Ding Dong, The Wingnuts Are Dead!


Although I remain a Staunch Third Party Supporter, no one is Happier to see the Wingnuts get the Ass Kicking they Most Assuredly Deserved.

Let’s Hope Obama, and the Democrats learn from the Republican’s Mistakes.

God Knows Chimpy put us Behind the Eight Ball.

As for the Wingnuts, you have a Great Deal of Soul Searching to do, My Friends.


~ by fairlane on November 5, 2008.

16 Responses to “Ding Dong, The Wingnuts Are Dead!”

  1. //Let’s Hope Obama, and the Democrats learn from the Republican’s Mistakes.//

    Yuppers…like my Dad used to say… it takes a lot longer to fix something than it does to break it.

  2. Like you, I’m glad that Americans woke up and repudiated the last eight years of Imperial rule. But let’s not kid ourselves about Republican soul searching. You can’t search within something you do not possess.

  3. The White House, veto-proof house, nearly veto-proof senate? You all know they’ll fuck it up.

  4. I don’t know if they are dead, but they have seriously had the shit kicked out of them.

  5. I didn’t think we’d elect a black man into office but we did it and I am shocked but VERY PROUD as well. Will the wingnuts learn anything from this–only how to cheat another way so that they can steal power next time. Yes, I am cynical 😉

  6. So… who was it?



  7. I agree 1,000% fairlane….and with all the comments. I’m glad McCain-Palin lost. I don’t expect miracles. I expect to be disappointed often. Rahm Emmanuel as chief of staff? Ding, ding, ding. Oh well, at least I know what to expect. Still, DC will smell better, that’s for sure.

  8. Ahh yes, the superior sneer of Rahm Emmanuel. Hillary would have chosen him too. That said, I’m still happy for the moment because I’m old and cynical and I never thought this would happen. I’m also very concerned about loose wingnuts.

  9. I whole pile of manure is what this is. Wingnuts are still in charge. When the president-elect is seen conferring with ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT OTHER THAN PELOSI OR EMMANUEL I’ll believe. Guy completely assfucks McCain but he can’t be bothered to spend a day with Jim Martin in Georgia. Nor give his campaign one thin dime. Got to keep that warchest huge to beat Palin or Romney 538-0 instead of only 500-38 in 2012, so he can do even more “reaching across the aisle.”

    Priorities, me boys, priorities.

    I saw this coming with Powell. I wrote my pieces and then I played along and convinced myself. Couldn’t he at least have kissed me after he ass-fucked me by keeping Mueller at the FBI?

    Christ, I know Bill Clinton was a racist and all but at least he jerked me off a little with an economic summit before he took office. Gumdrop didn’t waste a second. Not even a day to enjoy it. Not even a tiny bit of make-pretend.

    Just an assfucking.

  10. No, the wingnuts aren’t dead. Beaten down a bit, sure. They still have Fox and right wing radio to keep ’em going (so long as the ad revenue keeps coming in). What remains to be seen is whether or not the GOP learns from this beating and reforms itself (I won’t hold my breath) or continues on with the same old rhetoric.

  11. Hey Jonesy, gw has until jan 9 to do some more damage. ; (

    If you’d heard what I heard where I work, well, I’ve never heard talk like this, even on the west coast.

    indy-anna, hope it gets even more blue in the coming years.


  12. Here’s hoping. Loose wingnuts can really fuck up the works.

  13. I don’t know. You know how in the horror movies they always think the bad guy/thing is dead and they turn their backs on it and it stands up and attacks them again? I’m always like, “NO, SHOOT HIM AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN!” Or, “HIT HIM WITH THE SHOVEL AGAIN!” Or, “STAB HIM WITH THE KNITTING NEEDLES AGAIN!” I mean, they’re never dead, you know?

  14. Ten- I went against my better judgment.

    I think I’m already regretting it, but we’ll see.

    Of course the Wingnuts are not going to learn from the Severe Ass Kicking they Received. They never learn, which is why they’re Wingnuts.

  15. I’m starting to get well with this. I like and respect President Obama but I’m mature enough to realize that he’s not a great fit for me ideologically.

    I’m far, far left of him on social policy in every area. I’m far, far left of him on foreign policy in every area.

    I don’t think he’s thought through his economic philosophy nor has he paid the subject really any serious attention at all. I’m obsessed with it and I’m pretty traditionally conservative on it. Not meaning like NO REGULATION BUSH, KILL THE POOR. I mean I’m for a flexible but tight-leaning fiscal policy (with big cuts to “defense” and “fatherland security”) and for a Fisherite policy of monetary neutrality as opposed to both the loony Bush idea and the loony real socialist idea of free money, i.e. never ending series of interest rate cuts.

  16. I despise his views on Israel. He’s way too neo-con and AIPAC. And as a Jew, I’m sick over how Israel of all countries has become a paid enforcer and leg-breaker for US imperialism in the Middle East. There are a lot of responsible paths to peace but Obama’s too hawkish to find any of them.

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