Anti-Social Personality Disorder/Sociopathy; What It Means and Why We Need To Start Paying Attention

Recently I’ve written quite a bit about Anti-Social Personality Disorder, and Sociopathy. Let me reassure you, it is not because I’m morbid or secretly Anti-Social myself. Essentially I have two reasons for my “fixation”; 1) I have a 3 year old daughter and what I see going on in this country deeply disturbs me and 2) You hear a lot about Anti-Social Personality Disorder and/or Sociopathy, but no one ever really explains what those words mean.

I promise after this I’ll move on, at least for a while, to something new. (Maybe Borderline Personality Disorder:) But for now let’s begin with a brief explanation of Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD).

The DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statisical Manual of Mental Disorders) explains ASPD as follows; “a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring since age 15.” It then goes on to list 7 characteristics, which if you are unfamiliar with the disorder may not explain it very well.

Here’s the general profile of an Anti-Social:

1. Incapable of feeling empathy and/or remorse for others
2. Engages in “parasitic” relationships, “uses” people and then discards them
3. Extreme difficulty dealing with stress and/or anxiety, easily becomes aggressive
4. Superficial charm and/or affect. Seems like they’re “faking it”
5. Manipulative. There is a motive behind everything they do
6. Limited range of emotions, basically anger is about it, and even then they typically only show it through physical displays and cannot express it through words
7. Inability to accept consequences and/or responsibility for their actions
8. A sense of entitlement and/or grandiosity

I think that paints the picture fairly well.

Most people will find themselves in one or two of those characteristics, but don’t worry. Everyone “acts” in an Anti-Social way at some point in their lifetime. The difference is someone with ASPD isn’t acting, that’s who they are, and that is a very important distinction.

There are also a couple of common misconceptions about Anti-Socials. One is that all are “criminals” or “murderers”, specifically serial killers, and although most criminals are Anti-Social, not all Anti-Socials are criminals. In fact, many end up in business because business encourages Anti-Social behavior; money at all cost. There are also a number of them who are attracted to jobs in law enforcement and the military, although they are supposed to have safeguards preventing them from getting in. (Anti-Socials would make great soldiers except they don’t follow orders or care if other people get killed).

The second misconception is that only males are Anti-Social. Studies are showing more and more that the number of female anti-socials is very close to that of their male counterparts. Part of the reason for the discrepancy is simple gender bias. No way “Sweet Little Suzy” is a Sociopath.

Okay, we’ve established what ASPD is, why am I “fixated” on it at this point in my life? Easy.

We are seeing Anti-Social behavior everywhere! The number of people being diagnosed with ASPD is rising in the United States and no one knows exactly why. We are also seeing ASPD onset earlier in children and young adults; Conduct Disorder. (ASPD is still considered an adult only diagnosis because it’s essentially a death sentence. There is no  treatment for the disorder).

But the thing that truly disturbs me is that Anti-Social behavior is not only becoming acceptable, in some cases it’s actually celebrated and defended. Take Anne Coulter for example. (Sorry Anne, but you’re so easy).

In my last post, I included a quote Anne made about how she regretted the fact Tim Mcvey didn’t “bomb” the New York Times building. She made this comment two weeks before the first anniversary of 9/11. People from all over the country rushed to her defense blaming “political correctness”, and claiming it was only a “joke”.

Fifteen years ago not only would have Coulter been fired, her career would be over. Today, she suffered a little backlash and has sold millions more of her books in which she continues to say outrageous things. Why? Why is such behavior tolerable or even lauded?

Or what about the Don Imus case? He basically called the girls on the Rutger’s basketball team “niggers”, remember he used the word “jigaboos”, which is just another way of saying it. Again, millions rush to his defense, and say what about “Rap Music”? They’re right, what about Rap Music?

Rap musicians parade around glorifying the “Gangsta” persona. The truth is most of them don’t know a damn thing about being a “Gangsta” and are simply pimping it to make money. A Gangsta is no one to be admired. And the Gangsta lifestyle is nothing you strive for, it is something you fall into because they are few or no options. They do a disservice to those who are fighting to change the aftermath of generational poverty and racism in this country. And they glorify a lifestyle that is often violent and remorseless.

But there are less obvious signs that all is not right on the Western Front. I mentioned before that kids are using the Internet to harass classmates they don’t like. As result of this harassment several kids have committed suicide.

While the anonymity of the Internet is great, it can also be dangerous. People are more likely to act in ways they normally wouldn’t if they’re anonymous. The reason is that in groups or in anonymous situations people do not feel as responsible their actions. (This is why many surveys are anonymous. People are more likely to speak openly if their name or “identity” is unknown). If the behavior cannot be linked directly to them then they are somehow relieved of the responsibility and consequences of said behavior. It also has to do with our desire to “fit in”, and to be “accepted.” If others are acting a certain way many people will join in so as not to “stand out.”

We also see it in our politicians. Bill Clinton shamelessly humiliating his family so he can play semantic games for just a few more days or weeks. We see it in “The Decider’s” arrogance and grandiosity, which his apologists confuse with “Resolution” and/or “Steadfastness”. (Martin Luther King Jr/Malcolm X/Gandhi were “Resolute” and “Steadfast”).

We see it in our “Celebrities” whether it’s Mel Gibson ranting about “Jews” taking over the world or Brittney and Paris driving around drunk with no panties. (Brittney has two children).

Behaviors considered unacceptable not too long ago are becoming more and more part of our everyday lives. We are growing desensitized as a society, and the consequences are dire.

As I stated, there is no treatment for Anti-Social Personality Disorder, you cannot teach someone to have a conscience. Once a person loses their humanity, their ability to empathize or identify with others, it is too late.

We are getting close to the edge. Coulter’s already suggested killing her opponents. What’s next, actually doing it?


~ by fairlane on May 10, 2007.

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  1. great article, i agree with many of the things you said, i wish you would add more about the disorder though. I think you have a great ability to write, so please continue writing.

  2. I appreciate that Anon. I definitely love to write.

    I need to get back to writing about Sociology and Psychology again. I’ve kind of gotten away from that recently with what’s going on Politically.


  3. How do you teach a 45 year old man and brother who caused me a tramatic brain injury to have a conscience or to care about his actions. Your right, you don’t, it’s too late. I would call it PPP disorder “Punk Personality Probem”

  4. I was putting a box in the attic when John S. Crosbie climbed the ladder, turned off the light and shut the door causing me to fall through the drywall and hit my head on the concrete in the garage. He did not call 911 for 28 hours. Luckily a friend of mine stopped by and called. I had a subdural hematoma. He cleaned up the drywall and left me ther on conscious. Then he filed a restraining order on me while I was in the hospital. What was he so afraid of? Maybe it was the fact he tried to kill me?

  5. How do you think that Asperger’s Disorder relates to actually being Anti-Social Personality Disorder? I have a 6 year old who has been labeled with Asperger’s (on the Autism Spectrum), but Asperger’s is where she will have to be taught social skills…she has been getting a little bit aggressive at school if not the first in line, if something goes the way she thinks it shouldn’t, etc…do you think the two relate, and what can I
    do to help her?


  6. Candy,

    Anti-Social Personality Disorder and Asperger’s are completely different problems. Asperger’s is a developmental disorder, whereas ASPD is obviously a personality disorder.

    I only worked with one child who had Asperger’s, and my impression was not that he was “Anti-Social,” but that he was oblivious to other people at times. He didn’t recognize his behaviors were hurtful or inappropriate, and when you spoke to him about his behavior there was some kind of response.

    On the otherhand, I worked with many people who had ASPD, and not only were they aware of what they were doing, they often did it intentionally. They simply didn’t care. You could talk to them until you’re blue in the face, and they still would not care.

    Although the behaviors, on the surface, appear the same, the motivation for the behavior is quite different.

    An anti-social views, consciously, other people as things and others possess no intrinsic value unless they are somehow “useful.”

    Individual therapy, behavior modification, special education, social skills training, and possibly medications are the most common forms of treatment for Asperger’s.

    There is no treatment whatsoever for ASPD. They do not respond to behavior modification, therapy or even medications.

    There are numerous organizations that work with children with Autism and Asperger’s.

    Try here- (National Institute of Mental Health)

    I hope that at least partially answers your question. It is difficult to explain personality disorders unless you have experience working with them in some capacity.

  7. YES! No one understands someone who studies or is highly interested in this Sociopath disorder! I was so confused with this guy my daughter was dating yet she was totally IN LOVE, or in love with his charm. He only saw her a few days a week and lived 5 minutes away, passed our home much, contradictions in his statements always occurred, calm, very calm, tried to isolate her from friends, and the fact that he never saw her much but wanted a phone and internet relationship with her,,left me confused about his caring about her that he so claimed or appeared to have when exhibiting his loving charm and sweetness. HOw can you NOT want to BE with someone you love? His mother siad he was controlling, he said “you won’t like me if you knew who I really am”, he said his parents tried to put him on meds but he wouldnt’ take them, he wondered did he need meds, his siblings always on depression meds. When she finally broke off with him and went out with another, after he had said, maybe you need to see others and see if they treat you as well as I do, HE WAS BOLISTIC, talked down to her worse than an animal, no feeling except anger and wouldnt’ have anything to do with her after that, I see it as him not getting his way, the plan blowing up in his face, the plan of isolating and punishing and smooth CALM talk, making her always think she was crazy becuase nothing ever “added up” in his tales. He wanted her to talk to no one else but him, no guys of course, but no girls EITHER.
    My sister thinks I am bringing drama into my life by studying this guy and his new relationship, but I have to know, is he a sociopath?? YES, I have concluded, he definitely has narcissistic traits and borderline but also teh cold withdrawal a socipath would have and not wanting to be with someone you claim to love is not normal.

    My sister in law was married to an abusive man and I am so worried my daughter will fall prey to that again, she’s already dated before this guy, a true blue narcissist…..and I have a younger daughter I have to watch out for.

    THis world is not like it was when I was growing up!

  8. I think you should both research more about some things you are saying, and prove your cases.

    Mel Gibson did not say Jews were taking over the world.

    Please get your facts straight, or it’ll make people doubt what else you say.

  9. “Fucking Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Are you a Jew?”

    Nuff said.

  10. give me a link that states that he said that

    i highly doubt it’s true


    site your information

  11. Look it up yourself.

    You’ve heard of “Google,” haven’t you?

  12. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    okay so this is gona be wierd
    but im a straight up sociapath/anitsocial disordered/crazy person what ever you wanna call it
    i need help
    i dont care about any one
    no matter what i do im doing it to benefit from it only for myself
    i constantly lie to my parents
    they dont even KNOW me at ALL and i STILL LIE
    i wont let anyone near me until i know how they think or until in my messed up words “i read them and once ive figured out how they think i can be frends with them” just becuase i cant let them figure me out first
    i have to be on top of everyones thoughts
    if you are looking for someone to diagnose/study im all for it
    i want nothing more than to completely learn about myself (obviously i have fake charm and im self absorbed, sorry)
    but most of all i wanna know why
    please helpp me
    you can email me at
    please respond – ANYONE
    and my parents wont believe me becuase everything else i say is a lie
    and i manipulate them and its sick but i love it
    god……………someone please just figure me out so i dont have to on my own
    im to damn lazy. please. thanks.

  13. p.s. every single thing you named and listed off about sociopaths i compltely fit
    please respond


    -myspace, go to the bottom left hand side theres tons of writing
    this is my life
    please help me figure it out

  15. Cassie- I don’t work as a counselor anymore, and haven’t for years.

    If you read more of my blog, you’d know I’m crazy as well.

    I’m not the one you need helping you.

    However, I will say that I’ve never met anyone with Anti-Social Personality Disorder who admitted or even acknowledged they have the disorder.

    That’s part of the disorder. A Sociopath would never ask another person, “What’s wrong with me?” They don’t care, which is why they’re sociopaths.

    Sorry I can’t offer more.

  16. ok….thanks for..trying? i guess lol
    i never asked whts wrong with me, i just happened to read about sociopaths n i matched completely
    i never thought the way i am is wrong….until my mom started rubbing it in my face that i dont care about anyone lol
    o well
    its uncurable anyways.
    so i guess im just stuck with no feelings

  17. Sometimes people don’t realize they are sociopaths until it’s too late to help them.

  18. From all that I have read, discussed with mental helath professionals, and dealt with in my family regarding a family member who has been ‘strange’ all of my life, I disagree with alot of what you are saying.

    From what the information I have been given, and observed, many MNAY sociopaths exhibit a lack of appropriate emotional responses, being glib, smooth, and remaining very calm while their ‘victims’, are in turmoil and distress, which the sociopath frequently has contributed to.

    Sociopaths lie easily, are not easily ruffled, are unmocved by others’ pain,and enjoy seeing others go thru emotional distree trying to figure them out, and unravel their lies.

    Sociopaths are usually convincing, too, so that often their victims seem to be the ones who are unbalanced, and not the sociopath. just the kind of thing that provides hours of fun for the sociopath.

    They have to ‘win’, as if life is some kind of a contest and they always must come out on top.

    What you are describing in your blog sounds more like narcisistic tendencies and gross emotional meaturity, but not the deadly smooth and cunning tendencies of sociopaths.

  19. Actually, there are many overlapping characteristics between anti-socials, and narcissists. In fact, anti-socials are, in a sense, narcissistic.

    All of the traits you described could easily be attributed to someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Detached, glib, cunning, controlled/disengaged, pathologically dishonesty, pleasure from the pain of others, etc.

    What I’m attempting to convey is, not that Anne Coulter, Bush, Gibson, et al. are necessarily Anti-social, but the “I’m not accountable/responsible, I can do whatever I want, and how dare you challenge/question me” attitudes definitely are.

    The end result is essentially the same, other people are unimportant. All that matters is the self.

    The diagnosing of personality disorders, in my opinion, often involves a great deal of subjectivity.

    For example, women are far more likely to be considered narcissistic, as opposed to anti-social. Why? because many people don’t want to believe women can be sociopathic. And men are rarely diagnosed Borderline because it’s considered “feminine.”

  20. I have now become an expert on this disorder since after being widowed I married a man with an exwife and two,(now adult)childern with it! I have never seen such hatred, disregard for any living thing and such a sense of entitlement and apathy. It all stems from the drug addicted or ‘lazy’ parents inabilty to say no to there quasi-god children. They leave them to do what they want, never make them suffer consequences for any wrong doing and try to ‘buy’ from them what they deem is love in their warped minds. I truly believe it gets stronger with each generation and unless a miracle from God changes them, nothing will. ‘Normal’ people are at first taken in by their false charm only to be totally taken. This almost three year ‘relationship’ terrorized me emotionally since the children were given a pass and you were the one ‘deemed’ with problems for not ‘understanding’! Thank God I might have been a little tough on my own 4 childern but you won’t find them being hateful, apathetic, or getting away with any kind of lawlessness or disrespect. I can’t even have sympathy here because they do the wrong thing all the time unless there is something in it for them and knwo they are doing it. No innocence here! Although I have heard of people with no consciences, I had never met one before. I feel I did my own childern a disjustice by not knowing or warning them about such people. But now, as adults, thye have seen them in person and I am worried for my grandchildern as this has become an epidemic! The only way I know to almost immediately spot one of these people is to see how much they talk about themselves and how much they want to know about you. Believe me, I don’t care if you are on death’s door, they will somehow relate it to themselves and look to change the focus to them. BE AFRAID AND RUN! APAHTY HAS NO LIMITS OR SENSE OF ANY ELSE COUNTING EXCEPT THEMSELVES! THEY DO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF LOVE>>>DELUSIONAL IS TOO LIGHT A WORD TO DESCRIBE THEM!

  21. A p.s. from Lin…they are also pathelogical liars under the guise of placating you! Believe nothing….until evidence is seen! They take, take, take, and 99% of the time never give back unless to benefit somwhow’ If you have any conscience at all it will eventually destroy your belief in the humanity of people unless you get out! You will become a victim emotionally, physically and physcologically! And there will be no remorse from them. So, RUN and carefully watch for any of the above signs for I have seen them all up close and personal!

  22. I Have One Question. Can A Sociopath Love? Hahahah… I Know What You Are Thinking, No Really I Do. People Say Sociopaths Have No Sense Of Love. What If I Told You That There Is A New Bread Of Sociopaths Out There? Everything Evolves, Just Think About The Constant Change In Disease And How We Constantly Have To Change How We Treat Them Just To Keep Up. You Must Be Wondering What Research Have I Done To Prove This “Theory” I Have Come Across. I Know Because I Am One…Oh Yeah And I Am Female.

  23. excellent article! sarah palin is a sociopath. i have never seen a clearer example, ever. what is so ironic about the situation is that real hockey moms are deluded into thinking she is just like them. that is the illusion she is trying to create. little do they know that in an everyday situation (if the two of them were working in the same office or had day to day dealings) sarah palin would psychologically knife them like they have never experienced before if they got in her way. the whole sarah palin schtick is well designed to give off an air of ‘oh shucks, i’m harmless’…….from her ultra-plain clothing all the way down to her exaggerated folksy speech patterns. she lacks empathy, is malicious, power hungry, etc. she is a sociopath. clearest example i have ever seen in the media, ever!

  24. im doing i this for my health class can someone tell me some more about Anti social disorder?

  25. How is it possible that no treatment is available. its been around long enough to figure out how to ease it up a bit. Is rhis genetic or learned? thanks

  26. Is it genetic?

  27. Yes, sociopathy tends to run in families, even when the children were adopted and not raised by their sociopath parents, they may still have a conduct disorder or something related if not APD.

  28. I guess I would fall into this catagory of a sociopath but can admit it, I don’t hold emotional ties very well even with family and my kids. I do see this more and more in everyday life even in the way we drive (especially), we are losing our remorse, empathy, humanity and in plain english just don’t give a s–t about anyone but like to pretend we do! So maybe the the mayan calendar is such a stretch, maybe it is the beginning of the end….

  29. This article, although well-written (in a rather eloquent manner, might I add), is lacking of any real substance behind the true nature of the disorder itself. I have BPD (along with some other things, and I am on the borderline of ASPD, being a female and all … So the shrinks say, anyway …), and I didn’t really see you expand on the list of “symptoms” listed here. There is much more information about this disorder, and really, you should have read a lot more than a DSM IV manual and random celebrity quotes.

    Furthermore, the fact that you state there is *no* treatment for this disorder showcases your ignorance and lack of knowledge about the disorder. There *is* treatment. I mean, how old *is* that DSM IV manual of yours ? Sure, back in the day, even a decade ago, there wasn’t much hope, or any real *treatment* for this disorder. However, as a previous commenter mentioned, illnesses evolve and there are always new methods of treatment that are discovered.

    Mysterious and enigmatic is this disorder and the ones just like it, yes. So mysterious to the point where treatment doesn’t exist ? No. That’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think ?

    Take cognitive behaviour therapy, for instance. I belong to an IOP group for mental health, and a lot of us are borderline, anti-social, some both, some are schizophrenic and bi-polar. But you know why we are all there ?? Because, we’re there for TREATMENT, and are tired of people telling us that there is *no* hope for us. It *is* possible for a sociopath/borderline to notice that there is something seriously wrong with them, hence myself and others just like me taking the initiative to seek treatment.

    I don’t know of any medications to treat the disorder, and if that is what you meant all along, but … you should have said that was what you meant. You were too vague in that part. Furthermore, you never explained, fully, *why* you felt as though there is no treatment, other than the fact that you have a three-year-old child and what is going on with this country. It’s not just this country, my friend, it’s a global thing.

    Suppose someone who doesn’t know about ASPD, or any other disorders similar to it that you’ve been educating others with in your blog and that’s their first impressions of it ? There goes their hopes and illusions of the possiblity of getting better … God forbid treatment exists to help us out !

    Reason I say this, is because your article isn’t one that was only seen by just a few others’ Google indicates that a lot more than a few people have come across this article. In fact, it’s on the first page when you search for this disorder. At least, for me it was.

    Also, I just read some of your comments. You used to be a counselor ? No wonder you’re not one anymore. You have little to no knowledge about this disorder. Which is why I doubt your dubious claims of being a counselor. If you *were* a counselor, why didn’t you mention that in your article, as opposed to coming across as some ignorant housewife who is merely looking out for their three-year-old child ?

    because, my friend, you are LYING. No real counselor, or ex-counselor, would waste their time writing trash like this, based on a DSM IV manual they say they own. I suppose owning one makes one a counselor now ? No, considering one can be purchased at Barnes & Noble. I own one, and several books about psychiatry and psychology. I guess that now mankes me the mega-counselor !!! I can cure everyone by writing a stupid article now, look at me !!!

    You come across as one, yourself. You rudely told someone to look it up on Google themselves, and rudely even asked them if they’ve heard of it. That’s the shit I’m told by counselors that *I* do. I seldom see it, but they seem to see it in me. Maybe they’re the sociopaths and I’m normal ? Hmmmm … Now there’s an avenue that needs some exploring !!

    Back to your comments. They shouldn’t have to look it up for themselves, because you, the writer, should have provided PROOF for your claims. That’s what a good author does, they BACK up what they state. Ever heard of a bibliography to cite your sources ? Which is why I find it ludicrous that there is the possibility that anyone takes this sierious and sees you as some sort of authority figure on the disorder. I say that because you come across as rather confident in yourself and your article. So what are you going to tell me to read the rest of your blog ? I don’t have to read it, because I already know what it contains – just a bunch of baseless *facts* written by someone who has quite a god-complex.

    by the way, when I said earlier that this article was written rather well and full of eloquence, I only meant that in the sense that it made me laugh, like some sort of a joke I just read in my text messages. Because, that’s exactly what you are – a joke.

    For those who are seeking treatment, despite what this yahoo says, Wikipedia has an excellent article on it, and the many treatment options :

    To the “writer”, quit while you’re behind.

  30. Before I go, here’s a site that lists treatment options for ASPD. These few to limited options are actually many options compared to this article saying that there isn’t treatment.

  31. Dear Alicyn,

    Alas, where to begin?

    How about the Mayo Clinic link.

    The article, in the very first sentence, says, and I quote, “Antisocial personality disorder can be challenging to treat, and there’s no specific treatment for it.”

    Why is there no “specific treatment?” Well, that’s easy. The reason is, there is NO TREATMENT. All the article does is list “possible treatments” for ASPD. (In fact, the article lists just about every type of treatment, aside from electro-shock, and lobotomy, known to the field).

    Let’s look at therapy.

    Talk therapy with anti-socials, as well as with Borderlines, and Narcissists is not only fruitless, it’s potentially detrimental to both the patient, and therapist.

    Why? Anti-socials lie, and they lie A LOT. They’ll even lie when there is no benefit or reason to lie.

    Lying is part of the disorder.

    Anti-socials are also extremely manipulative.

    In a therapeutic setting, it is difficult to trust the veracity of someone with ASPD. Are they working on their issues because they’re sincere, or are they working because they have an angle?

    Anti-socials do not engage in normal human relationships. They get what they want/need through manipulation. That doesn’t change simply because they’re in a therapeutic setting.

    Could therapy work? I suppose, but only if you could convince someone with ASPD that 1) there’s something wrong with them, and 2) they need therapy for, oh, I don’t know, how about at least TEN YEARS?

    Here’s an actual quote from an anti-social with whom I used to work-

    “I don’t lie. I’ve never lied. You are the one who lies.” (We were discussing the fact that he was sexually harassing another one of my clients. During our investigation, we had 17 witnesses come forward. Of course, they were “liars,” as well).

    Or what about this one. One of my clients, a Blood gang member, hit an elderly woman in the face with a full soda can breaking her nose, and occipital bone.

    In our discussions, he’d acknowledge he knew it “was wrong,” but the reason he gave (Every time) was because, “You get in trouble.” He never once expressed a modicum of remorse. Nope, it was wrong because he got caught, and got sent to juvenile detention.

    Talk Therapy?

    Good Luck.

    Now, what about medications?

    ASPD is not a chemical problem. Most psychiatric drugs are designed to deal with chemical problems. ASPD is a PERSONALITY DISORDER not a neurotransmitter disorder.

    What is an anti-anxiety drug going to do for someone with ASPD? Is being less anxious going to stop them from engaging in parasitic relationships? Nope. Will being less anxious make them feel remorse? Nope.

    ASPD isn’t an anxiety disorder, it’s a PERSONALITY DISORDER.

    And what about anti-depressants?

    Shit. One of the possible side effects of anti-depressants is…can you guess…


    Remember, a history of aggression is one of the criteria for ASPD.

    Does it make sense to give someone with a history of aggression a drug that could potentially make them more aggressive, even homicidal?

    And even if the anti-depressants work, what does treating depression have to do with treating ASPD?

    Is depression one of the criteria for ASPD?

    One more time, ASPD is a Personality Disorder. Seratonin levels have nothing to do with ASPD.

    What about hospitalization, and/or anger management?

    Well, in my opinion, neither is really “treatment.” Hospitals are almost exclusively dependent on medications. Medications are, as I mentioned, essentially useless when it comes to treating ASPD. Sure, they may be less anxious or depressed, but they still use people, view people as objects, lie, cheat, steal, etc, etc, etc.

    Anger management? Honestly, anger management or “Diversion,” as they call it in the court system, is nothing more than an attempt to modify behavior (Often through the use of Negative Reinforcement).

    Modifying behavior may work to some degree, but it’s really not “Treatment.” Treatment implies getting better, a change in the condition (be it cancer or mental illness).

    We’re talking about someone with a personality disorder, not someone who’s pissed because daddy didn’t take them to the Yankees game when they were ten.

    How do you get someone to stop being who they are? How do you change someone’s personality?

    The only time I’ve ever heard of a person’s personality dramatically changing involved some kind of traumatic brain injury.

    Maybe I could hit Alicyn in the head with a baseball bat?

    Nah, just kidding.

    Two more things.

    One- Try reading the comments about Google again. And this time try to actually read them all the through. You’ll see they have nothing to do with ASPD.

    Two- I’d never suggest that you read the rest of my blog. You’re obviously a concrete thinker. The majority of my writing would be beyond your ability to understand. I know, I know, you are definitely grandiose, but believing you can fly doesn’t make it so.

    This post was not meant to be the definitive account of ASPD. It was something I wrote, in about 20 minutes, one night over a year, and a half ago.

    Several of my posts are “Number one” on Google, Alicyn. It comes with being famous/infamous, whatever.


  32. Wow! When you see these people at work, you almost get lost in a maze of lies, trickery, and manipulation. Great article, and I have to agree with ALL of the signs. I too am getting to experience this first hand.

    I currently am dating a wonderful man whose ex is the sickest person I have ever encountered. It is frustrating to watch, and it angers me more ofter than not. These people are mastermind manipulators, and they have an innate ability to attain whatever it is they are seeking. They lie with surgical precision, and are able to turn on the charm all at the same time.

    I have some confusion on what the difference is between antisocial, sociopath, and psychopath? I have read several place online, and the lines are kind of blurred. They all have basically the same symptoms. So what is the difference?

    I watch this woman con my boyfriend almost daily. This week she claims to have tuberulosis, next week a brain tumor? She is “unable” to work because she claims she has a doctors note. She constantly calls and texts, each time with a new and better crisis than the last. And then if she is questioned, she is able to turn things around and make everyone else look crazy. it doesn’t seem to matter to her that he has left her, she still lives in this delusion that he owes her something. When he doesn’t go off charging like the cavalry, she becomes hostile and abusive. She has tried to get me fired from my job, and has even done damage to my car. When she is questioned about any of it, her skillful lying and manipulation take center stage. It is the most frightening display I think I have ever encountered.

    How can I help my boyfriend? He agrees that she has a problem, but I cannot make him understand the codependency. I can visibly see a change with him when she starts on one of her episodes. He becomes removed, and almost fearful.

    I don’t understand this woman. Is what I am describing a psychopath? A sociopath? Or an antisocial?

    Thanks for any input.

  33. I’m just realizing that my ex boyfriend is a sociopath. There has not been one day of truth in the past 5 years. Its just astonshing to me that there are people that can go there whole life and never have any care for any one else.

    The worst thing is that they truely don’t care for anyone. His daughter… his own flesh and blood… he has even included in every lie. Besides the normal male cop-out… (It’s not mine!!)… he has gone so far as to tell the other women that he is with that our child died 8 months ago. But yet he still wants to see her.

    What am I supposed to do with all that. Is there any true way to stop one? How do you get them out of your life or make them realize who they are hurting?

  34. I recently (about a year ago or so) discovered my 20 yr. old daughter is a sociopath. Her psychologist suggested it to me a few years ago, but I refused to believe ‘my little girl” could possibly be one, despite the fact she had been having a sexual relationship with her high school coach for over 4 years and lying about it. She lead a double life for years and hid it well, no matter how much we investigated it, she was a pro at covering it up….for years! She knew it was wrong on many levels, but did not care that it destroyed our family unit, not to mention his wife’s and 2 small children’s. She is a “Psych Major” in college now and even went as far as calling my psychologist (formerly her psychologist, but when she refused to go any longer, I began going to learn to deal with having her as a daughter) and saying she was a “Psych Major” and wanted to have ME Baker acted). Naturally, the psychologist would have been humored by this had the situation not been so serious. My point in all this is that these sociopaths REALLY do not SEE their own illness! EVERYONE ELSE is sick. No them, at all. I may be wrong here, but I have read a bit about it and my psycholpogist thinks my daughter was possibly born with the genes, but that the way we raised her also contributed. I guess we sort of over pampered her and gave her this sense of entitlement. I have guilt for that. I clearly added to her developing this disorder, but it came from genuine love. I feel bad for her, but must cut ties, as nothing she says or does is believable anymore and I refuse to live with that in my life any longer. It’s very sad. Just a little FYI.

    • It’s striking to me that you talk about your daughter being the psychopath ‘breaking up a family’ but you give no mention to the high school coach in a professional position of trust who entered into a long term sexual relationship with a (then) 16 year old girl in his care.
      He is responsible for his wife and children and his family unit, and his professional reputation, not your daughter. The truth here is most likely that your daughter was young and vulnerable, and taken advantage of by the real sociopath – the high school coach.
      And this next comment may hurt you so I apologise in advance, but perhaps she was extra vulnerable and accepted this inappropriate relationship because her own mother takes such a negative view of her, whilst simultaneously backing up a man who is essentially a child molester.

  35. Contrary to popular belief, there is a cure for sociopathy: a bullet. It may seem cruel, but if we don’t do something now they will entireley take over our world, subject us to their rule. It’s happened before: Hitler, Stalin, Hussein. Of course we can’t rid ourselves of all of them, and we do need a few of them of course (who would be James Bond or our frontline fighting force? We need someone who can shamelessly get the job done sometimes.) but these increasing numbers frighten me. I believe that, to end this genepool, psych evaluations that show Antisocial Personality Disorder (and for that matter Narcissistic and Sadistic Personality Disorders) should be put in the most dangerous positions available. In the military, the front lines. In law enforcement, the SWAT teams. If someone breaks into your house, don’t be afraid to act in “self defense” and put that person down. Chances are they’re a sociopath anyways. If you think thats too extreme then maybe we could simply lock up the ones diagnosed and not allow them to have children. That would leave us with the ones made by environment to be our unfeeling protectors. It’s useless to feel sorry for people who want to use you at all costs. This may be the only way to prevent another Hitler of Manson.

  36. Excellent writing fairlane, and I admire your patience with strange people who get ridiculously angry about nothing, I cannot see how anyone can interpret that you claim to be the definitive authority on the subject or that it is controversial in any shape or form, and as for emily… wellll… maybe she is a Mel Gibson fanatic blinded by stardom? Anyway, your thoughts on the matter are very interesting and as you rightly say: its up to individuals to do their own research too, you have done your bit. Peace

  37. Most of this article is incorrect – ASPD doesn’t have one definitive cure, but it does have treatments. These include cognitive-behavioural therapy and mood-stabilising drugs. Furthermore, it’s not a death sentence; the symptoms can sometimes abate at between age 30-50.
    Outspoken or rude celebrities are not an example of ASPD. Not every single agressive, violent or rude comment is an example of ASPD (otherwise known as sociopathy/psychopathy). People can hold opinions you disagree with and not have ASPD. They can also want to drum up media sales by making publicity-generating comments without having ASPD.
    Also, while being surrounded by an agressive, bullying culture can sometimes slightly exacerbate ASPD, it doesn’t cause it. It’s a malformed amygdala or physical abuse in childhood that does that. So you can relax about a ‘mean culture’ – you may have valid concerns for not liking an increasingly agressive pop culture, but I promise you it’s going to give anyone ASPD.

    • The last line is meant to say its NOT going to give anyone ASPD.
      Maybe agressive pop culture worsens my typing skills, hmm…

  38. amy- most of your response is, in fact, incorrect. and you completely missed the point about coulter et al.

    there is no effective treatment for anti-social personality disorder.


    read the research (even wikipedia gets it right- “To date there have been no controlled studies reported which found an effective treatment for ASPD”).

    mood stabilizers?

    mood stabilizers cannot generate feelings of remorse or empathy nor can they construct a conscience.

    in high doses, mood stabilizers will, however, turn a person into a fucking zombie.

    that’s not a treatment.


    you will find no credible studies on cognitive therapy working for those with aspd.

    again, what you’ll find are “Theories.” it “may” work, it “could” work. it “might” work. it “worked on this one dude.”


    as for your “malformed amygdala,” and “physical abuse in childhood” comment?

    you definitely need to get hold of someone in the media so this information can get out because, to this day, those who actually make their living studying mental illnesses, and the brain have no idea what causes aspd.

    somehow you do, which could be really helpful 🙂

    also, aspd is not the same as psychopathy. all psychopaths meet the criteria for aspd, but all those with aspd are not psychopaths.

    ted bundy was a psychopath.

    your interchanging of terms, and your matter of fact way of presenting unknowns as fact, indicates your education on this subject comes from the Internet.

    here’s what i suggest-

    1. actually read the post, the comments, etc ALL THE WAY THROUGH before commenting. that way you won’t look like some dipshit who anxiously jumped to dipshitty conclusions.

    2. if you are truly interested in this subject, GO TO SCHOOL. the Internet is chock full’a drivel. as evidenced, by your drivel based commentary.

    3. again, for the truly dense. this post was not written to be the definitive piece on aspd. nor did i imply that anne coulter et al have aspd. in fact, i said they DO NOT HAVE ASPD. what i said is, remorseless, self-serving, empathy-less behavior is not only celebrated but rewarded in this culture. CULTURE IS A REFLECTION OF THOSE WHO MAKE UP THE CULTURE.

    4. people like you are dangerous. you smugly pass along ignorance in the same way filthy people pass along the flu virus.

    didn’t you see the sign- BEFORE ENTERING- PLEASE WASH HANDS!

  39. edward cullen

  40. You seem to be taking some snippets of information about ASPD – and excluding ALOT of crucial information and knowledge about the disease.

    If the articles/books you’ve read just said ‘There is nothing to treat or help with ASPD. People with it should just be tossed in an asylum. Move along now, please’ then it was even crazier than the disorder it was trying to describe.

    Pharamceuticals, while I’m not arguing that they are anywhere near perfect, are an important resource in treating the symptoms (note: NOT THE CAUSE) of all persistent psychological problems, whether it’s ASPD, depression or schizophrenia.

    Anti-psychotic drugs help tackle the delusion present in many people with ASPD. Anti-depressants tackle their depression. Mood stabilizers reduce violent outbursts (and they do not turn ‘turn you into a zombie’, unless your definition of a zombie is ‘someone who doesn’t randomly punch people’). I’m not saying that these people will ever experience the full range of feelings that other people do. But there can be treatmenet of certain ASPD symptoms that makes it possible for them to live safer and more fulfilling lives.

    Also, studies have shown that people sometimes show a reduction in symptoms later in life. Just as the disorder increases in the teenage years, so it (sometimes) decreases in old age.

    Psychological therapy, I agree, is very difficult to apply to ASPD people. But people with ASPD are not uniform – while it doesn’t work for the majority – there are a (admittedly, very small) minority of people who do benefit from the chance to work through some emotional issues and put coping mechanisms in place.

    Furthermore, we don’t fully know the cause of ASPD yet. But there is a strong opinion that it is biological. It is thought that severe emotional trauma (or emotional privation) in childhood is one environmental cause. And there are a number of environmental factors that exacerbate the existing condition (such as loss of a parent, substance abuse, loss of a job, etc).
    But generally, explanations center around: missing neurotransmitters in the brain, an inability to store and process memories correctly, abnormally small amygdalas preventing people from reading the emotions of others accurately, etc. Sorry for being a neuroscience geek, but these explanations are a reaally fascinating insight into one of the most interesting psychological conditions, I don’t know why anyone would want ignore them.

    The reason you might be able to find a book that says ‘there is no known cause for ASPD’ is because – in common with most psychological problems – causality is immensely difficult to isolate. But you need to look at the nuance. Our understanding of neuroscience has shown a number of brain defects in people with ASPD that may represent possible causes.

    So your whole ‘absolutely NO cause and NO treatment for ASPD’ position is far too extreme. What, do you think these people are agents of Satan, sent to Earth just to corrupt pop culture with their poor taste? Sheesh.

  41. i’m taking “snippets?”

    you are the one claiming aspd is most assuredly “treatable,” yet, you yourself acknowledge the number of people who respond to treatment is “extremely” small.

    the simple fact of the matter is, the overwhelming majority of people with aspd DO NOT RESPOND to treatment. PERIOD. whether it be pharmaceutical or therapeutic.


    the numbers you cite are negligible and are considered statistically insignificant.

    as for the comments about medication-

    i get the impression your knowledge is based on what you read, and that you’ve never actually worked in the field or with anyone who has anti-social personality disorder.

    if you did, you’d know getting anti-socials (or anyone with a personality disorder) to comply with drug treatment is damn near impossible. sure, they’ll take medications if they’re forced, but as soon as they are able, they will stop.

    and the reason is, anti-socials do not believe anything is wrong with them (or at least, they don’t believe it enough to actually do something about it). they don’t think they need medication.

    and the idea that people “grow out of it” is nonsense. even if some symptoms do abate that doesn’t mean the person is “Getting better” it just means they’re getting older. as people age, they adapt, and learn ways to better conceal, and/or explain away their negative behaviors. not to mention old people just can’t do the same stuff they did when they were young.

    this belief is applied, detrimentally i might add, to people with adhd. “oh, they’ll eventually grow out of it.” unfortunately, this has proved to be untrue, and millions of adults suffer/struggle unnecessarily because their symptoms are either ignored or because they are ashamed to report them because they were supposed to be grow out of it.

    again, you miss the point about coulter. “corrupt pop-culture?” i’m talking about our society, as a whole. the culture of this country, where anti-social behaviors are rewarded. it’s irrelevant if coulter is anti-social. she’s just an example. she glorifies anti-social behaviors. win at all costs. she dehumanizes people. turns them into objects. she suggests violence against those with whom she disagrees. she manipulates, uses people, including her followers, to get what she wants, etc, etc, etc. and there are millions who would hold her up as a shining example of a strong woman. but the truth is, she’s a bitch who cares about money, and little else.

    i could have easily cited ken lay or michael madoff or numerous others who rose to the top because they were unhindered by remorse or empathy, and because they possess a relentless desire to obtain power.

    until madoff, and lay were caught, they were considered “success stories,” and even “role models.”

    in american culture, the ends far outweigh the means.

    in case you were unaware, the number of people with aspd is on the rise. we are seeing the disorder earlier and earlier, and adolescents are now being diagnosed anti-social. at one time, that was unheard of, as aspd was considered to be an adult only diagnosis. unfortunately, denying the truth didn’t change the truth. some of the most terrifying people i have ever met, were teenage anti-socials. it’s very unsettling to speak with a 14 year old who is completely devoid of remorse, and/or empathy.

    i don’t believe in satan or fairies or trolls or the easter bunny.

    anti-socials are a link to our animalistic past. the amoral lizard brain.

  42. I just had to give a vigorous argument on why ASPD people were untreatable and essentially brain-dead from birth in order to make sure a rather dangerous guy stayed in prison.

    So, there are flaws in your argument, but I’m not really in the right place to offer a rebuttal.

    I will say, though, re: your earlier point that ASPD and sociopathy are different – they’re not. Lykken claimed that psychopathy and sociopathy were two subsets of ASPD. Only minor distinctions are ever drawn between all three terms. Violent killers like Ted Bundy are now classed as ASPD, as ASPD has because the clinical term (in America) for diagnosing this illness.

    Oh, and the reason the number of people with ASPD has risen is because they changed the criteria for ASPD and it ended up including more people.

    Oh, and you mentioned Mel Gibson – judging by his supernatural beliefs, and his idea that there’s a Jewish conspiracy, he’s probably schizoid rather than ASPD. Or maybe he was just drunk.

    Also, people with ASPD are (at highest estimate) 1 in 25 people. It’s not really a large enough demographic to appeal to marketers and influence the media in a huge way. If you think the media is unpleasant, it’s really not the fault of ASPD – its because most people have a side of their personality that is bullying, vindictive, callous, and superficial. The side of you that made you want to call my commentary ‘drivel-based’ and compare it to a ‘filthy person spreading flu’ – that is exactly the kind of personality urge that fuels people like Ann Coulter. Not the tiny minority of ASPDs.

  43. amy- there are far more people than lykken who claim sociopathy and anti-social personality disorder are not the same.

    aspd a la the dsm-iv does not place much emphasis on affective and interpersonal factors that are considered essential in the diagnosis- superficial charm, lack of empathy, grandiosity.

    i’m still skeptical about your so-called “experience,” as you seem to associate aspd only with criminality.

    that’s simply inaccurate, and out dated.

    you miss so many points.

    you read- “mel gibson, ann coulter, et al are anti-social. the media is unpleasant.”

    but that is not what i wrote.

    one more time for the intellectually impaired- the media/popular culture is a reflection of society.

    their (coulter, gibson, et al) remorselessness and disdain for consequences is what i consider anti-social.

    you see it everywhere- not just in pop-culture. i was simply using them as examples because they are famous.

    but there are countless examples.

    you continue to debate a point that was never made; except by you.

    you are debating yourself.

    as for the change in criteria. i’m assuming you mean the dsm-iv, which came out in 1995?

    i’d love to see data that shows because the criteria changed, the number of people being diagnosed with aspd increased.

    that was never my experience. what i experienced is that there is a great deal of resistance when it comes to diagnosing personality disorders because with such a diagnosis you’re saying- “there isn’t really anything we can do for this person.”

    as for the 1 in 25 number. there’s no way to accurately know, as anti-socials rarely, if ever, seek treatment voluntarily. they are not diagnosed unless they are caught. and even when they are caught they are not necessarily diagnosed. ken lay is a great example. there is absolutely no doubt that that man was anti-social. no doubt whatsoever. he maintained to the bitter end, he did nothing wrong.

    you are associating aspd with criminality, which is incorrect, and prejudicial. most criminals are not anti-social. most anti-socials are not criminals.

    anti-socials are dispersed throughout the population. they are police officers, politicians, teachers, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, cashiers, businesspeople, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, etc, etc.

    they are not all knife wielding lunatics. and being “dangerous” doesn’t make one anti-social.

    again, i am highly skeptical that you have any experience working with anti-socials.

    let’s look at bundy.

    i imagine to you, the anti-social component is centered around the murders. but bundy’s sexual-sadism was/is an anamoly. most anti-socials do not commit murder. even those who do rarely commit the kind of murders bundy did.

    did you know most serial killers are not anti-social?

    bundy’s anti-social traits showed up best in interviews, and in the courtroom. his grandiosity, his manipulative charm, his lack of remorse and empathy, his complete lack of moral depth.

    my favorite is the way he played that moralistic moron james dobson.

    leading up to his execution, bundy glommed onto james dobson, and dobson’s fervent campaign against pornography.

    bundy, with a great deal of heartfelt remorse and sincerity, blamed the murders on pornography, and sexual images in the media. yep, if not for the influence of those “violent images” on tv and in magazines, bundy would have never killed. hell, he may have been mayor or even the pope.

    and dobson, being the putz he is, ate it up. he used bundy as an example of what happens to people when they look at pictures of naked boobies.

    that was bundy’s anti-social personality disorder. he conned that fool in an attempt to garner his sympathy, and support. see, if bundy killed because of porn, then bundy wasn’t really responsible for his actions, which means bundy shouldn’t be executed.

    now, a contrasting example.

    jeffrey dahmer was also a sexually sadistic murderer. he, however, was not anti-social. he felt remorse, and guilt, which is why he stayed drunk 24/7. he also apologized for what he did. (some believe he may have had asperger’s syndrome, which is quite interesting).

    bundy never apologized. wait, that’s not true. he apologized by saying, “gee, i’m sorry, but it wasn’t really my fault. it was the porn. i feel awful, but gosh that porn does horrible things to a person. if only they didn’t have porn, i wouldn’t be a killer. you know, when you really think about it, i’m actually the victim in all of this.” (not that he really said it that way, but that’s what he meant. he wasn’t responsible. and he was just as much a victim as the dozens of women he murdered. if not more so). THAT IS THE ANTI-SOCIAL COMPONENT.

    murder is not intrinsically linked to aspd. even horrible, disgusting, brutal murder.

    as for my “drivel,” and “filthy person spreading flu” comments, that’s just me being clever, and ironic.

    you keep making the same incorrect assumptions over and over again.

    it’s boring.

    one last thing, if you presented the argument that anti-socials are “brain dead from birth” in front of anyone with even a modicum of brain matter, they’d laugh you out of the room.

    what i’m saying is, i don’t believe you.

  44. Strange, you’ve been giving the argument that ASPDs are untreatable as you cannot construct a conscience for someone who lacks the neurological resources. And when I mention I once had to make the same point; you say that it’s ridiculous. I think you’re just belittling opinions because I insulted your authority on the issue in my first post and damaged your ego.

    Furthermore, can you give me the name of any serious researchers in the field who do not believe sociopathy, psychopathy and ASPD to all be branches of the same disease?

    Violence (not always murder, but occasionally) is instrinsically linked to ASPD,as impulsive violent urges are a major symptom of ASPD. If you disagree with this, I truly have no idea what you imagine ASPD to be.

    Most criminals (80%) do have ASPD. This is a statistical fact. It is a violent and very serious disorder. It is found in all walks of life, but even the ASPDs I know that do not have criminal records all engage in violent behaviour.

    But your approach of taking examples of people showing ASPD traits and other people who appreciate them, and saying it’s linked to ASPD, is odd and misleading. It overlooks the fact everyone has a large number of ASPD traits (such as cruelty, lack of taking responsibility, remorse, etc) within them. What marks ASPD out is the extremity of these qualities, absence of anything else and a few other features besides.

    For example, you show a helluva lot of ASPD traits; being verbally demeaning to people, then not taking responsibility/showing regret and insisting its ‘clever and ironic’ to compare someone to a ‘filthy person spreading flu’. But I doubt you have ASPD; the sad reality is that unpleasant ASPD traits are a part of almost every person. It’s part of being human; we’re all good AND bad, and this will be reflected in the media. Picking up on random psychological disorders with unpleasant traits and correlating them is a misleading and pointless excersise.

    • this is the last time i’ll respond to your unfathomably dense ass.

      your first comment said, and i quote- “Most of this article is incorrect.” if you forgot, feel free to take a look.

      your reasoning was based on three points.

      1) you said there are treatments for aspd.

      2) you said i implied that ann coulter, et al are anti-social.

      3) you claimed to know exactly what causes aspd.

      point #1- i have demonstrated (several times i might add) that aspd, in fact, is considered un-treatable, and that there is no credible evidence to the contrary.

      after initially disagreeing, you changed your stance agreeing that aspd is un-treatable. you did so, however, as though you always held that position. yet, let us remind you of your statement that “most of this article is incorrect. ASPD doesn’t have one definitive cure, but it does have treatments. These include cognitive-behavioural therapy and mood-stabilising drugs.”

      then, you project onto me that i don’t like it when i’m wrong, and by challenging me, you damaged my ego (christ, talk about grandiosity. you couldn’t damage my ego with dynamite).

      let’s refresh our memory. you said i was wrong. i proved i was not. you did a complete 180, and took a position you originally decreed to be incorrect. in fact, it was that position, which caused you to write “most of this article is incorrect.”

      who can’t handle being wrong?

      not i, sir/madame/whatever.

      i have no problem being, but i’m not about to allow stupidity to reign. this is my home. find your own place if you want an audience for your dipshittery.

      on to point #2- i never claimed coulter, gibson or the rest of the idiots i mentioned are anti-social. nor did i say the media causes aspd. never made either of those claims. ever.

      yet, you continue to bring up that non-issue as proof of…? i have no idea what it proves other than you seem to have difficulty when it comes to reading comprehension.

      point #3- you said aspd is caused by a “malformed amygdala,” and “physical abuse in childhood.” you made this statement very matter of factly as though everyone knows that to be true. unfortunately, that’s not the case.

      there isn’t a single person on earth who can credibly claim to know the definitive cause of aspd.

      well, other than you, of course.

      there are numerous other examples of you making concrete statements that are absolutely false.

      here’s what i’d suggest- take psychology. most assuredly take sociology (your 80% of criminals are anti-social claim is the epitome of ignorance. you fail to take into consideration the socio-economic, and racial biases inherent in the criminal justice system. not to mention the fact that the majority of “criminals” are drug addicts/alcoholics who by definition, relapse, which often leads to being re-arrested, which is part of the criteria of aspd “failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest.” throw away people. i’m sure it’s just coincidence the majority of them are poor, and non-white).

      after you complete those two tasks, work in the field.

      • I am enjoying reading the two of you debate (Amy & Fairlane). You both have good points as I am just trying to gather information on my cousins problems.
        As a writer that you are, why do you not use capitol letters where they should be used? I’m just curious.

  45. “after initially disagreeing, you changed your stance agreeing that aspd is un-treatable.”

    My comment:
    “I just had to give a vigorous argument on why ASPD people were untreatable and essentially brain-dead from birth in order to make sure a rather dangerous guy stayed in prison.
    So, there are flaws in your argument, but I’m not really in the right place to offer a rebuttal.”

    That does not consitute changing position. It actually outlines the reason why I wasn’t in the mood to tell you why I disagreed
    with your belief that there are no treatments that affect ASPD symptoms.
    No wonder you don’t understand what sociopathy is, your reading comprehension is non-existent.

    And you haven’t provided any evidence or credible sources to back up your claims. For example, when asked to provide the names of the apparently ‘large number’ of researchers in the field who you imagine claim that ASPD, psychopathy and sociopathy are not three slight variations on the same illness, you were unable.

    I think the reason I find your views so odd is because you probably read about ASPD a few times, but didn’t really understand the meaning of what you were reading, and came away with a weird view that relates an extreme and tiny minority psychological disorder to pop culture.

  46. It is not we who are sick, it is you with your so called “norms”. Most sociopaths have very high IQ’s. We see you for the cattle you are and use you as such. The best part is….you let us. Hurr durr

    • actually, most anti-socials test out around average.

      there’s no correlation between aspd, and high intellectual functioning.

      it doesn’t take brains to manipulate.

      children know how to manipulate.

      you’re confusing grandiosity with intelligence.

      but no worries, that’s rather common among what is really a very predictable population.

      isn’t that the irony of personality disorders?

      people with them have no actual personality.

      actors playing a role.

      honestly, it’s quite sad.

  47. We have been watching Paris Hilton’s BFF. Where do they get these folks? They are from another planet!

  48. Hopefully one more observation will help in clarifying why “treatment” usually does not work with ASPD. Usually, people with ASPD have “ego-syntonic” symptoms (ego-syntonic means that the symptoms do not disturb the person who has them). Because of that, these people generally do not want treatment (or do not genuinely come to treatment to change themselves; they may come as a court condition (i.e., in order to avoid punishment), or to appease a spouse or to prevent the spouse from leaving them, etc.). People who are negatively affected by their symptoms (i.e., people who have anxiety or depression or some other symptom that makes them uncomfortable) will voluntarily seek treatment (or can be persuaded to participate meaningfully in psychotherapeutic treatment). There is no known medication that will treat ASPD. It all goes back to the joke, “Question: ‘How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?’ Answer: Only one, but the light bulb has to want to change”.

  49. I enjoyed this article alot and reading all these comments too. Its sad that I’m married and have a child to someone who has this but I’m so beaten down from it after almost 6 yrs, I’m not quite sure what to do. It does seem like its hopeless, so I guess I’ll keep reminding myself of that as I try to make a decision how to go on with my life.

  50. Yeah, It’s Sunday morning and last night someone mentioned sociopath when i was having a serious conversation about my self. I had a general idea of the meaning, but i decided to go look it up and i looked at like 15 sites, this was the last one so far. Anyway like all the sites have said there is no treatment, and so far most of the sites have pretty much all the same symptoms which i exhibit all of them and now that i think about it, it just feels like me. The question i have is even though there is no cure, Is there any methods to help cope with it?

  51. Please disregard very last comment, published without finishing by mistake. Anyway we have to be affectionate with our children. Show them love, forgiveness, compassion. Of course set limits, and punish them when appropriate. That will teach them unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated or rewarded. Environment is a big factor. They do what they see, what they learn from observing. It never helps when sociopaths have children, and raise mini sociopaths because they don’t know better. well, this is why education is so important.

  52. I truly believe I was married to a sociopath for 30 years. I am a professional and make a good income. I have a loving personality, I love people. I chose to believe the best in mankind. I’m affectionate, ok with deep grief. I know I was manipulated sexually the entire time. We had this dance: I would jump through hopes {which cup is the bean under) & if I succeeded I received a reward {about 20% of the time). I never saw this woman show emotion, except contrived and manipulative. We had a 3 year old son that died from a MVA, her younger brother and father died from from cancers-and I NEVER saw her weep. She did not have a conduct disorder in early adolescence. No criminal activity. Never stole money (until the divorce was in progress). All four of our remaining children have succeeded academically and are doing well in their lives. One son is married. I believe she was a good mother. She was compassionate towards animals, never abusive. No grandchildren. She lied repeatedly “No I didn’t marry you for your money”-then proceeded to take 85% of my retirement. She was a housewife. Never earned an income. I didn’t honor my marriage vows, too much rejection. I tried praying, pleading, telling her my needs and wants to no avail. In disagreements, I would look at my part in it, own it (thinking she would feel safe enough to share her part with me)-didn’t happen! She wouldn’t pursue counseling because-you guessed it-I was too hypersexual, I was the problem. She didn’t give me a passionate kiss the last 12 years of our marriage. So this is how she went about going for the kill. She asked for a celibacy agreement, started seeing a counselor (the counselor never asked me to take part in whatever therapeutic issue was being addressed) bugged my phone and waited for another affair, got it on a cd and went to a divorce lawyer the same day. Played the victim, suckered the legal system and made off with one heck of a severance packaged. She has lied to my children about things parents shouldn’t discuss with children. This is how I would describe the emotional connection for the last 30 years. I could have ejaculated into a specimen cup, had this woman artificially inseminated, and just hired her to be the nanny. It would have saved me a lot of heart ache. You are surely asking, what kind of bafoon am I. I fell in love with a fantasy marriage in my mind. Its not until after the divorce looking back, and getting feedback from my siblings, have I realized how I allowed myself to be abused.

    My question-does this covey a woman sociopath? If not, than what?

  53. I found this article to be very interesting,and very informative as well. Of all articles I’ve read thus far, I’d choose this. You see,I am romantically involved with someone that I believe is ASPD. I’ve read several as I just said,and while most gave me a greater insight on what it is and whom I’m dealing with. We’re both in our 50’s and so I’m lost,because as an adult there’s nothing that really be done aside from seeing a psychotherapist. However,she’s such a liar and manipulator that it’d be.just a waste of time. The only other thing to do is KEEP PRAYING.I do know it works.v

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