Bidding O.J., and the “Golden Boy,” Farewell


I’m sick of Politics.

Let’s see what’s going on in the World of Sports.

O.J. Simpson Sentenced to Prison

O.J. Simpson was sentenced to serve at least Nine Years in Prison on Friday. The sentencing comes after Simpson was convicted on 12 charges stemming from his participation in a Robbery/Kidnapping dating back to September of last year.

In his Remarks, Judge Jackie Glass said,

At a bail hearing, I said to Mr. Simpson that I didn’t know if he was arrogant, ignorant, or both. During the trail I got my answer, and it was both.

According to statements made by O.J., he simply wanted to retrieve Personal Belongings he felt were Stolen from Him, and that he never Intended to Harm Anyone.

He also claimed he had No Idea it was Illegal to Show Up in a Hotel with an Armed Goon Squad.

To say O.J.’s fall from Grace is both Tragic, and Pitiful, is an Understatement.

He “Had Everything,” as the saying goes, and he Pissed It Away.

Manny Pacquiao Beats Down Oscar De La Hoya

I can’t Express How Happy I am with This Result.

Oscar De La Hoya has to be one of the most Overrated Boxers/Human Beings in History, and I can only Hope the Ass Kicking He Received Last Night Sends Him, at long last, into Permanent Retirement.

What Really Irks me is, even after losing to a man who spent 75% of his Career at Super Bantamweight (122 lbs.) or Lower, many people continue to call De La Hoya one of the “Greatest Boxers in History.”


To be considered an “All Time Great,” you MUST Defeat other “All Time Greats.”

In his Fights against other “Sure Fire Hall of Famers,” De La Hoya is an Uninspiring Zippo for Six-

“Sugar” Shane Mosely (Split Decision, Unianimous Decision)

Felix Trinidad (Majority Decision)

Bernard Hopkins (KO Rd. Nine)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Split Decision)

Manny Pacquiao (TKO Rd. Eight)

Calling Oscar De La Hoya an “All Time Great” is a Travesty.

Maybe “All Time Good.”

But an “All Time Great?”

No Fucking Way.

The Truth Is, De La Hoya was more Talented than Most Fighters, but not as Talented as the Best. His Fighting Style was Often One Dimensional, and he tended to Cower when Faced with a Powerful Opponent.

The Good News?

After delivering a Beat Down of Epic Proportions, Manny Pacquiao Established Himself as a “Sure Fire Hall of Famer.”

Pacquiao’s Speed, Skill, and Power were Too Much for the “Golden Boy,” and after Eight Rounds of watching his man get Knocked Around the Ring like a Punching Dummy, Nacho Beristain (Oscar’s Trainer) asked the Referee to Stop the Fight.

The Win was Especially Gratifying for Pac Man because, for months, the “Experts” had deemed the Fight a “Mismatch” due to De La Hoya’s decided Size Advantage (Oscar spent the last seven years fighting at 160 lbs).

I guess they never heard of David v. Goliath.

Let’s hope Oscar joins O.J., and they both, out of Humility if nothing else, decide to Leave the Spotlight to those More Deserving.

Yeah, Right.

~ by fairlane on December 7, 2008.

10 Responses to “Bidding O.J., and the “Golden Boy,” Farewell”

  1. I see some sports news here…We’ll discuss both!

    O.J Simpson…there was a time when I simply loved the guy for the person he was on and off the field… He was simple amazing.. And then we all saw him fall…And he kept falling… He not only disgraced himself but he also disgraced the sport….which is very tragic…. And now, he is one of those guys whom I simply hate…

    Now there was this hge hue and cry that Manny and de La Hoya were big mismatches for each other… There was this huge size difference and Boxing folklore said that Goliath would squat David within no time….but as history goes, it was David who slayed Goliath..Same happened last night…De La Hoya seemed to be fighting just like a Zombie and was no match for Manny’s agility and reflexes…Its showed in the fight….No wonders Pacquio was victorious!

    Now for both on these bulletins, you can visit for further coverage!

  2. I see a thread in these two stories, fairlane, and it’s this: some people just don’t when to quit while they’re ahead. OJ got rolled the dice and got away with murder. Oscar believed his press as a great fighter. They both came back for more and learned the brutal truth.

  3. no comment on dumb j, and your boy won me money in that fight lol

  4. 1/2 of what Torrance said…I bet de la Hoya small. His LOSS to Mayweather was as good as any WIN Pacquiao ever had, but that was one fight.

    As for your overall analysis of de la Hoya, I agree with you. He’s not a Hall-Of-Famer by any stretch of the imagination. He’s not in the top 100 Welterweights historically and of current Welters giving more weight to recent performance, I’d rank them: MARGARITO, PACQUAIO, COTTO, BERTO, BROOK, MOSLEY, LUJAN, CLOTTEY, JUDAH, CINTRON, RODRIGUEZ, OUALI and QUINTANA…with De La Hoya in a tight pack of the next 13.

    The kid who should be the in the top 3 or 4 WELTERWEIGHTS is BONGANI MWELASE of South Africa. He has the biggest punch of all of them but has had tremendous problems making weight and is poorly promoted. For an 18-year old SAUL ALVAREZ strikes me as having the world of promise in the division although he can’t move up in the rankings fast enough while he can still make weight.

    I prefer discussing boxing to politics but I haven’t the slightest interest in OJ Simpson whatsover.

  5. Btw, the weigh-ins for any big-time fight below Jr Welter are pretty weird. These guys look like they’ve just been liberated from Auschwitz. In light training, these guys will limit themselves to one ginger ale and a few cups of ice chips when they go out at night.

  6. Spartacus said it best for me.

  7. That’s what a sportsman should do.. accept the defeat. And let’s be proud of manny, not just him but all the boxers who bring clean fights in the ring.. 🙂 Bravo boxers!! Bravo Manny!

  8. Sick of Politics? Sports? I am tired of politics and capitalism in Sports!

    Meineke Car Care Bowl Bowl
    Capital One Bowl
    Chick-fil-A Bowl
    Outback Bowl
    Insight Bowl
    GMAC Bowl
    EagleBank Bowl

    …plus… I am a Packer fan, which this year is akin to being a Cleveland Brown fan!

    OJ has blighted our airwaves enough… send him to Gitmo! Oscar De La Hoya? Sounds like a fried chicken fast food chain! Maybe he should have his own ‘Bowl’ game.

    Shit! If I really want a good fight I can go visit the ex-wife when she is having her ‘hot-flashs’!

  9. Just for that okjimm, well, you’re right. The only boxing I know is Rocky. Dangnabbit, I remember when the bowls were only sponsored, now they’re the names of the goddamn things. Where’s my 8-track!

  10. You know that OJ will have to spend all of his jail time in Solitary Confinement. He’s a prime candidate for a status killing. If he ever gets out, he should take his remaining fortune and go to some remote place like Uulan Bator Mongolia to get safely away from civilization.

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