It’s Linky, It’s Linky, Oh, What a Wonderful Toy…It’s Linky, It’s Linky, Fun for a Girl, and a Boy!


Here’s to you, Blogroll.

May your days be Bright, and your evenings…uh, whatever, I have no Fucking Clue.

Sorry, for the Light Posting. I moved this past week, and have been Extremely Busy.

Be back soon.

Until then…


~ by fairlane on August 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “It’s Linky, It’s Linky, Oh, What a Wonderful Toy…It’s Linky, It’s Linky, Fun for a Girl, and a Boy!”

  1. Fairlane, you are just the Bee’s Knees.

    Riverside, mutha.

    (My grandpa — i never met him — was the DA for Riverside. I’m sure he would be tickled by that phrase…)



  2. You could always tell us about your move?

    Did you buy a house? Get foreclosed on? Pitched a tent under an overpass? Changed states?

    I love hearing about such mundane details. Seriously.

  3. i think it’s about time i reconfigurated my blogroll.

    christopher- not foreclosed, not buying house, not overpass or another state.

    did, however, get laid off, and now forced to move.

    three times in my life i’ve been laid off-

    1. engineering firm

    2. newspaper

    3. engineering firm

    all had one thing in common- owned, and operated by Wingnuts.

    i thought they was supposed to be all good at Capitalmalism and shit?

  4. ’bout time they put you in the loony bin. Laissez-faire über alles!

  5. fairlane, thanks for the linky-love. I’ve been a poor reader and not much of a writer this past year – seems that, for the most part, I’ve lost my ability to process words.

    Bummer, man.

    Anyway, something finally fell out of my pie-hole this past 9/11, so maybe I’ll get the ball rolling again.

    Moving’s a pain, especially when done under duress, such as when laid off by Wingnuts. I expect to be moving at the end of the month as well, so I empathize with your situation.

    Good Luck, Man.

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