McCain Wins Around Here

McCain Wins around here.

In Utica New York people live in a bubble. A tightknit, well preserved, bubble of developmental retardation. It effects everything from the Arts, Food and the Economy. It is a provincial attitude of exclusivity that has effectively shut the door on progress around here.The fact McCain carried Oneida and Herkimer counties speaks for itself.

I know a local cop.
He’s black (one of eight black officers out of 200 plus).
There is currently a pool at the station for how long Obama can survive.
A complete stranger ( white male) walked up to him and said : “you people got all the power now”.
I guess we will know for sure when the arrest rate goes down. When we are not the only people on death row.
I guess we will know when there are more of our young men in College than prison.
I know we will have power, not to be confused with arrogance, when the imagery of a Black man in the most important job in the world settles in with our young boys and girls. When they can secretly say to themselves two simple words: ‘I Can’
Perplexing concept right?
Black President. Where are all the psychics now? No one in the world even thought it was possible, except me and Obama.
I’ll admit I did not get on the bandwagon until he announced his run in 07′.
During that time even the black pundits scrutinized him. In his hometown , Chicago, Mary Mitchell from The Sun Times put him to the ‘blackness test’.
But what possessed that guy to come up to complete stranger and blurt out his misguided opinion. My officer buddy was on his second sip of coffee of the day and was so offguard all he could muster was “Power? shiiiiiit I want some damn money”.
There will be a white backlash. All one needs to do is listen to the conservative pulse and you will hear hate, fear and frustration.
Ancient hate for anything not the same as them.
Fear of Black Men.
Frustration with the current scam being pulled on them by the very people they elected and currently support.
A backlash carried out by staunch, pragmatic racists. People who understand how little Obama can do about daily indiscretions people do not even know they fall victim to.
Dirty stuff like” “Oh, we don’t have any applications and we are not hiring anyway”.
You ask to speak to the manager and explain how you saw the ad in the paper. He explains “Oh yeah that ad…a simple mistake, we already filled that position”.
You go out on a limb and explain that you were instructed over the phone (where anyone can be white with enough practice) to come down and : “fill out and app”. Things get awkward and you realize you would not want to work where you are not welcome anyway.
Obama was symbolic and a tonic for our Global reputation but it will take years to…
Because they know how little Obama can do about the coded language and subtle slights that are a part of everyone’s life. Because some of our local elected Democrats admitted in private they did not think America was ready for a Black President.
It needs to be said again: in places like this, Utica, even democrats voted for McCain.
A kneejerk reaction to the preposterous idea of a Black man in charge.
One of the kids that regularly attends the community center I work at was kicked out of class and suspended for singing a popular new variation of a rap song that includes the chant : OBAMA-OBAMA-OBAMA. He didn’t get kicked out during class but while entering the class.
It was homeroom.
Five black basketball players (ironic right?), starters from the previous year, where called into the coaches office and told “you need not even go to tryouts”.
It was already bad enough around here.
White people have enjoyed a sense of entitlement for a long time around here and everywhere else in America except the deepest of Black communities. Most do not carry around their privilege card. They move about the world with compassion and respect- even kindness.
But a few are scared. A few believe they are losing something. A few believe the welfare gates are going to be flung wide open and black folks are going to get reparations for slavery and years of disenfranchisement.
To a few this is a nightmare.
They do not take into account the big business welfare policies we have adopted in place of social welfare. They fail to realize that many of them them fall into the very demographic that will benefit from Obama’s proposed tax plan.
Another friend told me he was talking to an ex-girlfriend (white ex) regarding the election. This wise Rochester resident shared her fear that: “now you guys are going to start acting different…you know… like you got power.” He stared at the phone like it bit him.
Personally, I won’t be happy until I get the simple and humble benefit of the doubt. I won’t be happy until people stop making uneducated assumptions about me or anyone who looks like me. I won’t be happy until I do not intimidate strangers by my mere presence.
I won’t be happy until the generation that overwhelmingly supported Obama (20-30 yr olds); the generation that I have accused of being ‘dumbed down’ and unenlightened, is in charge.
They also know cars can run on water and ethanol is stupid.
Hurry up guys- get involved.
This is your world now.

~ by barrymax on November 17, 2008.

25 Responses to “McCain Wins Around Here”

  1. Another profound entry, Fairlane!

    Yesterday’s Church service was jubilant. There was an overwhelming sense of “Yes We Did”. Although it wasn’t directly mentioned, the Pastor’s sermon topic was “Just in the nick of time”…

  2. Well-written article. Connected to this is the fact that many influential experts have been saying recently that Obama is part of Generation Jones, born ‘54-‘65, between the Boomers and Generation X. If Obama’s generational identity is of interest to you, you should definitely click this link…it goes to a page filled with lots of articles and videos of famous people discussing Obama’s identity as a GenJoneser, and the importance of this to his Presidency:

  3. I hope for all of this too. The one thing that is most important to me in all of this piece is that I will be happy when more black men are in college than prison. And really, I could give a shit about the ignorant crackers so worried about change. They should just put their heads back in their asses and go to sleep for a real long time.

  4. Very baffling and sadly not baffling at all. I saw the world polls. It was Obama 94-6 world-wide. Here in Panama it was Obama 98-2. Colomobia (3rd biggest recipient of US aid) was 95-5 for Obama. Peru with a far right government was 90-10 for Obama. I literally still don’t know an American who voted for McCain nor a non-American who didn’t favor Obama.

    Do you realize with the vote that McCain did get in what was considered a landslide win for Obama, that the US favored McCain by 8 times the rate the whole rest of the world (including Israel) did?

    At the start of the general election campaign, people here were laughing because the choice was so obvious. When it got nasty towards Obama, the anti-American tension in the streets was tangible.

    Even the freaked-out little Arab authoritarian city-states which love Republicans were 94-6 pro Obama.

    America is unique. I’ll give it that.

  5. Kelso: Unique I can live with. Fucking mean-spirited assholes, that’s harder. Yeah, still smarting over Prop 8 and the other anti-gay atrocities. Hard to celebrate with that ugliness hanging over your head.

  6. PIN: I hear you. Here’s something we can celebrate. Howard Dean’s 60th birthday. With Dean you get nothing but clarity. No obfuscations. No “reaching across the aisle.” He says he’s for peace, so he’s for peace. He says he’s for LGBTQ rights, he’s for LGBTQ rights, and backed it up with the nation’s first Civil Union law. He says he’s for single-payer; he’s not only for single-payer, he provided single-payer to every child in Vermont.

    And oh baby is he a guy who can not only get under any Republican’s skin, he can get under Obama’s skin, too. He’s truly the only politician that Obama has yet to charm. I’ve seen them together and it is frosty. Obama can’t accept that Dean still disagrees with him on every issue and Dean is looking at this guy he put into office who has done nothing but betray and embarrass him and one of these days he’s going to get him good.

    They’re both cranky guys but Obama feels bad about it and Dean relishes it. I could see Dean easily goading Obama into making a homophobic or anti-Semitic statement without meaning to. Dean knows how to do that. They’ll be having a little forum and he’ll wait for Obama to go religious (Dean is a very lax Congregationalist and his wife and kids are Jewish). And he’ll just let the line play out a while until Obama asks him why he hasn’t accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior. Then, school’s out. Dean can then tee off on gay rights. Maybe get Obama to do Wall Street/Main Street. Lead him a little into “speculators,” and then to the “international banking conspiracy,” and his goose is cooked.

    And there’s a very easy way for Obama to have no problem with Dean at all. Give him FDA Director’s post. Thank him for his invaluable help and be done with it. But this wasn’t about just the presidency, it was always about diminishing the Clintons and to a greater extent Dean.

  7. TOTALLY unrelated to this post, and in response to Kelso’s comments about Howard Dean …

    All I can say is that for a 60-year-old man, Howard Dean is one sexy specimen of the male persuasion.

    SOOOOO …. how do I get him to leave his wife and kids???



  8. As always Kelso you have proven to be spot -on with your Obama predictions.
    But seriously he has not come across as anm anti semite nor a christian fundamentalist. I also do not think he is stifling any right wing fervor underneath his laid back persona.
    but he is a politician, a good one for America at this time.
    Baseball he ain’t.

  9. As always Kelso you have proven to be spot -on with your Obama predictions.
    But seriously he has not come across as an anti semite nor a christian fundamentalist. I also do not think he is stifling any right wing fervor underneath his laid back persona.
    Smokescreen issues like gay marriage are political forks in the road that he has managed to straddle. I think the difference between Obama and his predecessors (at least recent ones) is his willingness t6o talk. That is exactly how he won his seat at the Harvard Law Review. He simply reached out to those (Federalists) who hade views that were the polar opposite of his own.
    Despite the pen mind , the dialogue, he is still a politician.
    He has a shared agenda.
    A good one for America at this time.
    Baseball he ain’t.

  10. Barrymax: I don’t think that Obama is an anti-Semite at all. If anything he’s too Zionist for my tastes. I’m a pan-Semite who believes Arabs to be my cousins. The jury’s out on whether Obama is a Fundamentalist or not. He’s opposed Christian fundamentalism at times. He’s supported it at times. At times, he’s split the difference. The Fundamentalism is relatively new for him.

    Had he done the right thing and stayed with Reverend Wright and the Trinity Church which is a very open-minded one and not Evangelical at all, I’d be more comfortabble.

  11. My point was that Howard Dean is a uniquely difficult person for Obama to debate on any issue because he’s unclassifiable in ideology and is probably the only big name who is COMPLETELY without White Liberal Guilt. Making friends has never been his strong suit, either. Probably his brother and Ned Lamont are his only friends!

    His civil rights work and public hospital service he did because he was interested in doing the work, not to be Great White Father. It’s basically about winning by proving that he’s right with him.

    With that bulldog style, he’s usually gotten opponents to make idiots of themselves by having to defend pretty inhumane ideas. Obama is a uniter and very good at it, but has grown way too cozy with both the Relgious Right and the hard-core Jewish right and can be rolled, as his abandonment of Wright shows.

    I merely make the point that there are any number of non-finessed finesses Dean could run on Obama in an ideological debate than no one else can.

  12. i’m assuming that barrymax is the author of this excellent piece, is he not? if so, then i think he deserves his byline.

  13. Kelso: thing is, Obama is appointing a bunch of former (?) Clintonistas, and Dean, well he’s leaving the DNC and I haven’t heard where he is going yet. Sure, there are rumors that he might get HHS, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m not expecting much at all, and, sadly, I expect my expectations to be met.

  14. PIN: Good ones and bad ones. Craig and Holder I love. Emaunuel not so much. The advocacy of Lieberman and the good ol’ boy thing with mcCain were disgusting.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Howard Dean. I think his sense of humanity and his personal interests would lead him to push for FDA and settle for HHS.

    His anger at Obama and the Clintons would probably lead him to growing DFA with his borther, figuring that the Republicans are going to be out of the majority for a while so “the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party” will really be the Blue Goggish Obama & Co’s true opposition.

    My life experience had perhaps falsely led me to believe that the Black/Gay fissure was an older generation thing because my life in NYC was spent in the underground poker and club world and so DL culture and White gay culture both around the card table and in the clubs was pretty normal and didn’t seem like anything notable.

    Having watched the Hughley interview of Dan Savage, I’m of the opinion that maybe in NYC or Boston or SF or Austin, that’s the case, but elsewhere this fissure’s for real and Obama’s on the wrong-ish side of it (religion first!/let’s all get along and shut up) and Dean’s on the right side of it (plenty of gay Black people, so rights first!).

    I could easily see the republicans going so far super right, that the Democratic Party would split in two as the (a Blug Dog) Democratic Party with Obama, the Blue Dogs, right wing neo-con Jews, moderate Republicans and a Progressive Party (Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Progressive Causcus, the progressive senators, some far-right libertarian/conservative Republicans) and a huge grass roots movement.

  15. Daschle got HHS. I don’t think Dean is going to get a thing, and that makes me very unhappy. He is one of the few democrats I respect. I think you may be right about Dean’s future and what is going to happen with the republicans and democrats. We have to fight to get the democrats to the left, and that’s just fucked up. You would think 2006 and 2008 would tell them something.

  16. PIN: It tought them quite a bit actually. In 2006, Dean brought them Congress but Obama and the Clintons campaigned for Lieberman over Lamont in the race Dean really wanted to win. Obama and the Clintons followed this up by trying to oust Dean from DNC chair in favor of the Fundamentalist Howard Ford, Jr., which failed miserably. So, Dean hands Obama the nomination. Obama wins easy. Dean complies with his promise to step down, giving Obama a chance to try to fuck him a 3rd time which he will by putting Colin Powell in at FDA. Then Obama will fuck him a 4th time by pulling back on HRC for State killing Dean’s chances for Jr Senate Seat from NY.

    I think it’s rotten, too, because I think Howard Dean, in contrast to Obama, has LED on every issue.

    Given their personalities, though, and living as I do outside of the US, it would be kind of funny to see Howard and Jim Dean and Ned Lamont and DFA picking off every Blue Dog with a DFA primary challenge, thus draining Carebear’s warchest down to sweet F-A, leaving Obama a sitting duck for Dean in the 2012 primary and really everybody’s set. History was made. A wretched guy like McCain got buried by the better man in Obama. And a useless guy like Obama will get shoved aside by an effective guy in Dean. Except we know that’s not going to happen, don’t we?

    Dean is bright and principled and has bags of ideas. Obama, though, is seriously a genius who has political instincts like no one I’ve ever seen before. So, in the end, Obama will have the last laugh. He’ll switch to the Reoublican Party and absolutely bury dean 529-19.

  17. PIN: I have a theory about the cleft between Obama and Dean. It’s idoelogoical to some extent but there has to be more to the story because Obama’s been the aggressor and Dean the aggrieved while cutting Obama a ton of slack and helping him in a big way in the primary end game.

    It probably has to do with the Democratic primary in Illinois to some extent which Rahm Emanuel broght home for Obama. Follow that up with the 2004 DNC convention. Everybody remembers Obama’s speech and Kerry looking like a clown in that tin soldier outfit but what everyone’s forgotten is that Dean and Sharpton gave this extraordinary back to back speeches which were great on their own but brilliant in tandem. Before Obama gave that speech there was buyer’s remorse with Kerry over Dean and some degree of embarrassment because Shaprton was so brilliant.

    At some point that week either Obama said something nasty to Dean or vice versa. Obama was brilliant at raising money against HRC and McCain, but Dean was still the money-king. He came out of nowhere with an anti-war pro-gay pro-national health plan to set every record Obama broke this year.

    Okay, so there’s no way that Keyes is going to beat Obama so that’s set. Lamont and the Dean brothers scared the shit out of the Clintons, Obama and Emanuel because they really NEEDED Lieberman in the seat. Plus, Dean was a huge problem for them because in addition to his internet fund raising ability, Dean found all of the liberal BILLIONAIRES. What Ron Burkle was to Clinton, Dean had 10 of them: Calvin Klein, Barry K Schwartz, Andrew Rosen, George Soros, Morris Deas, Mike Papantonio, John Meriwether, Ace Greenberg before the failure of BearStearns, the Wachtell family, hedge fund guys and NYMEX floor traders, BARRA, Susquehanna, all this exotic fast money that never had a candidate they’d loved before plus Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. Plus Diller, Gallin, Rudin, and Mike Milken. Plus Peter Brant, Joe Allen and Ned Lamont. Tremendous money from business and finance just not the banks.

    So, for the Clintons and Lieberman and Obama it was stop Dean by any means necessary. And the feud was born. First thing Obama does upon arrival in Senate is take on Joe Lieberman as his one and only mentor. Dean is a congregationalist but his wife and kids were Jewish, so that was a line of attack from the base.

    Schumer and Emanuel took credit for Dean’s ideas, but they really did need Dean for ’08. He delivered and now he’s getting his wind back to use DFA.

    We’ll see.

  18. Utica is not the only place where McCain won, B-Max. While Obama took my congressional district handily there were pockets within Pete King’s fiefdom (and not all of them the wealthy places) where McCain won on the basis of race, fear, and willful ignorance. While I’m happy that many of my neighbors did not succumb to the Bradley effect, it still baffles me how some could vote against their own best interests. If you heard a dull knocking sound on November 4th, that was me banging my head against the wall calling Lindenhurst’s McCain voters, idiots.

  19. business welfare – dang

  20. Great conversation…if anything there will be more productive dialog between constituents of these people that call themselves our leaders.
    So they know what to do.

  21. excellent piece again, fairlane…

  22. Good post, BarryMax. Only a fool would’ve believed that racism was defeated in this country. While we’ve come a long way, we still have a long way to go.

    Can’t say that I’m surprised by the death pool. With all of the white presidents that have been assassinated, racism will surely inspire the worst among us to give it a try.

  23. I hardly know what to say, except to agree that a number of blacks are being given a hard time at work and school over Obama’s win.

  24. I, for one, look forward to reparations. I’m one somethingth Cherokee, and one half Crazy.

    That has to be worth a couple billion.

    Oh, Dave aka Barry Max wrote this post. He never uses his avatar or his name.

    You can always tell it’s Dave because the format is fucked up because he cuts, and pastes his posts from somewhere else (Hint, hint, Dave).

    Great post, man.

    He won, that’s a step forward.

    We’ll never rid the world of self-loathing assholes.

  25. Sorry for the effed up format but… aw, forget it, I’m just trying to shift the paradigm maaaannnnn.

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