John Stossel proves “intelligent design” is a Hoax

I am Curious oranj.

and don’t Give a FUck about your_______(fill in the bla_ks) (c?)

john stossel told me jesus doesn’t believe in CLeyemutt Chagne, and being a huge fan  (not of that Fucking Mustachioed, self-serious, Zipper Monkey Cunt Stossel) i have to say i’m disappointed so many people are not on enough drugs.

Someone came up to him on the street (the “theory” goes) and told him they hope he dies.

Maybe he should apply for one of those Adjustable Rate Mortgages-




what the fuck is he talking about????!!!

Die, Die, My, Darling-

just not here in the Living Room.

I recently had the floors redone, and that bile running through your veins is sure to Fuck MY

..Kaipaan sinua, kaunis tyttö..

very much.

If they ever find aWAY to remove the

I Feel like I’m gonna





from OPIAtes-

of course, that never Stopped


now, did it?

ha ha ha ha ha-

Junk Limbaugh.

the ePITo’ME of-

i can’t handle this is all TOO MUCH.

people underestimate that significance

i know it’s supposed to pay

Being Kind

and, Sure

taht happens, and i’m not opposed

but i am terrible at pleasantries

the other day i forgot to introduce myself until about five minutes before i left

shit, here i am the most interesting person these schelps will ever meet

and i’m the only one privy


god, almighty,

that John Stossel wankers on and on


Look, how many times are we going to let these Assholes

get away with uttering that nonsense?

here’s what i suggest-

next time you hear-

yeah, i’m like uh, Libermuhtarian, and such

start swinging

and i don’t mean fists

i mean chairs or barbells or baseball bats

or maybe one of those chains with the spiky ball at the end like you see in old kung-fu


99% of those morons spent exactly 47.32343 seconds contemplating

the consequences of

“Unfettered Capitalism”




so, my daughter had a Tea Party

mr. rabbit was the keynote speaker

can’t remember a word, but

his nose twitched quite a bit, which

was PrettyFolksy

~ by fairlane on March 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “John Stossel proves “intelligent design” is a Hoax”

  1. I feel the same way…about opiates and such.

  2. The enigma posts again, eh?

    Stossel is a rat dropping, no doubt about it, and just thinking about his smug mug gets my blood pounding.

    I’m really good at introducing people to each other; next time bring me along.



  3. It seems I’d have to watch television or at least be a little bit interested in popular culture to be able to respond. I’m still not far enough away.

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