A PoEm for that IDiot WingNut Chick On FAceBOOk


This post/quasi-poem began its life as a comment on Facebook (God Almighty, how the FUCK did I end up on Facebook?!!!)


I was debating with your Typical Run of the Mill Hyper Religious Right Wing Loon, and this post/quasi poem was my Answer to her Ultra-Lame Ass Attempt to Diagnose Me ( i will Give her Credit for one thing. She told me i was the MOST AWFUL PERSON she ever Encountered on facebook. That made me Smile 😉


Ladies, and Gentlemen, sometimes Anger is the Reason in and of Itself.

If I kick you in the Balls, you’re going to Get Pissed Off.

Your Anger is in NO Way related to Childhood.

Please, all Dimestore Psychologists, do us a Favor-

Attach 50 Road Flares to your body with DUct TapE. Find a nearby Bridge. Stand atop Bridge. Ignite Flares-


It will be the Brightest Thing yoU Ever Did (Get it?)

without further adieu or Sadistic Humor-

My Anger Has Nothing to Do with Some Nebulous “Heartache,” You Fucking DIPSHIT!!!

I …






Wingnuttery is more damaging to the brain

than blows from a


in Wingnuttia they embrace, celebrate, exude


ahhh, can you smell it-

the lowest common denominator?

No Policies, Just FEAR, 24/7.

absolutely fUckIng sick of the Right.

ship them to Atlantis,

i say.

have no desire to be polite or


i have friends.

because of yoU suffered for 8 years with a Mildly Retarded Drunk in the wHitE HousE who almost Single Handedly Drove this CoUNtry uDER.

and yoU want to Lecture me about “values,” “morals,” “Responsibility,” and

“SOunD Policy?”

oh, hell, no.

as far as i’m concerned, yoU

can go




~ by fairlane on September 26, 2009.

8 Responses to “A PoEm for that IDiot WingNut Chick On FAceBOOk”

  1. Wingnuttery and Wingnuttia. Did you invent those? May I borrow?

    • do as you will.

      Wingnuttery- describes behavior of the most despicable nature.

      also a place where Wingnut children are sent when they start thinking too much at home or school in order to be re-indoctrinated,. (not to be confused with a “Wingnunnery”)

      Wingnuttia-The kingdom of Wingnuttia consists of two regions-

        Upper Wingnuttia

      is home to the people who own and run this country. Since they are few in number, and tend to be extremely self-absorbed and lazy, the residents of Upper Wingnuttia rely on the other inhabitants in the kingdom of Wingnuttia to do their bidding.

        Lower Wingnuttia

      – Lower Wingnuttia is the home to the majority of Wingnuttia’s population. In fact, one of the requirements to live in Lower Wingnuttia is that each family is to have at least five children, but only enough money to support two.

      The Lower Wingnuttians are an incurious lot, and seem to have a genetic pre-disposition toward extreme gullibility, as evidenced by their willingness to believe the most absurd ideas one can imagine, and by the fact that they freely admit they knowingly vote against their own best interests based on some “Moral Issue” they know to be a ruse to get them to vote against their own best interests.

      Lower Wingnuttians despise all forms of “Wealth Redistribution,” while simultaneously taking from society more than they contribute, and having a disproportionate number of people on some kind of social program.

      Lower Wingnuttians threaten to “Secede” from time to time, but thus far, the ignorant fucks are still around mucking up the sidewalks.

  2. doesnt the British Empire give out laureate titles for stuff like this?

  3. Fairlane –

    Well said, bravo!

    I may have to quote you next time I get challenged by some mouth-breathing Wingnutter.



  4. Did you get kidnapped to facebook? I can actually see you having a very good time as a drop in there.

  5. ten- you can quote me on this-

    quote me anytime, homie.

    susan- nah, i actually don’t translate well to FB, and i think i’ve already worn out my welcome in some circles.

    it does, however, allow me to communicate for free w/ chums in other countries.

    so, that’s cool.

  6. we need more posts from you!!!

  7. Yep. I made the mistake to engage a right-winger on FB a couple months ago, and it was regrettable, mostly because there is no point. Waste of time.

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