Glenn Beck Jokes About Poisoning Nancy Pelosi


I’m no fan of Connie Botox, but come on.

Are these not the Same People who Incessantly Bitch about Media Irresponsibility?

Calling Yourself a “Commentator” does not Give You a License to Say/Do Whatever.

Even I don’t Joke about Killing/Poisoning People.

This is yet Another Example of what I call Reverse Subliminal Messaging.

There’s no need to Backmask or to Slow the Video Down Frame by Frame.

The Hidden Message is in Plain Sight for Our Viewing Pleasure.

What Remains Cloudy Is-

How do We Know when Beck is Joking?

Remember, this is the Same Man Who-

And Only a few days ago, Beck went on the Air asking his Viewers to Refrain from Resorting to Violence.

If I were one of Beck’s Fans, I may be a Tad Confused, as he is Seriously Skull Fucking his Gaggle of Mouth Breathing Devotees-

Do They Grasp the Irony?

We Need Another 911!

Barack Obama is a Racist! He Hates White People!

Get Out in the Streets! Fuck Some Shit Up!

Barack Obama is building Concentration Camps for Americans!

Barack Obama is a Socialist, Communist, Fascist!!

Liberals Hate America, and Wish to See It Destroyed!!

Uh, whatever you do, Stay Calm…Picking Up a Gun Is Not the Way to Deal with Traitors Hellbent on Destroying America from Within. No, Violence Is Not the Answer. Sure, They Plan on Taking Away All Your Freedoms, and Locking Your Children in Internment Camps because They’re White, but Don’t…Whatever You Do…Pick Up a Gun. No. Don’t. Stop. Please. Don’t. Stop.

Glenn Beck is the Worst Kind of Coward.

From Atop His Ivory Tower, He Tosses Chum Into the Waters Below, and then Professes Ignorance as the Sharks Begin Circling.

America, He’s Not Kidding.

I’ll Repeat-

Glenn Beck Was on the Air Several Days Ago Pleading with His Viewers-


~ by fairlane on August 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “Glenn Beck Jokes About Poisoning Nancy Pelosi”

  1. Jeez, and here I was going to joke about tipping a moose on top of the Palins, their skulls crushed under the weight. You ole softie.

  2. Television has done more harm than any other modern invention to destroy people’s ability to think for themselves. It should be avoided under all circumstances.

  3. Hey, Fairlane! Glad you’re back! I think Glenn Beck is the Anti-Christ. Seriously. He’s going to bring about the end of the world. I think if you take the words “pompous” and “bigot” in the Bible, and translate them to Greek, and then to Aramaic (with a slight first-century Jerusalem slang), they will sound phonetically like “Glenn” and “Beck”. No joke. That’s da troof. I’m not at all making that up. Somebody I know told me their brother read it in an email, so it must be factual.

    Hey, you’ve inspired me, man. I resurrected my old blog. It’s now at Check it out. I have my first post up about health care.

  4. I’m waiting for one of Beck’s followers to act on his ravings and then, when caught, simply state, “Glenn Beck told me to do it.” That’ll be the only way he crumbles.

  5. can i offer any of you some koolaide? whoops too late i see you have already had some . for you to be spouting out such tripe weak as it may be.if nancy & her good comrades could see fit to take a long vacation in guyana which i hear is lovely this time of year perhaps something good could come out of the sewer that is our capital.

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