Sarah Palin is A mental Illness


Ah, Sarah Palin (Narcissist Extraordinaire, and Twitterly Literate Half Life-d Governor)  finally found a medium more suited to her Personality (Disorder)-

Better than any Old Run of the Mill Enchanted Mirror™

Where thousands, Nay, hundreds of thousands of Vociferous Proselytizing (Political Ploy) Palin Parroting Sycophants Sappily Supplicate at Sarah’s Supercilious Soles.

“Amazing, I feel like we’ve hitched our wagon onto a shooting star.”

Is there an Image more Apropos to Palinmania than one that evokes a 19th century means of transportation, typically constructed from a common fuel source, attached to a hurtling out of control burning hunk of space debris?

No “Nuance” here, you Betcha 😉

Oh, you poor, Poor Lost souls .

May God Hisself Bless Your Wooden Heads (Wheels?) as You Traverse the Great Expanse of the Universe-

To Insipidity, and Beyond!!!


~ by fairlane on September 22, 2009.

14 Responses to “Sarah Palin is A mental Illness”

  1. Oh, Palin PODdom is classic right down to insisting that all those who try to intervene for their own safety and mental health are actually scared and in awe of the of the goddess, Scarah.
    They keep sending donations to a person who hasn´t a chance in hell of ever running for public office again. The other opponant ONLY has to say, PALIN WAS the governor of Guam, but she QUIT.
    Sarah Palin-Tonya Harding 2012

  2. // Proselytizing (Political Ploy) Palin Parroting Sycophants Sappily Supplicate at Sarah’s Supercilious Soles//

    … that wins you a cigar or … if preferred, a free pretzel with your next beer

  3. Yes and very entertaining too. LIke a Vonnegut novel.

  4. Sarah “McCandy” Palin is a kook. But then again, so are her loyalists.

    What I’ve found as I travel about the blogosphere is, usually the Palinites are infected with what I call Obama Derangement Syndrome. Some are radical, rightwingers but surprisingly, quite a few are angry, disenfranchised former-Hillary supporters still smartin’ over the fact the Borg Queen didn’t win the primary and go onto become the first American female president.

    Back to Palin. One of the strangest and most curious things I heard about Alaska’s favorite college-hopper is, she actually believes dinosaurs and humans co-existed. There’s a lot of pushback from her supporters who claim she never said such a thing but it was reported by numerous media sources including the Los Angeles Times, so it’s a tad late for revisionist history.

    I’m waiting for Levi Johnston to write his tell-all book and report how Missy Family Values tried to get him in the sack whilst Todd was out riding his sled and Bristol was trying to get her GED. McCandy is the ultimate gift that just keeps giving and giving and giving.

  5. True enough. But how come NO ONE is talking about the fact that Sarah Palin is a *kleptomaniac*? Her impulse to steal is morbid. It is an illness that is considered “senseless” stealing because the kleptomaniac does not take objects for immediate use or for their monetary value — and the stolen items are often returned surreptitiously, given to others, or hidden away.

  6. When does she have time for facebook and twitter? Isn’t she, um, writing a book?

  7. deo- i was with you until that “tonya harding” thing.

    she really is scary.

    ok- i accept.

    gary- you’re making me blush.

    good to see you, kind sir.

    christopher- the dinosaur bit is true from what i hear. she also had a preacher, reverend, whatever they call them offer protection against witches.

    shimmy- never heard she was a klepto.

    please share.

    pissed- her life is her book.

    so far, it’s a joke book, but a book nonetheless.

  8. I was thinking it was more like a graphic novel. That’s what they are calling comic books now, right?

  9. and for the cherry on the whipped cream – Sarah gave a SPEECH to an economic forum in Hong Kong – and the organization (how smart can an organization be if they want Palin to talk about economics) paid her six figures

    money well spent.

    never has such a stupid and inane piece of shit walked among the political ‘elite’

  10. Bear in mind Mooselini’s Facebook page is written by her PR flack and press secretary. It’s where she keeps announcing all the cancelled engagements.

    Unlike Brokeback Mountain, Mooselini has no problem quittin’ ya. You betcha!



  11. Pardon me, boys
    Is this the Transylvania choo choo?
    Track sixty-nine
    Boys, you can gimme what’s mine.
    I can afford
    To board a Transylvania choo choo
    I’ve got my fare
    But why’d you mess up my hair?

    You leave the Transylvania Station ’bout a quarter to four
    Read the Facebook comments then you’re in Baltimore
    Dancin in the diner
    Nothing could be finer
    Than to have it off with Levi all the way to Carolina

    When you hear the Tweeters blowin’ eight to the bar
    Then you know that Tennessee is not very far
    Shovel all the shit in
    Gotta keep em bitchin
    Woo, woo, Transylvania there you are

    Won’t you choo-choo me home?

    (With apologies to Glenn Miller) 😉

  12. I knew she was nuts but Todd S. Pardum (Vanity Fair August)does a great job of documenting exactly how fucked up she is and why we will soon see her at a Militia near you.
    If she admitted to the meth, weed, beer and anal sex i would think she was cool.

  13. She’s a hell of a lot better than the trainwreck POS in the office now. B*rock gdam Nobama. You people have Palin derangement syndrom just like y’all hated Bush.

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