What’s Going on in Good Old Kentucky These Days?


Time for a little Local News-

Marine Recruiter Charged with Rape

Arthur Pledger Jr., 27 year old Marine Recruiter, was charged with Two Counts of Third Degree Rape after evidence surfaced that he had Sex with a 15 Year Old High School Student.

This comes on the heels of a Report by the Miles Foundation that Incidences of Sexual Assault within the Military are on the Rise.

Gee, could there be a Link between Training People to Kill, and Rape?

Nah, that’s Crazy Talk.

“Shave my Head, Sleep with Men, Where Do I Sign?”

Louisville Woman Accused of Stealing $15,000 from Little League

Forty Three Year Old Theresa Reece was arrested on Suspicion that she Jacked 15 Grand from a Local Little League while working there as a Temp.

Don’t hate the Playa’,  Hate the Game.

Gov. Beshear Proposes Hike in Cigarette Tax

Facing a $456 Million Deficit, Governor Steve Beshear is looking into possibly raising the Tax on Cigarettes by Thirty Cents.

Cigarette Manufacturers are not exactly thrilled, and claim the Tax Might Dampen Cigarette Sales.

Yep, because Addicts, more than Anything Else, Worry about the Cost of their Addiction.

“What, you raised the Price of Heroin? I draw the line at $25. That’s It, I’m Through!”

What a Crock of Shit.

Don’t be Surprised if these Assholes show up in Washington some day with their Tar Stained Hands Out.


~ by fairlane on December 11, 2008.

12 Responses to “What’s Going on in Good Old Kentucky These Days?”

  1. anarkilicious dude.

  2. Too bad we couldn’t tax Congress, Lockheed Martin and the rest for their addiction to murdering brown people. Well, back to my mirror.

  3. If it’s any consolation people don’t appear generally smarter in other parts of the country either.

  4. No doubt the cigarette manufacturers will have to ask for some of those TARP monies. Regrettably, of course.

  5. cigarette tax…. I thought everyone in KY smoked blue-grass?

  6. ANd counselors trained to treat PTSD rarely treat jarheads and squids here. Their wives, yes, them, no. The head case stigma works great to keep them doing what they’re doing. Sick.

  7. Little League lady steals $15k? Is that all. We got an old geezer here who runs our local Little League like it’s a retirement annuity. In fact, we have two separate little leagues groups in my town — one is run by the old man, the other by a convicted felon.

  8. i say raise the cigarette tax 1000 x $0.30. and i say make everyone who buys cigarettes spend some time sitting quietly in a room with someone dying a slow and painful death from lung cancer and emphysema. just for the heck of it. yeah, that’s it.

  9. I’m suspicious about how a little league has $15,000 dollars. It sounds like Army recruiters have been laundering the money they made selling cigarettes to 15 year-old girls through a little league racket.

  10. I’m betting Utah is stranger and far worse.

  11. I’m betting Utah is worse, too, although, if you count the Osmonds, they have far more teeth than Kentucky.

  12. So Fairlane, do you have Scarlet locked in a dungeon in you house? I miss her. And you too for that matter. What’s up with the long silence? Why don’t you go out and about spreading mayhem and all other kinds of hell? I miss you and Scarlet.

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