Never Stop to Question Why

(I don’t particularly care for this band, however, Paz has a Strange Connection to a Wonderful Period of Time in My Life).

So, the Republicans are Considering a Potential Ticket headlined by Sarah Palin in 2012, Don’tcha Know?


As I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion, Logic would seem to Dictate that it’s time for the Residents of Wingnuttia to do a Little Soul Searching.

However, it appears the Residents Disagree.

After watching Chimpy Mc Stagger become the most Vilified President in History, the Wingnuts have Decided-

You know, if we want to carry our Dying Party into the next Decade, and Beyond, what We Need is, Someone Even More Divisive, and Inept.

Hear, Hear!

Yes, GOP, Your People love Paloon.

I get it.

To the Incurious, Anti-Intellectual Crowd, she’s the Veritable Bee’s Knees, and the thought of Palin resting her Elbows in a Puddles of Her Own Drool, whilst sitting at her Desk in the Oval Office, causes their little hearts to Pitter-Patter with Joy.

They always were an Easily Impressed Lot.

What I don’t get is, Why do you spend so much time Focusing on Your Base? I was under the Impression they had already Pledged their Undying Loyalty?

If the veracity of their Love remains in Question, why Run Palin? Why not, instead, run a 30′ Crucifix or a  Camaro?

And instead of Focusing on Queers, which is Kinda Creepy, how ’bout a Promise to Legalize Meth-Amphetamine?

Such a Gesture would guarantee their Vote for the Rest of the Century.

At least.

God only knows what goes through the Heads of the Wingnut’s.

All I know is, what doesn’t go through Them-

Thoughts, Ideas, Reason, Logic, Anything Post 13th Century, Seratonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Glucose, Oxygen, Nerve Cells, Electrical Impulses.


I’m honestly beginning to wonder if Al Davis is Moonlighting as a GOP Consultant.

And what really Chafes My Ass is this talk about “Holding Out the Olive Branch.”

Just by tossing around the Idea of a Possible Palin Run, the Wingnuts are sending a Clear Message-

Fuck the “Olive Branch.”

I swear the relationship between the Wingnuts, and Moonbats reminds me of the Abusive Husband, and His Wife.

The Wingnuts Royally FUCKED this country, and the Majority of its Citizens, but now they’re hard at work convincing Everyone it Never Happened, and the Moonbats are more than Happy to Oblige.

Well, he just loses his temper now, and again, but he has a Good Heart. He doesn’t mean it when he breaks my Jaw or Blackens My Eyes.

You just don’t know him the way I do.


Am I missing something?

Was I asleep during the Chimpy Years, during the Clinton Years, the Papa Bush Fiasco?

Is St. Ronnie Raygun of Iscariot a Figment of my Imagination?

Look, I’m glad Obama won, if for no other reason than because this country cannot possibly withstand Four or Eight more years of Chimpanomics.

But let’s look at the Facts.



Winners set the Terms.

Losers Quietly sit off to the side, Heads Down, and Concede.

Yet, as I was catching up with a few blogs today, what did I find?


On one hand there were the Smarmy Liberal Types talking about “Olive Branches,” and the imminent Circle Jerk scheduled for January 21, 2009.

And on the other, were the “Poor, Innocent” Wingnuts out working the phones with their “Don’t Be Mean to Us. We Didn’t Do Anything” Shtick.

In other words, the Wingnuts were setting the Terms.

Why does this always happen?

Is it Low Self-Esteem?

Do Liberals feel Guilty when they Win?

I’m not saying Democrats should Roll Out the Tanks, and Hunt Down the Assholes.

Hell, letting them live is far Worse than letting them Off the Hook.

But Goddamn.

If you truly believe America is Tilting in Your Favor (An idea with which I STRONGLY disagree), then Fucking Act Like It!

Don’t Apologize or Feel Bad.

I know, I know, you’re merely being Gracious.

The problem is, it doesn’t seem like Grace as much as it Smells Like Fear.


The Wingnuts are considering Sarah Paloon as a Potential Presidential Candidate in 2012.

Does that sound even remotely like Humility or an Acknowledgment that they’ve Gone Astray?

Fuck, No.

If the Wingnuts truly learned a lesson last Tuesday, the only Mission they’d consider Paloon for would be the First Manned (Womanned?) Mission to Fucking Neptune.

Instead, they view her Marginally Literate, Hyper-Religious Monkey Ass as an “Up and Comer.”

Savor your Victory.


Stop conflating Kindness with Passivity.

There is a Great Deal of Damage to Repair, and in the Process, some people are going to have Hurt Feelings.

That’s Okay.

They Deserve It.

It’s one thing to look at Individuals, and see them as Fellow Travelers.

Many of my friends, and family members are Wingnuts, and I Love Them Dearly.

However, as a Monolith, they have their Own Personal Interests at Heart, which, more times than not, seem to be in Direct Conflict with Mine.

One of my sisters is a Lesbian. Within our Family she is accepted, and loved, and I’ve never heard a Disparaging Word about her or her lifestyle. But in the Political World many of those same people who Love Her support a party that Specifically Targets Gays, and Lesbians.

Sure, it’s hard to Accept, but the Truth. Often. Is.

We cannot forget the last 30 Years.

As I recently reminded an Especially Asinine Wingnut-

You started this Shit. Until you came along, I was minding my Own Business.

Consequences are a Part of Life.

And it’s Morally Wrong to Enable those who Cause Harm.

By even Suggesting that the Wingnuts get a Free Pass, You’re Telling Them-

You Can Do Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want, to Whomever You Want?

I Promise such a Philosophy does No One any Good, regardless of the Intentions.

We owe the Wingnuts Absolutely Nothing.

Zip, Zilch.

Jack Shit.

If anything, They owe Us.

But they’ll never Apologize.

People capable of believing such Horseshit are Obviously Devoid of Introspection.

Hell, they’ve even convinced themselves they didn’t really Lose.

Which is fine by me, I always Hated leaving the decision to the Judges.


~ by fairlane on November 9, 2008.

20 Responses to “Never Stop to Question Why”

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Kudos, Fairlane. I am not a registered democrat, but I’m hoping they finally figure it out and start kicking some of the wingnut losers in the balls. Because they can, that’s why.

  2. yeah, what is this shit about not kicking out Lieberman? He needs to be kicked out of the party for supporting McCain and being a cheerleader for war and war crimes and other crimes against humanity. I say Bush and his cronies need to be impeached at the very least if not hung as traitors.

  3. you know, fairlane, i’ve actually been a little worried about “the blogs” in general with “chimpy” taking his final bows and leaving the stage (phewww!!). i’m not sure if “the blogs” are gonna turn on obama, or, as you explicate so well, commence an “appeasement” with the wingnuttery. i guess we just have to wait and see if it will be either of those two (although you seem to have found evidence of the latter) strategies prevail, or whether “the blogs” work in a positive manner to create real change (sorry for sounding like an obama-ack-crack …i can’t control myself … i actually have a tiny speck of optimism in my heart, believe it or not). anyway, my point is this: you’ve got a great point (or rather points) there.

  4. Well said.

  5. I have concerns about Obama’s conciliatory leanings, but I agree with Anita that we need to just wait and see. A top Obama campaign staffer said in an interview today that they are definitely going to keep up the momentum from their historic grass roots efforts in order to keep Obama voters engaged. He specifically mentioned Media Matters as a tool for keeping right wing misinformation from creeping back into the country’s conventional wisdom.

    I think liberals are energized by this election and have already begun repudiating the right’s siren call of “you must govern center-right because we are a center right country.” Bullshit – every major issue apart from abortion shows a majority of Americans prefer the Democrat’s platform. I hope President Obama stands firm on that side.

  6. Having been annointed as vp candidate in this go-round means absolutely nothing so far as the next one is concerned. You don’t run for vp but boy o boy there sure will be some resistance to that particular idea come the next one. You can’t appease wingnuts and I think even the Repugnicrats will distance themselves from the basest of their base in the coming few years. But what do I know?

  7. dont they inow she as well as most of the gop are out of touch?

  8. brilliant, just brilliant.

    the perfect republikkk ticket:

    camarao/trans am ’12

  9. I’m wanting the dems to kick Leiberman’s ass to the curb. And I hope Killa does run for Pres in 2012. We’d know her nasty ass. We’d be prepared. But what I’m wondering is who the hell would want to play second fiddle to the Killa.

  10. utah – How about Krusty the Klown?

  11. “People capable of believing such Horseshit are Obviously Devoid of Introspection.” Yes, that sounds like a bully to me. The GOP has been evolving for years as the Party of choice for the bullies in America. Not that the Dems don’t have their share, but dang it if McCain & Palin weren’t magnets for the crowd we can call I’m So Right I’ll Strip You Of Your Rights & Call You UnAmerican If You Dare Complain.

  12. Ronald Reagan/GEWB beat Adolf Hitler/Heinrich Himmler in this election is all that happened, even to the point of having Robert Gates in a senior national security position and Colin Powell in a less senior one. Obama’s got the Reaganomics budget or at least that’s the one he wants.

    Reagan was slightly better on one thing. He actually gave in to Tip O’Neill 40% of the time. Obama, Reid and Pelosi have already given up any pretense of having a leadership opinion on anything.

  13. To the Incurious, Anti-Intellectual Crowd, she’s the Veritable Bee’s Knees…

    Nice. I was just thinking about doing a post about how just about every conservative philosophy — and I use that term loosely — is based on a lack of inquisitiveness and the intellectual void that results. On every issue from global warming to gun control, ideology trumps fact, leaving conservatives with nothing but red herrings and straw man tactics to utilize in defense of their “principles”.

    If nothing else, it will be nice to have a thinker in the White House.

  14. Btw, what the hell is that icon on my comment?! 😛

  15. “We have to heal and move on” is all you’ll hear for months upon months, then another jackass will come along to fuck things up even further, stupid “972% of all people age 2-27 are Democrats!” polls be damned, cursed and laughed upon. This is Murka, land of the partially-free, home of the dumb.

    Why is Joe Lieberman right now not an official member of the goopers? If the economy wasn’t so fucked up, I wonder if Barack Hussein X would have even won.

  16. Correct me if I’m wrong but not in Ronald Reagan or George Senior’s dreams did they consider transferring AFDC as an unfunded, punitive mandate to the individual states and municipalities. That was the work of Bill Clinton, continued by Chimpy and to be continued by Gumdrop.

    Sarah Palin is every bit the disgrace that Fairlane says she is, but her style is smart politics for the GOP. They lock down a very strong, easy to herd, base, and let a weak Democratic leadership do the rest of their job for them.

    When the Democratic leadership on Penna Ave and Capitol Hill actually LEAD on THEIR OWN issues because THEY ARE NOW IN CHARGE, why should they be PRESUMED to be LEADING? How isn’t the Palin Party still really in charge?

    You’re starting to hear the first words of change out of the “NEW, new Democratic Party,” but they are whispers and you have to look for them. I had to find out that a small part of Obama’s foreign policy really is different from Chimpy’s on CARACOL and then had to follow up with a google news search.


    briliant post as usual – i love Jonestown – KEEP ON ROCKIN IT –

    peace, kindness yes – olive branch or letting MY GUARD DOWN – oh hell NO – and i gotta watch it too cause one of the side effects of my medicine is friendliness.

    I am all for civil discourse – but we must NEVER FORGET WHO WE ARE DEALING WITH – the evil liberal meme is alive and well and they are counting on re building their party by being divisive and playing the fundies to the HILT

    I have been enjoying the feeds on all your Palen Posts –

    are they stupid enough to think we are stupid enough to run someone like that ? yes

    funny thing is, in watching some wierd stuff on TV since i cut back on my channels She seems to really be freaked out – like GOSH would y’all just go away already – we got more inbreeding to do up here..

    doncha know ! oh and animals to shoot, and checks to collect from the OIL companies..and a bridge to build –


    they lost , we won. slowly – we will succeed in restoring a reason proximity of sanity to this country.

  18. hey some of you guys should calm down already. the guy is not even president yet. give him 15 ninutes to get his bearings before you shoot his effing plane out of the air.

    I knew this was going to happen. some people just live to criticize and hate … and they are obviously residing on both side of the proverbial aisle.

    the guy had the vision and guts and smarts and determination to get where he about to be. cannot we just be happy about that for now and allow him the space to do what he needs to do.

    all I mean is … hold your fire … for now at least. sheeesh.

  19. ANITA: I always call ’em like I see ’em. I wrote a post yesterday that was only SUPPORTIVE of Obama, because I noticed a couple of things that he had DONE, was planning to do, and had been done because of him. I even had a couple of nice words for Rahm Emanuel in that post.

    Nobody’s shooting anything down. I’m happy Obama won but I want to LIKE HIM AND RESPECT HIM FOR HIS DEEDS more than for his color or party.

  20. Oh my garsh! I was behind a car today that sported a bumper sticker that read, “Women for Sarah-Cuda.” WTF? I mean, WTF? I got out and kicked the bumper until the owner got out, and then I scissor-kicked HER in the head until her helmet hair broke my toe….

    Yeah, I’m pretty much making this up. Except for the bumper sticker. Which made me SICK!

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