If Obama is A Socialist, What Is Tengrain?


Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over, and Over Again, and Expecting Different Results (Albert Einstein)

Obama the “Socialist.”

Every time I hear those Seven Syllables, I imagine an AR-15 firmly against my shoulder, as I…

Some things are better left unsaid (But only Some).

Obama is what passes for a “Socialist?”


I had no Idea.

I guess that’s not too surprising. We do, after all, live in a country where Fox News gets away with calling itself-

Fox News.

God. Help. Us.

I got into a little dust up today with some Wannabe Hippie.

Eh, no surprise there.

I never was a fan of Tie Dye or that Pot Bellied Fraud, Jerry Garcia.

No different than Limbaugh-

Unapologetic, Show Me the Money


u n




Keep on Truckin’, Bitches.

I’ll admit-

I disagree because I can’t agree, otherwise, we would or, at the very least-

I would.

Yeah, so she gave me the Riot Act. Asked me0

What are you doing here, then?

Fuck if I know. You’re the one “In Tune” with Mother Earth.




Of course, that’s what I thought You’d Say.

Did you hear the News?

Obama is a Socialist, and he’s got his Gat aimed straight at

Whitey’s Head

I just Laughed. But it wasn’t LOL.

I prefer to keep it To Myself.

I’m selfish in that Way.

That’s not Really True.

I love to Laugh.

Especially in the Faces of Patchouli  Soaked…

This Confuses Me.

No. Seriously.

More than that other Stuff.

Here it is-

If you believe the Wingnuts, how does one Extend a Hand-

I simply cannot.

However, I always was Prone to Believing People Insistent

on Carrying Assault Rifles

Right, Right,

I’m the Bad Guy.

Because I suggested you can’t Make Peace with These FUcks?

Ain’t we All God’s Children?

Ted Bundy answered with a Resounding, NO!

Prayed, through a Stockinged Mask, to Himself.

There is Evil in This World.

Some times It Hides Snarling, Strangling Claws behind a Handsome, and Educated Face.

Why is it So Hard to Accept?


I am a Scorpion-





Expect from Me?

It’s a Fucking Lie to say We All Want Peace.

I know, I don’t like It Either.

Not. One. Goddamned. Bit.

There are Moments when Ted Bundy is Not a Monster.

When he is Just a Child, and Innocent?

But the Stillness frightens him.

Life forever In Flux.

Run run as Fast as You can.

There is Poetry just beneath this Tacky Veneer.

And Obama is a Socialist.

the world Likes Him better that way.

The Great Brown Hope.

It is Catchy.

Don’tcha Think?

No, of course you don’t.

I’ve spent the Last 20 years trying to convince myself that I’m Mad-

But the Tests Always come Back-


Some Little Cunt called me a “Dick.”

See how that Works?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ahahaha ahahaahha….

I would have made a Kickass Attorney.

Perry Mason or Seersuckered Matlock?

Normally, as if, I’d Smack His Fucking teeth Right out of His Fucking Face.

But I let him off the Hook.

Liberals simply cannot get past the Obvious.

takes less than Five Minutes to bring it all Crashing-


Yes, yes, We’re all God’s Little soldiers.


Count your Blessings, Sweetheart.

How do I know this, Right Here, is the Truth?

Shit, who you think I be?


All I know is-

Obama is a Socialist.

And God don’t Love Dem Ho’s.


~ by fairlane on August 20, 2009.

12 Responses to “If Obama is A Socialist, What Is Tengrain?”

  1. If you work for a living and do not own for a living your interest is furthered by the common struggle of working people everywhere to better their conditions and raise their standard of living so that they and you can get an increasingly larger share of the value that is produced by you and your fellow workers.
It is now possible for advanced technology to produce much more material wealth with less effort than ever before. This technology was produced by working technologists, scientists, and other working professionals. It should belong to those that are the producers of this technology and to those workers that utilize this technology and in so doing benefit and enrich the entire society.
But instead those exploiters that own for a living are calling the shots and as a consequence the 90% concentration of capital and wealth in the USA is in the greedy hands of only 1% of the people. These parasites do not work for a living but instead own for a living.
The people that think that their fate and well being is an individual thing and is not a part of a struggle of groups that have a common interest is sorely mistaken.
If you cannot see the forrest because of the trees, it is because you are short sighted! …I suggest that you climb to the top of the tree so you could see not only the individual trees but also the big picture, and how you as an individual fit into that big picture, … and the scheme of things

  2. There is nothing wrong with making money or competition. And there is nothing wrong with individuality.

    However, that has nothing to do with this post.

  3. Well said, Fairlane!

  4. Mmmm, BBQ sandwiches.

  5. My brain hurts trying to figure out what I am if Obama is a Socialist.

    Damn you, Fairlane, now I need health insurance!



  6. If Obama is a Socialist, I’m the Queen of Rumania.

  7. Obama is not only a socialist he is a far out communist from a planet that has an advanced technology and is intellectually advanced over we mere mortals here on the planet earth!

  8. Perfect, fairlane. And Tengrain, if Obama is a socialist, you are a Mormon housewife. I hope that helps.

  9. I stuck the “Garcia = Limbaugh” reference in my apple bong and smoked it. Came up with “WHA?”

  10. Great comparison. If we’re not all crazy what does that say about the policies of the new administration?

  11. Heh – thanks for changing the title!

    My GOP parents must be so proud.



  12. wow…sure is good to have you back in the saddle again!

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