Alveda King, and Glenn Beck- Strange Fruits. Indeed.

So, Alveda King (Niece of Martin) appears on Gwen Dreck’s show because…

because why?

Go ahead, Guess.

I’ll give you a hint.

You. Got. It.

Ol’ Alveda tells Gwen-

The Tea Bagged Movement has a lot in Common with the Civil Rights Movement.


Let’s repeat that, only slower, and with less Drool.

I’ll do/say anything to get on Television even if it means Pimping my Murdered Uncle for a Man who’s made a living outta Race Baiting…Did I mention I’ll do/say anything to get on Television?




Hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head with the Proverbial Hammer.

Oh, I know.

How can/could I?

Dixiecrats were the ones with firehoses, dogs, torches, and ropes.

Dixiecrats were the ones who tried to block passage of the Civil Rights Act.

Republicans E Q U A L the “Party of Lincoln.”


Pay no attention to the Man Behind the Curtain or to the fact that the Majority of Nay Sayers in 1964, came not from a Party, but from a Region (Southern=Original Confederate States)-


  • Southern Democrats: 7-87
  • Southern Republicans: 0-10


  • Southern Democrats: 1-20
  • Southern Republicans: 0-1

Yesiree, Billy Bob.

The South

that Black Hole of Sister Kissing

ah, shit, Cletus.

Forget the Wingnuts perpetual hard-on for the “Good Ole Days,” and their incessant yammering about “State’s Rights,” and what not.

Nah, just coincidence Reagan gave a speech 20 miles outside Philadelphia, Mississippi.

Only coincidence Wingnuts have carried the South virtually every election since 1964.

After all, the Wingnuts have Alveda King.

She’s Black.

Did you know that?

She is.


Sitting next to Gwen, you can really see the


Oh, and did I mention-

She’s not only BLACK, she’s also Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece?

Until recently I thought that was her name.

No, seriously. I thought her name was-

Hi I’m Dr. Alveda King Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

That’s a Fucking Mouth Fool.

Thank god it turned out to be nothing more than Shameless Exploitation, and not her Actual Name.

Imagine, the niece of one the Greatest Figures in American History (A man gunned down by Racism) sitting at the table with a White, Alcoholic, Paranoid, Gallagher Funny Comedian who, not long ago, called the First Black President (Made Possible By the Sacrifice of God Only Knows) a “Racist,” to discuss the similarities between a Rural, Upper Middle Class, Almost Exclusively White Crybaby Bitch Festival with one of the most Profound Examples of Good Triumphing Over Evil in Human History.


I’m glad someone finally said it.

I really am.

Let’s be Frank-

The similarities are too numerous to count.

you know it.

I know it.

For example-


Commie, Nazi, Hitler, Stalin, Homo Lovin’ Libtards make fun of Tea Bag Functional Illiteracy.

In the 1960’s-

Cops used dogs, and fire-hoses to disperse Civil Rights protesters. And if that didn’t work, they beat them with clubs or trampled them with horses.

The similarities are eerie.

For sure.

But you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet-


The Tea Bagged have their own television network to celebrate every one of their Vapid accomplishments-

In the 1960’s-

A network of White Racists known as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) MURDERED BLACK CHILDREN.

Gee, I almost have goosebumps.

But, wait, there’s more!!!


Members of the Crack Pot Movement endure accusations from Leftist, Elitist, godless Secularists that they’re nothing more than a Gaggle of Paranoid, Racist Hillbillies afraid that their day as the Dominant Majority is Nearing an End.

Until the 1960’s-

Paranoid, Racist Hillbillies were in the Majority, and as such, they LEGALLY Terrorized, Arrested, Beat, Burned, Stabbed, Shot, and Hanged Black People, and their Allies. Especially those Brazen enough to Speak Up.

America, if this isn’t history trying to repeat itself, what is?

I’m all Verklempt, and what not.


I don’t know Ms. King’s motivations. Maybe she’s just a Dumbass.

But here’s the problem.

Ms. King is an admitted Wingnut.

I know, me, too.

You see, Ms. King is one of them Conservative Religious Types. She’s also a member of  the Right Wing Think Tank the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution. And as such, I can only deduce she agrees with their stance on Climate Change (Ain’t True), Industry (Too Many Regulations), and Tobacco (Despite its especially Pernicious Relationship with the Black Community, the Tobacco Peeps Be Cool, and Shit).

Oh, and to “Protect Our Children,” she Opposes Gay Marriage.

Whew, that was close.

Lord knows there’s nothing more dangerous to children than Queer Marriages. I mean, for weeks after, all they want to do is watch Barbara Streisand movies, and listen to Bette Midler records. Or is it the other way around?


Thanks, Alveda.

I know some will think I’ve gone too far.

What nerve I have to criticize the Niece of the Late, Great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

And I’d agree, except for One Thing-

I don’t give a Fuck What Wingnuts Think.

In fact, I’m absolutely positive they don’t think.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be Wingnuts.

Bunch of Empty Headed Twats.

With whom Alveda shares DNA is irrelevant.

Well, I’m sure she disagrees. After all, her eyes Twinkle every time someone says-

and Now Introducing

The Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Instant Respect.


Protection from Criticism.


She deserves it.

Who was her audience?

Angry, Middle Aged White People?

They don’t need her to feel angry, and bitter.

Hell, that’s what they-




Call me Crazy, but I’d think her being Dr. Martin Luther King’s Niece, and all-

She’d have a Healthy Fear of Mobs Made Up of Angry White People.

Of course, it’s not really about her.

It’s about a-

Post Racial America.

How else can you explain Dr. King’s Niece showing up in a Fox News Studio?

It ain’t Racism if One of Your Own Strings You Up.

Is It?


~ by fairlane on April 23, 2010.

10 Responses to “Alveda King, and Glenn Beck- Strange Fruits. Indeed.”

  1. Nice post – I have a vague memory of the King Center at some point issuing a press release that stated something like, Alveda King does not speak for us or for Martin Luther King; I think that they had some sort of injuction on her, and that is why she only can state the factual truth about being his neice.

    She’s a real winner.



  2. You didn’t go too far at all. Shameless is as shameless does.

  3. I’m guessing she doesn’t get a lot of Thanksgiving invites, unless, that is, her wingnut friends want her to help clean up after the turkey is consumed.

  4. Wow you are a moron. The south was ruled by the Democrats UNTIL civil rights got the Vote for Blacks..then they threw off the shackles and have been progressing. George Wallace was a Democrat! KKK was mainly made up of white trash the papers of the day and see what I say is the truth!

    • democrats proposed, and passed the Civil Rights act. it wasn’t democrats who voted against it, it was southerners, from both parties. maybe pull your head out of your ass, and check out the vote on the act.

      after the legislation passed, the south turned toward the wingnut side of the aisle.

      this, too, is documented fact, which is easily accessible, even for someone with your obvious limitations.

      so, here’s my suggestion- go fuck yourself.

  5. I do believe that if you despise Dr. Alveda King so much that you could disagree on the issues she champions and not stoop to the vulgar, venomous language to make your point. Dr. King is a human being who has the right to speak her mind. Tea party members would defend your right to post your opinion, but I believe your web post is both childish and shameful.

    • generally, i don’t reply to wingnuts because, as i said in my post, i don’t give a fuck what you think.

      but you make a point that i think is important to address.

      and here it is-

      the 1st amendment guarantees the right to speak freely. it does not, however, guarantee the right to speak with impunity.

      wingnuts always bitch, and moan about “free speech” whenever someone challenges their rampant dipshittery.

      “free speech” does not mean “free pass.”

      you are free to say, “the sky is blue,” and i am free to say, “no, it’s not you braindead doorknob, it’s polka dotted.”

      i have my own blog. i have an audience who understands why i use the language i use, and the point i’m making.

      if you don’t understand or like it, you’re free to hit the fucking bricks. but, please, spare me the disingenuous scolding. the world needs another hall monitor like rush limbaugh needs another addiction.

      exploiting the memory of a man who was murdered for standing up to institutionalized racism, is “shameless.”

      cursing is just language.

      the fact cursing offends you, but using the dead for personal gain doesn’t, says a lot.

  6. Just like Michael Steele, Alveda will stumble upon some dynamic on race where the void is too large and be met with stunned silence from the gun toting audience members at The Tea Party rally.
    Probably an O.J. reference or a Black Jesus reference will do it, it always happens. Some one will be like: “O.K. Miss King thank you…that will be be enough.”

  7. Good Post Fairlane. Alveda is nopt the first person to be exploited by Glenn Beck. He has alway invited willing Black Conservatives and teamed them against black liberals and watch the show descend into a ideological war of words between the two camps.
    Post Racial America = Late nite Glenn Beck slugfest with black panelists as the undercard.
    Michael Steele- need I say more.
    Miss king will inevitably alienate the racists in her white conservative audience at some point. She is to be pimped, she serves an immediate purpose. Besides, the Tea Party is too ambigous a construct. Its like a chapter of the Tacoma Junior High Hoover Crips…anyone can say they’re in the gang.

  8. i’m not sure she’ll self-destruct. she seems to be more of a true believer than steele.

    also, being dr.king’s niece protects her. if wingnuts went after her, they’d be killing their golden goose.

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