Thoughts on 9/11


So, tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11.

I’ll be honest, as I always have, and tell you, American flags do not dance in my head when I think of 9/11. Nor do I become Flush with Rage or Salivate for Vengeance.

The Truth is-

I don’t live in New York, and I don’t know any of the dead from that terrible day.

I know, I’m a selfish bastard, but at least I’m an honest Selfish Bastard.

At least I’m not Milking Tragedy to Feign Moral Superiority or to Draw Attention to Myself in a Münchhausen by Proxy kind of way.


I will say, I do believe 9/11 was a Tragedy, but not because the Twin Towers came Tumbling Down, but because of what Followed.

Nine Years Later Our military remains in both Afghanistan, and Iraq as a Result of 9/11.

Or should I say-

Our military remains in both Afghanistan, and Iraq as a Result of the way 9/11 was exploited by the Bush Administration.

Sure, Asshole Wingnuts will say there’s no Proof that Chimpy Used 9/11 as an Excuse to Invade Iraq, but No One Takes Those Supercilious Cunts Seriously Anymore.

In fact, after Enduring 8 Years of that Menace known as Chimpy Mc Stagger, I’m Inclined to Draw my Glock from my Shoulder Holster, and Peel a Mother Fucker’s Cap Back.

As I write this sentence, young American Men, and Women continue to Fight, and Die thousands of miles from home.

That is the Real Tragedy.

In 50 years, what will we say-

Well, son, They Fought So We Could Be Free.

Surely no one still believes that Horseshit?

I know there’s a fine line between Questioning these Wars, and Discrediting the Sacrifice of our Military, but the questions must never stop.

If for no other reason, so that our Military will never be used in such a Careless, and Arrogant way Ever Again.

You see, apparently we didn’t learn from Viet Nam.

Nine years, and Counting.

Thousands of Americans dead.

God knows how Many of Iraqis, and Afghans.

Trillions of Dollars Spent.

For What?

So a Man who Spent His Entire Life Steeped in Inadequacy could Act Upon His Paranoid Delusion that He Was Chosen by God to Save the Human Race?

Think about that for a Minute-

The Mother Fucker Believes God Chose Him to Be President so He Could Wage War Against “Gog and Magog?”




He is a Disgraceful, and Despicable Human Being.

And he is the Legacy of 9/11.

George W. Bush is why thousands of People Died.

Sure, you can Blame Democrats, but they were merely Debris Caught up in the Perfect Storm.

A Disgraced Son Yearning for Redemption, and a Murder of Crows surrounding Him Hellbent on Creating Utopia-

By Any Means Necessary.

It was Inevitable, and Now all Those “Brave Soldiers”  are Mostly Forgotten by the Men Who Took Advantage, and Shamelessly Exploited Their Sacrifice when Doing So Still Captured Headlines.


Yes, we’ll Hear from Them Again.

They say how “Proud” they are, and Claim “We Did the Right Thing,” and Cheney will More Than Likely once again refer to those who Oppose the Wars as “Commies,” or “Traitors,” or “Know Nothings.”

Anything to postpone his Growing Irrelevance for One More Day.

And after we Voice Our Outrage at their Hypocrisy, and their Cowardice, and the Sun Sets on another 9/11-

Only the Troops Remain.

Only they Remain Bound to the Decision Made what seems like a Life Time Ago.

Only they Continue to Live, and Die in a War Zone.

Cheney will Retire to His Ranch waiting for his soon to be Granted Permanent Deferment.

And Bush?

Bush will do as he always Has.

He’ll Remain Oblivious Convinced the World Will One Day Revel in His Greatness.

They said We Would Never be the Same After Viet Nam-

They Were Wrong.


~ by fairlane on September 11, 2009.

10 Responses to “Thoughts on 9/11”

  1. Well, I think you may have over minimalized the 9/11 WTC Tragedy. As for Bush/Chenny and their puppet masters not a bad picture.

  2. Great post. You are right, this is an aspect of the effect of 9/11 that we don’t usually address on this day, that it was the catalyst for Bush/Cheney’s war machine that we are still paying the price for to this day.

  3. I’d give that one a 10-star rating if I could. I’m in total agreement with every word.

  4. Freedom isn’t free. It costs $1.98 down at WalMart. Well, $2.98 by now.

  5. 2/26/93, 4/19/95 are also important “catastrophic’ dates in American history. However, the Clinton Administration treated them for what they were… crimes. Regardless of whether one believes Bush/Cheney were complicit in the events leading to 9/11/01 (I think they were), the subsequent crime (which you nailed Fairlane) is that they chose to treat 9/11/01 as an act of war, which it is not.

  6. Anon- I’m not trying to minimize what happened on 9/11. It was a terrible day in American history.

    But I honestly believe it was inevitable. In fact, the Neo-Cons were almost praying for such an attack, so they could then justify invading Iraq.

    Not that I believe they were involved, of course at this point, anything is plausible.

    Mauigirl- “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor”(Rebuilding America’s Defenses- Project for a New American Century)

    No less than 7 members of PNAC were part of the Bush administration.

    Bob- I concur with your agreement, and raise you a “You Betcha’!”

    Randal- Freedom isn’t free, and Charlie Don’t Surf.

    Spartacus- How does one go about “Waging War” against an invisible enemy?

    Sounds like a Fairy Tale dreamed up by Defense Contractors.

  7. Fairlane –

    Yet again we are on the same page. While the tragedy of 9-11 is beyond dispute, the tear in our humanity happened thereafter and continues to this day.



  8. You and Driftglass and Darkblack and Tengrain.

    The world will begin to recover from this malfeasance of governance if they study your logic and take heed.

    Kudos to you all.

    You are leading the way out of this nightmare land.


    Until someone finally calls the GOP out on their increasingly errant and dangerous behavior – my fear is we will head down a road of no turning back.

  9. Well, if you read Richard Clarke’s book Against All Enemies (and you take him at his word), W wanted him to find any possible connection between the 9/11 hijackers and Saddam. It didn’t matter that Clarke told him on the spot that it was all al-Qaeda. W wanted that connection and we all know why. Since it didn’t happen, we got the Axis of Evil speech.

    As for the Vietnam connection, Iraq was supposed to be Cheney and the neocon’s revenge for pulling out of Vietnam. This was supposed to set things “right.” To them it was irrelevant that we do business with Vietnam now and that tourists can take golfing vacations. More political theater with our soldiers and Iraqi and Afghan civilians put in harm’s way.

  10. Yesterday I saw another explanation about WTC7. I reread how the NIST “proved” that fire dropped a 47 story building in its own footprint, apparently the only time this has happened. Obviously, I don’t know what happened, or who caused it, but I hate to think that events manipulated to force wars or to save the rich are part of our world framework these days. The manipulation of public opinion to further the aims of a select few, whether it is to enrich them, or allow them a great amount of power must be altered, if we are unable to stop it.

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