World Vision’s World Vision Ain’t So Worldly

Here’s something Interesting that went relatively Unnoticed.

The Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel recently disclosed an Opinion from 2007, which authorized the doling out of $1.5 million Tax Payer Dollars to World Vision.

World Vision is a Christian Organization that helps Impoverished People in almost 100 countries.

Sounds Cool, Right?

Well, there’s one Problem.

World Vision refuses to Hire People who Refuse to Accept its “Statement of Faith” and/or “The Apostle’s Creed.”

In other words, World Vision utilizes the same Hiring Principles as the Chimpy Administration-

We don’t care about your Qualifications, Intelligence or Education. What we want to know is, Will You Drink the Kool-Aid?

The argument goes something like this-

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act says the Government cannot Impose “Substantial Burdens” on the Practice of Religion, therefore the Government has No Authority to challenge World Vision’s hiring practices because, as a Religious Organization, it has the Right to Hire Whomever It Pleases.

Now, I’m no Attorney, but this Argument Fails to Meet the Requirements of My Logical Litmus Test.

As a Religious Organization, World Vision does, in fact, have the Right to Hire Whomever It Pleases, however, by Forking over Tax Payer Money to World Vision, Chimpy changed World Vision’s Status.

Once the Federal Dollars are in World Vision’s Mitts, World Vision is Compelled to Follow the Federal Equal Opportunity Employment Laws, which forbid Discrimination based on Race, Religion, Gender, Age, Ethnicity, etc.

As far as I can tell, the case should be Fairly Cut, and Dry.

World Vision forfeited its Right to Hire Whomever It Pleases by accepting money from Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, Buddhists, Ninjas, and Wiccans.

Take back the money, and the Problem Goes-


It Disappears.

Why is this Important?

Well, in case you Forgot, Obama Promised to not only Continue Chimpy’s “Faith Based Initiative” Program aka “The Shit on the Constitution Fund,” he Promised to EXPAND It.

If you want to be a Christian, More Power to You.

But do it on Your Own Dime.


~ by fairlane on November 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “World Vision’s World Vision Ain’t So Worldly”

  1. sounds like a hustle to me

  2. my own small anecdote with regard to ‘world vision.”

    i remember, back in the day, when the hippies were changing their ways (i.e., i guess, stopping drugging and drinking, beyond that i’m not sure) and becoming “jesus freaks” … world vision was a big deal to these budding-evangelical-post-hippie types. they could sponsor a “destitute and hungry child” in, say, cambodia for however many dollars a month and you get pictures and a “letter” back every month. one of my older sisters got wrapped up in the whole world vision thing, she being, at the time, one of those hippies-turned-jesus-freaks.

  3. It’s just more American Christianist foolishness. Europe, South America, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Oceania, the Middle East, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Botswanna and Ghana will all tell them to take a hike because the money isn’t big enough.

    Central America practices Roman Catholicism their way and is not accepting chump change to have to dance. The poorest African nations will say “yeah, yeah,” grab what they can and never speak to the administrators of this again.

    Bush can’t shove this down anyone’s throat and it’s not in Obama’s style to try. This is the least of my concerns.

  4. Another faith-based initiative. I love it.

  5. Thanks for sharing

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