WorldNetDaily: Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ?


Did you Get All That?

I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on the video at WorldNetDaily.

WorldNetDaily is not Making the Claim that Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ.

Just that-

It’s Awfully “Coincidental” Some Loon with a Bible Says He Is.

Can you Smell what the Wingnuts are Cooking, America?

Can You?

They’re practicing what I call-

Reverse Subliminal Messaging.

Instead of Hiding the Message Just Beyond the Reach of the Conscious Mind, they Hide it in Plain Sight, Pretending to Either Be Objecting to the Message or to be Merely Discussing the Message Objectively-

“We’re Having a Discussion, Here. No one is saying this Story/Accusation/Assertion is True. Of course, we’re not saying it’s Untrue, either.”

In the End, the Story is Repeated Over, and Over Again until it’s Burned Into the Skulls of the Discerning Impaired.

Take the Obama as Anti-Christ Blather-



Obviously, we have no proof that the statement


is true.
Do we know if


But Golly Gee Willickers, we’re not saying


We’re saying wouldn’t it be weird if it turned out that


That’s all.
And, shouldn’t we, as US Americans, have the right to discuss whether or not



Goebbels himself would Blush from Pride.

(Speaking of Mind Warping. Remind me again how the Wingnuts were able to Pin Nazism on the Left?)

Ah, but WorldNetDaily has a Long Distinguished History of being a Din/Den of Misinformation, Distortions, Right Wing Nuttery, and Outright Lies.

(Results from a 2006 WND Poll)

WorldNetDaily’s was founded in 1997 with the stated purpose of-

Exposing Wrongdoing, Corruption, and Abuse of Power.

Now, I’m sure you’re Wondering-

If that’s True…

Why is WND giving time to Loon Conspricay Theorists?

Ah, Sweet Question.

It turns out that WND has a Proclivity for Loons, as WND is Owned, and Operated by Loons.


These are but a Few Examples of WND’s Special Brand of Loon-

1.  One of WND contributors, Illana Mercer, is also a writer for the publication VDARE. VDARE is considered a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Mercer believes the penning of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson to be proof of Anglo-Saxon Racial Superiority.

2. Jesse Lee Peterson, another contributor at WND, wrote a commentary, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which made the claim that-

“President Bush is not to blame for the rampant immorality of blacks.”

Peterson also said-

“Welfare pampered blacks” were waiting for the Federal Government to save them instead of saving themselves.

This commentary was forwarded in an Email by State Congressman Jim Welker (R-CO).

Welker defended himself by saying he didn’t agree with everything in the article, but felt it was important because of its message that the Government Victimizes people by making them dependent on Welfare.

Oh, he didn’t mean that One part.

No word as to why he just didn’t send the article Sans the RACIST ASS STATEMENTS!

3. Anthony C. LoBaido, WND writer, blamed 911 on “Moral Depravity” in the United States.

He said-

God raised up Shite Islam as a Sword against America

4. Aaron Klein wrote an article on Eden Nata-Zada, the AWOL Israeli Soldier who shot 25 people, killing four, on a bus in Gaza, and in the article, Klein made the claim that Nata-Zada was “Murdered” by a “Mob of Palestinians.” The claim slanted the piece toward Nata-Zada making him appear Sympathetic.

Nata-Zada had ties to the Kahanist Movement in Israel. Kahanism refers to a Far Right Organization, which is linked to Numerous Attacks on both Muslims, and Israelis, including the Assasination of Yitzhak Rabin.

The Israeli Government, and the US State Department consider Kahanism to be a Terrorist Organization.

Klein, accused of being Supportive of Kahanism, failed to mention Nata-Zada had ties to the group.

5. WND is one of the Driving Forces behind the “Birther Movement,” and just a few days ago posted a story about the Now Known to Be Forged Kenyan Birth Certificate.

6. WND insists on keeping the “Is Obama Satan’s BFF?” Meme Alive.

WND is a Living Shrine to Wingnut Ignorance, Racism, Gulibillity, and all around Incuriousness.

And the Energy these People are Willing to Exert in order to Maintain, and Rationalize Their Hatred, is a Truly Astonishing Sight to Behold.


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~ by fairlane on August 5, 2009.

12 Responses to “WorldNetDaily: Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ?”

  1. If Hussein X WAS the antichrist, instead of ponies we’d all be smothered in riches and strippers and caviar and plastic devil horns and Slayer albums.

    Do we know if he ever survived a should-have-been-fatal head wound?

  2. No doubt, Fairlane, you know Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes? The two of you would get along famously. He is like a one-man army against theocracy, and he goes after WND, well, daily I think.

  3. I live in the only true Iranian styled theocracy in this country and they believe the Birther manifesto is true, cause the prophet told them so, and they believe in the Deathers because it’s that young angry black fake American who wants to kill all the old white people. All the members of the Council of the Wise old White Men who run the Mormon church, much like the Mullahs in Iran, know that they would be on the euthanasia list just as soon a that black pretender gets his socialized medicare plan passed. Did I say it’s not just a theocracy, it’s a racist, homophobic, keep the women preggers and cleaning theocracy. Well, no need to say what kind of theocracy it is, since all theocracies are pretty much the same. I needed to get that off my chest. Did it have anything to post? I got carried away. Ah yes, it was the devil made me do it.

  4. Jews everywhere must be breathing easier. I thought the reich wing christianist nutjobs were saying the anti-christ will be a jew. Cue the Obama is jewish rumor.

  5. Pissed- The Wingnut love of the Jew is odd, to say the least.

    They believe Jews are going to Hell because they don’t acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah.

    It’s a ruse to maintain a foothold in that part of the world.

    Oil, and the Apocalypse.

    Ten, Bing McGandhi, and I go way back.

  6. fairlane: Those wingnuts who believe in that Apocalyptic shit only love the jews for fomenting hate in the middle east. Then they get to be sacrificed in a sea of blood when Jesus (oddly, a jew) comes back to strip them (said wingnuts) naked and send them to heaven to meet his dad. I imagine most jews know the true motivation and are using the wingnuts as much as the wingnuts are using them. It’s all sick.

  7. One thing I’ve learned: conservative Jews are every bit as batshit crazy as American conservatives. Blaming violence in the Middle East on the gays sounds like something any FIXED Noise regular, Dick Morris, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, or Annthrax Coulter would say.

    Speaking of FIXED Noise’s Glenn Beck. He did a stupid skit last night where he joked about poisoning Nancy Pelosi.

  8. […] This is yet Another Example of what I call Reverse Subliminal Messaging. […]

  9. The theory that the opinions of a relatively small number of brain washed idiots should be accepted as keeping things fair and balanced in media reporting is totally ludicrous.

  10. it’s time for respectful evaluation of opposing viewpoints. Even Pravda warned last week that Marxist Obama will ruin America within a year. Antichrist? Maybe a wannabe antichrist, nicknaming his armoured vehicle “The Beast” and preening around the world.

  11. Three major problems, “Shlomo.”

    1. You found this post by searching “Obama negro anti-christ,” which indicates you may be a Moron.

    2. You refer to Obama as a “Marxist,” which indicates you haven’t the slightest fucking idea what “Marxist” means.


    3. You site a Russian article written by an oblivious fool. When, and if Russians get their shit together, they can start lecturing Americans.

    Oh, and gee, let’s not forget many Russians seem to have difficulty with non-whites.

    Orly Taitz, anyone?

    I “respectfully” ask you to Piss Off.

  12. […] This is yet Another Example of what I call Reverse Subliminal Messaging. […]

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