Michelle Malkin is A Mental Illness

You don’t understand, see, you don’t understand
See, I’m like a murderer, see, I’m like a murderer
And I could rip you limb from limb
And I could rip you limb from limb
Great big thing crawlin’ all over me
Great big thing crawlin’ all over me
Great big thing crawlin’ all over me…

Michelle Malkin is A Mental Illness

There, I said it-

You know it’s true, so, why Beat Around the George W. Bush any longer?

Seriously, Fuck Her if she can’t take a Joke, which we Know She John McCunt, er…Can’t.

She’s Nuts.


MoonBatShit Crazy.

Every time I hear her  Self-Ingratiating Voice I pray for the sky to rain down anvils and grand pianos.

Smart Bombs tracking a Dummy Target.

Maybe I am, and Maybe I am.

America, do you Hear It?

Do You?

Didn’t Think So, but if it’s any Consolation-…

No One is Listening


sometimes Nothing Makes Sense.

And how.

Man, oh, Man does it Evah!!

America is Teetering…Tweetering?

And in Wingnuttia, the Drool CoAGulAtes.

The Right Wing is DEAD.

Committed Suicide back in High School.

Senior Year, if I’m remembering correctly.

All that remains, is…

I don’t have to Say/Write anything I don’t Want.

Lately, I don’t Want-


As there’s not Much Worth Having these Days.

I’ll stick with what Works, and you…


I insist.

Michelle Bachman says the Census tried to Steal her Favortie Gingerbread Man, and She’s-

Fucking “A” Pissed Off About It!!

Of course she overreacted.

She knows he Never Loved Her, anyway.

They (We) NeVEr Do.

Ah, but Michelle fell off, and she Cannot Get Back UP.

Not this Time-

Mother Fucker.

28 Pages!

28 Goddamn PAGES!!

You Deal with That.

You Look them In the Eyes and TEll them-


An ex of mine recently asked her sister-

Is he SeeIng a Pee Sigh Chai Uh Trist?

Well, Of course Fucking Not.

What would be the Point?

He just seems SO much More Sane than He did when we Dated.

He’s a Genius, Don’tcha Know?

Maybe, At long Last, it Makes Sense.

But, you said-

Nothing. Makes. Sense.

It does, which fits My Original Hypothesis-

P   E   R   F   E   C   t   L Y.

Michelle Malkin is a Mental Illness.

She Really Is.

And She’s Spreading




Her Nails are clawing Your Bach, Man.

She likes it ROugh.

Wants to Hear You-

Scream the Words.

Wants you To Flail in Agony.



She melts into you, and once Inside-

Burns like Drano.

Eats You Alive From teh Intertubes.

Leaves nothing But Sludge.


A Permanently Disfigured Sense of Self.

Life. Altering. Injuries.

You fit into me
like a hook into an eye
a fish hook
an open eye

I always see it MY WAy.



The Right Wing is Dead.

Some Lonely Highway.

Back in ’81, ’82.

Condoleeza Rice is/was Proud a Balkc man Got Electimuhcated to the White House.

(Do WE still have to Call It taht?)

She forgets, at times, her comings and goings.

Think she might be  One-HaLf Chameleon the way she

Almost Blends

into Her Background.

Who Knew?

No, I’m seriously ass King.

Who Knew?

She wanted to marry Glenn Close, but instead, They Gave Her-

Glenn Beck.

Fucking Faggots, anyway.

Ain’t it bad enough already?

Maybe she Can Consult for Others Trying to Pass in more Ways than


This post is Rapidly Degenerating.



Will be nothing But a

Skull Fucking


But I’m not going to apologize to You.

and Why should I?

wait…don’t answer.

I got sarah on the line, and she sounds

Serious. This.


She sayd-

Speakin’ uh Half Breeds, an’ Half Served Terms.

I don’t see Russia no More. I seas past’em, You Betcha.

All tha ways Round tha Whirled.

All tha way t’ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

An iff’n ‘at don’t qualerfy me as Preznit-

I suppos’n we stop havin’ erecTions ever four yars, Don’tcha Know.

Winkety. Wink. Wink.

Michelle Malkin is a Mental Illness

There is no Reliable Treatment.

No cream or Solution to at least Alleviate the Burning Itch.


Ann Coulter Swears she hasn’t lost her





But I’m not So Sure.

Like most Americans

I prefer Hate Speech to be delivered from the Buck Toothed Mouth of a Faux Asian.

Comes across as more Authentic.

I mean, let’s be Serious.

How believable is a 6′,blonde haired, blue eyed woman?

What, is she a Nazi?

Oooooooo, I”m so Scared.

Nah, paint her Geisha White, and Wrap Her in Silk.

I always say.

I do.

Well, not really, but that’s what I say I say.


I hardly ever say that if you really want the Truth.

In fact, most of the time I’m talking about other shit that isn’t even remotely related to Any of This Nonsense.

I prefer Nonsense of a more Nonsensical nature.

With Far More Sex, and Waaaaaaaaay Less Violence.

Doesn’t that sound


Sure. It. Does.

Pussy is as Pussy Does.

ANd i prefer that the Pussy Does Me.

Know what I mean?

Herman Hesse said there’s no Place for People like Us (He and I).

I hope he’s Wrong,


I’m beginning to


Whoever wants music instead of noise, joy instead of pleasure, soul instead of gold, creative work instead of business, passion instead of foolery, finds no home in this trivial world…

Goddamn know it alls!@!#

Mother FUck’em!

Sean Hannity wants to know how much longer we’re Going To Suffer at the Hands of the Elite.

And I have to Agree.

He seems to be a Nice Fellow.

Especially Patriotic, which I Especially Dig.

How much ya’ wanna bet he has an American Flag Shower Curtain?

Probably Jerks Off to it each and every morning

the Star Spangled Splatter-

from sea to shining sea, bitches!!

That’s how I’d do it if I Loved America.

But of Course-

I don’t.

I have issues with Intimacy.

I’ll be the first to admit.

But if I didn’t?

Every Fucking Morning like Clock Work Orange Ya’ Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?

He’s so young, and tender…

Michelle Malkin is a Mental Illness.

And how do I know this?

Says so right here.

Read it for yourself-

Fox News: Fair and Balanced


I’m not asking you to believe every Thing you read.

Just whatever I write (Unless, I mail a 2″ x 3″ index card with someone else’s thumbprint, and a note, which reads, “Stop. Paying. Attention. Stop.”)

I’m Trustworthy, Honest, and I love Puppies.

Garsh, but who doesn’t?

Michelle Malkin (That’s Hoo)

Barack HUSSEIN Obama loves Puppies, too.

But Hates wHite People.

Why wouldn’t he Though?

After all, he’s the Anti-Christ, which is just another way of saying-


All we can do Is pray for his Defeat.

Actually, you pray for that.

I’m praying for a new Set of China, and for more nipple slip pictures of Paris Hilton.

Did you see how Nicely it Worked oUt in the End?

Sure you did.

YOu’re Patriots.

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~ by fairlane on August 11, 2009.

10 Responses to “Michelle Malkin is A Mental Illness”

  1. The danger is not that the Reich commits suicide. The danger is that it will try to make it a murder-suicide.

  2. why do you hate mental illness so much

    can we give her and bachmann and coulter some thorazine

  3. Of course I’m a patriot. There’s an American flag on the back of my Slayer CDs.

  4. Oh, god, I love reading your posts.

    Not for the faint of heart, but always excellent.

    Drink UP, Bitches.

  5. I’m sensing some ambivalence on your opinion of Malkkkin.

    You write like jazz – I just figured it out. I’m kinda slow to start, but eventually I catch the bus.



  6. Vig- The dangers are too numerous to list.

    If only the Democrats were better.


    DCap- I may have some lying around the house.

    I’ll get back to you.

    Randal- Well, for fuck’s sake, why didn’t you say so?

    Bob- As always, my pleasure.

    Ten- I like that very much.

    Think I’ll keep.

    “fairlane flows as free form jazz, cat dad…”


  7. The kind of behavior we see in the media long precedes tv, the nets and satellites. Babylonian, Goth and Mongol hordes ravaged their way across continents, never doubting their God-given right to rape, murder and pillage. They acted because they could. I remember reading of their women standing on hills above battlefields waving their breasts and pussies while screaming in delight at the carnage. Insanity still flourishes.

  8. Oh my how I’ve missed making the rounds in blog-world.

  9. I don’t even acknowledge the crazies by writing posts about them anymore, but it’s probably just ’cause I don’t have cable more than anything else. I’ll take yer and 30,000 other liberal/trendy/talented bloggers’ words for it that she’s batshit crazy and not in a cute way. I’ve seen the pictures.

    Your onomatopœia is showing and it’s so gosh darn smooth. I missed it.

  10. That was fun. The Bull pic made me shit in thyself. Malkin Beck Hannity. You have to be honest these guys are hilarious. I was listining to their town hall banter in a donut shop and actually laughed outloud from some of the incredible shit I overheard.
    But guess what?
    No one is really listening.
    To Anything.
    The only people who really like them are old people and they are dying at a brisk pace.

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