Sarah H. Palooney, Will You Please Go Now!

The Time Has Come-

The Time Has Come-

The Time is Now-

For you, Sarah P., to




I don’t Care How.

You can take a Humvee Limo-

Or a Little Yellow Bus

Just as long as you leave, I Promise.

I won’t Fuss.

You can Fly a Big Kite

Or Ride on a Big Old Brown Cow

Sarah H. Palooney

Will You Please



If you find a nice Camel

You can ride on his Back.

Or hitch a ride in “Real America.”

With Joseph Six Pack.

Sarah H. Palooney, I don’t care about the Why or the How.

Sarah H. Palooney.

Will you Please GO!


Yes, you like Shootin’, Dern Tootin’, and Talkin’ Real Tough

But I’m sorry Dear Sarah that isn’t


You need Brains, yes, Brains.

Which you are Most Certainly Lacking.

And because of this Flaw

It’s Time to


Take your Clothes, your Hubby, your Lipstick



Pack up Trunk, Trink, Trick, Spitoon, Oh,

And Don’t Forget, Trig.

Sarah H. Palooney stop Dallying About-

Load Up Your Shit.

Get the Fuck OUT!!

Sarah H. Palooney can you Not Take a Hint?

Go Back to Alaska.

You’re not the


Your 15 are up, they Expired Long Ago-

Sarah H. Palooney
Will You





If all else fails, take a Broom

Like those Witches.

And once you’re Long Gone.

It will be Time to

Drink Up, You Bitches!!


~ by fairlane on November 8, 2008.

28 Responses to “Sarah H. Palooney, Will You Please Go Now!”

  1. Watch out for helicopters over Kentucky.

  2. This is all kinds of win, Fairlane.

    I bow before your excellence.

  3. you do the good “doctor” proud!

  4. What a brilliant poet and illustrator you are. Got a book deal yet?

  5. hahahahah…..

  6. sadly, fairlane, i sense that sarah is NOT going to go away. paul begala was recently quoted as describing rahm emanuel as a “cross between a hemorrhoid and a headache.” my SENSE is that paul was REALLY talking about Sarah. And you know, she’s already got her agents and publicists lined up … the rogue maverick that she is, and all.

  7. oh, and hey, not to be a stickler or anything.

    not me.

    but that lipstick you’re showin’ up there, yeah, up there, north of here. see it now? ok. well, that lipstick appears to be pink. pink???? sarah barracuda wears SIREN RED lipstick. no shrinking violet pink lipstick for that one!!!

  8. Fairlane, this was fantastic! Well done! Let’s hope she listens! 😉 The woman doesn’t know when to just SHUT UP!

  9. Hilarious!

    I think she’s got something in her eye again, the poor thang.

  10. That pig is scaring the crap out of me.

  11. OK. I be buying the book in hard cover when youse getz a publisher. That really was grade A.

    And speaking of butter…. Sarah is toast. She is going to sink and diminish faster than Horton Heard of Who?

    So get the book to the publishers, quick!

  12. Randal- We don’t ‘llow fancy flyin’ machines round these har parts.

    Phy- No need to bow. Keeping in touch is more than enough.

    Liberal- I appreciate it.

    Unfortunately, after writing this post, I read that the good “Doctor” was anti-semitic.

    I think I’m going to pretend I never read that article.

    Utah- I can’t finish my fucking book.

    Know any publishers that publish unfinished books, or, better yet, finish them for you?

    Rev- Glad you enjoyed.

    Anita- They’re talking about her running in 2012.

    I didn’t even pay attention to the color of the lipstick. I’ll see if I can find “Siren Red.”

    Maui- If she reads Jonestown, she’s tougher than I thought 😉

    Empress- That pig is something, ain’t he?

    OK- I hope she sticks around.

    Obama is kind of dull.

    Although, it appears he’s already reneging on his promise to cut taxes for the Middle Class.

  13. I have a secret crush on Saracuda. Don’t try to come between us.

  14. the pig is very strange….. the overall Dr. Seuss thing is very funny however…..

  15. That was one of the best Seuss riffs evah!

  16. Here by way of Bob, and he was right – Teh Funneh!

  17. excellent riff as many others have already said

  18. Here’s another reason to send her packin'”

  19. Wowsers…. Packers lose. So to cheer myself up I hadda come back and read this post again.

    I think of it aa a new genre for pessimistic yet clear thinking pre-adolescents…. Dr. Fairluese. I can’t wait for the Christmas story….. How the Newt-Grinch stole Xmas. Now that could be funny.

  20. How the Newt-Grinch Stole Xmas! God, Okjimm, you are a fucking genius! Get that book deal secured, Fairlane, and grab that idea for the series before Okjimm beats you to it.

  21. I have a request for “Fox in Sox,” you betcha- style.

  22. *I have a request for “Fox in Sox,” you betcha- style.*

    i kinda don’t like that ROTFL thing … (it’s just not for me … that’s all) … but THAT was VERY funny. i think i just ROTFLed … which is better than crying i guess.


  23. Fairlane – you just redeemed yourself (you get a nickle back in CA).

    That was top notch – truly inspired, and I laughed out loud.



  24. sheer genius.

  25. Vig- I apologize, but the people have spoken.

    She must GO!

    Ghost- I try not to look at the pig. I’m not sure lipstick would help.

    Susan- You’re too kind, my dear.

    Too kind.

    Cunning- Appreciate it, homie.

    Lib- Occasionally I pull something worthwhile out of my ass.

    Anita- I don’t know about anyone else, but all it took for me was the fact she believes dinosaurs lived with people.

    OK- How the Gingrinch Stole Christmas?


    Utah- Riffing on Seuss is copyrighted.

    Frieda- I’m currently looking through Fox in Sox, and Oh, say can you say?

    Anita- Confucius say, Crying good for soul, but bad for skin.

    Ten- I didn’t know I did anything from which I needed redemption (Wow, that was an awkward sentence).

    Glad you enjoyed. Glad to see your back a MPS Headquarters, as well.

    Cowboy- Damn, long time no see. I thought Homeland Security finally snagged your ass.

  26. I think Sarah Palin is vile. She should be taking a lesson from Obama’s gracious public apology to Nancy Reagan for using her as campaign rhetoric that she really didn’t deserve.

    Palin did far worse to Obama and owes him a bigger public apology.

    That’s her only reason for speaking to or about Obama right now.

    Failing that, it’s time now for her to go away. Far, far away.

  27. K-Man- They never apologize. Apologizing is too human.

  28. If there’s a heaven, Theodor Seuss Geisel is smiling down on you.

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