Get Off Your Asses, and Vote!

Few listened Eight Years Ago.

I hope Everyone is Listening Now.

I won’t ask if we’re ready for Real Change because I know we’re Not.

But We do have an Important Choice to Make.

We can Continue down Our Current Path, which has led us into a Never Ending War, and to the Brink of Financial Ruin, or, We can Head in a Different Direction.

Ignorance, and Fear simply Cannot Be Allowed to Win Out Again.

Republicans Must Be Held Accountable.

If not, then We No Longer Have a Right to Complain.


~ by fairlane on November 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “Get Off Your Asses, and Vote!”

  1. It would be worth hooking up to cable again to watch those trials.

  2. Please. Please. Please. Please. Vote. I can’t. And I’d like to. I’d like to vote for Barack Obama. Even if you’re in a Blue State it’s good to vote for Barack Obama because people look at the popular vote as well as the electoral vote in terms of how weak or strong they see the incoming president.

    Fairlane, Torrance Stephens and I have torn Obama apart and shown every reason why he might be full of shit. We were right when we wrote it. Torrance was right to write in himself yesterday. Barack Obama is what he is but it’s as good as you’ll see.

    I’ve looked for every reason not to like the guy and I can’t find any reasons anymore. I only dislike him for being American and thus having to carry the American social contract into his governemnt. He’s shown me that he’s the best nominee a major party has sent up since Bill Clinton and George H W Bush.

    That was a real election between two serious candidates and one clown — Perot.

    Obama’s better than Clitnon or Poppy, though he lacks the compassion of Carter, Mondale or Dukakis. America is what it is now. Republican or Democrat you have to be sort of a dick.

    Clinton and George Senior might both be too ooft socially for the way the USA is now. You got to LOVE THE DEATH PENALTY AND TO INCARCERTATE CHILDREN WITH ADULTS IF YOU WANT TO BE PREZ.

    Of the guys who enjoy the death penalty and incarcerating children with adults, Barack Obama is more than the least worst. He’s good. Other than that he enjoys the death penalty and incarcerating children with adults.

  3. “I won’t ask if we’re ready for Real Change because I know we’re Not.”

    i feel you on that…

    here’s hoping for at least a little sanity in the white house come january

    one love,
    —Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

  4. I regrad my right to complain almost as sacred as my right to vote. I will never stop either.

  5. I voted two weeks ago by mail. That was so I could troll sites with little worry of having to wait in line.

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