obama Be Hypmotizing Mugs

The Wingnuts are at it Again.

Dear God, please, please, Rapture these Mother Fuckers Already!!!

The latest Hysteria in Wingnuttia involves Obama’s usage of “Hidden Hypnosis Techniques” in his speeches.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Obama is using “Hypnosis” in his speeches.

Well, of course he is. How else could a Nigger be a couple of days away from sitting in the White House?

Must Be Hypmotizing People.

Each time I think to myself-

Okay, this is it. This is the Acme of Stupidity.

Some Broken Down Cap Gun comes along, and Fucks Up my calculations.

I know I’m repeating myself, but,

How Did These People Survive Adolescence?!!

Such occurrences are beyond the Laws of Probability.

Christ, and the Irony of It All.

People with Grape Kool-Aid flowing through their Veins accusing others of being “Svengalied?”

Let’s do a quick run through of the Allegations made against Obama-

Went to school at a Madrassa

Al-Qaeda Plant

Bin Laden’s BFF

Black Separatist


Had Bill Ayers write his book Dreams from My Father





(I know I’m leaving something out, but it escapes me at the moment).

All those who chastised me for saying-

These Loons Must Be Dealt with Swiftly, and Harshly.

Do You Understand?

At this point, we’re talking about some kind of Collective Brain Damage.

I see now why Paloon is opposed to Abortion even in cases of Incest.

Future Voting Demographic.

In fact, I’d wager in 50 years, Truck, Trunk, Trink, Spitoon, whatever that Fucking Kid’s Name is, will be the GOP’s Presidential Nominee.

The GOP is so Chock Fulla’ Nut, they make Jenna Jameson look downright Virginal.

(By the way, if you’re curious, Google “Obama Using Hidden Hypnosis.”).


~ by fairlane on November 2, 2008.

17 Responses to “Obama Be Hypmotizing Mugs”

  1. Can he hypmotize me to lose weight? And so that my husband can quit smoking? That would be cool – to have a president that could do that!

    The fucktardery just gets more and more fucked up. This racism is worse than one could imagine and I have a pretty fucked up and creative imagination.

    So anyway, when can I start planning on starting weight loss hypnosis?

  2. “You awe getting vewy, vewy sweepy…”

    Yeah, it works everytime.



  3. Word on the street is that the demise of the economy is part of the rapture. I am waiting for Jesus to take the wingnuts already. The problem is, I think he hates them as much as we do.

  4. Mo’ hypmo, mo’ hypmo, mo’ hypmo…. Geez, if it effing works….


    When the rapture comes, will they be taking their personal belongings with them?

  5. Truck, Trunk, Trink, Spitoon, whatever that Fucking Kid’s Name is…

    You are too goddamn funny, Fairlane and spot on as always.

  6. This is the only country in the world where Christian fundamentalism is a growing phenomenon. They are a very scary bunch that have become so much weirder recently that even the passive msm has had to take notice.

  7. Yes, if there is a God, may she, he or it please take them all home soon. Give them the heaven of their dreams and give the other guys their virgins. Give them Jesus and fresh loaves. Just take them home and leave us the eff alone.


  8. Dude…I blame it on this Internet. It used to be this shit stayed in the bar rooms and factory floors of Middle-of-nowhere-ville (Name a state). You could count on it spreading as far as the town’s limits. But give these morons a PC and a cable modem and see what happens? Sheesh!

  9. u beeen watching to much comedy central lol

  10. Wingnut heaven: I have a fiend whose ninety something year old mother knows that when she dies, she will ascend to heaven where her husband awaits with a big colonial mansion where darkies will wait on her hand and foot. Yes, she says “darkies.” Yes, I know, it’s Utah. She’s Mormon, but still…. Just saying. The fundies are fucking nuts.

  11. I am tranced out. This election is turning out to be just a little less painless that a combination of being water boarded while having a root canal. Or maybe more painful. Palinfull. I have a Mcainache…. quick! More gas!

  12. Oh, and by the way, where can I get one of them there Hypmotizing Mugs?….. I could use a new one at the office for me coffee.

  13. hey, come on … that’s the whole point of the ‘yes we can’ mantra …

    yes we can
    yes we can
    yes we can
    yes we can

    it’s HYPNOtizing !!!

    yup. so now he’s the redistributor AND the hypnotizer.

    hmmmm …. i like this guy!!!


  14. oops, let me make minor change to that (assuming things will go as the polls seem to indicate tomorrow):


    Hey, it’s gonna be a fun couple of years ahead of us!!!

    Which means, of course, that Jonestown is REQUIRED remain active and promugating all of your anti-god, anti-marriage, anti-real-america messages !!!



  15. Fran- If Mc Cain wins, you won’t have to worry about a Weight Loss Program. We’ll all be starving to death.

    Ten- That wouldn’t work on me.

    I’m always sleepy.

    Katie- Welcome.

    Yes, I’ve heard the same.

    One can only Hope.

    Empress- From what I understand, all Earthly Belongings stay on Earth.

    They’ll be Bare Ass Nekkid.

    Phy- What is that kid’s name?

    Trinket? Gewgaw? Slim? CD Case?

    Susan- They’re nutcases.

    Out of 6 billion people only 47 know the “Truth?”

    Gary- Good to see you.


    Spartacus- It’s truly frightening, and somewhat surprising.

    I had no idea these people could read.

    Raw- I wish, but I don’t have cable.

    Utah- Yes, they most assuredly are.

    Ok- I guess that gives new meaning to the slogan, “Drill, Baby, Drill!”

    You have to obtain a special “Hypmotist” license in order to purchase one of the mugs.

    I just received mine over the weekend, and will be cruising the High Schools tomorrow.

    Anita- I’ll stay around, as long as you do.


  16. deal.

  17. Just touched base from running up and down the highways to find Obama declared President-Elect and Fairlane doing the funny. All’s right with the whirled … despite the ‘philosophical’ heritage of humanity

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