Glenn Beck Rules

To continue with the theme of the previous post (Black Conservatives)  I felt compelled to share an observation I made  late night in early 2010…I am sure there was a blizzard and my usual semi-sober reality was severely compromised. Never the less I was able to type out what I was seeing on television for approximately ten minutes. An inexplicably surreal blend of sociology and political science playing itself out in the petrie dish of FoxNews
Glenn Beck with an decidely black , conservative majority in his studio audience. An honest attempt at real Dialogue from Glenn.

I think its honest
Its an attempt.
I can qoute him.
“O.k. honestly from a white guy…blah blah blah”

It is way to easy for him…he has a black girl as a friend.

On her own pedestal…on the panel.
The  sista with Big Hair (I still don’t know her name) is nodding and laughing at everything Glenn says.
I’m annoyed…he isn’t funny, he’s just excited.


If I gave you a rundown of the three previous Radiohead, Roxy Music laden hours… fuck it.
Mayhem…nuttin to do wit me.


Michael Steele…what a crock.
It is a commercial to join Black Conservatives.

Or seems like one.
They don’t know all you have to do is go to church…The Black Church is conservative…Very Conservative…and very quiet.

Awright Glenn.
Glenn is ready to ‘scratch’ his game panelists like Michael Vick in his backyard.
He’s frothing.
“So” he yells, holding up his card and preparing to read the next topic.
“Black people always blah-blah-blah”

The brothas erupt in a mini riot amongst themselves…

Glenn smiles.

Go to commercial.
Ghetto Youtube Video with Negroes rejoicing about Obama and …Guess what?
Free Money.

In comes Glenn from the commercial break: “So” he yells again, “Free money from Obama…whadya think?”

We are on the defensive …the black people on the panel have an important task; they have to translate the desperation of an uneducated underclass full of angst. That is White and Black.
Remember there are only black people on the panel
Defending Integrity.

But Glenn separates the white from the struggle…very well.

With his many and frequent, timely asides: “As You Can SEE…We gotta situation”
I have been to Jerry Springer a couple of times while living in Chicago…similiar vibe.

The idiot deck is stacked.
I’m changin da channel


~ by barrymax on April 25, 2010.

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