Sarah Paloon Offers Her “Expertise” to Obama


Although Sarah Palin is being Coy about her Future Political Plans, she did say she’d like to work with President Elect Barack Obama on Energy Policy.

Energy Policy?

I guess because she could see the Exxon Valdez from her Front Porch she believes herself to be an Expert on Energy Policy?

Palin needs to show some Humility/Restraint, and Retire to the confines of Her Igloo.

I understand Obama is “Reaching Across the Aisle,” and all, but the Last Thing this Country needs is, Sarah Paloon offering “Advice.”

Sarah, did you not see the Election Results?

By all means, Run in 2012 if you wish, until then, please, PISS OFF!


~ by fairlane on November 7, 2008.

8 Responses to “Sarah Paloon Offers Her “Expertise” to Obama”

  1. Except when Palin thinks of Obama reaching across the aisle, she thinks it’s spelled isle.

    Maybe she wants to teach him how to chant “drill, baby, drill!”

  2. I can see a BP station from here. I can also see a pizzeria. I am thus Italian.

  3. Maybe she wants to teach him how to chant “drill, baby, drill!”

    With regards to energy policy, it’s all she knows and the oil companies have plenty of lobbyists to carry that tune.

  4. Sarah was a mistake by McCain but some do read her as the real deal.

    You have those that are looking forward to her running for Senate or something in 2012 and there is sites that are willing and waiting to throw in their support for her,

    Now I see how Bush had so many followers who knew that he would hurt them as well as America with his policies.

  5. Progressives, humanitarians and generally hopeful people can only pray that this nitwit, indeed, becomes the GOP standard bearer next time. One can only expect that HER running mate will be Krusty the Klown.

  6. I think this woman needs to stop talking. Every time she opens her mouth it gets worse. She needs to go away now.

  7. now she’s mad ’cause it came out during the debates that she didn’t know that africa was a CONTINENT, not a country. she claims she was talking about SOUTH africa, which IS a country. yes, the press is a bunch of JERKS because they expect the man or woman who is pontentially in line for the presidency to know the difference between AFRICA and SOUTH AFRICA. that press corps, they really are JERKS aren’t they? mean too.

  8. She is being coy about the possibility of sliding into Ted Steven’s spot (a governor resigning so the promoted LGuv can appoint them to a vacant Senate seat is not unprecedented). And there’s still the Fox News Expert option I’m sure. Beyond that I think anyone that is left of center should get on the bandwagon for Palin 2012. Give ’em a Bradley Effect for the ages.

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